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When I saw the title of my last post I knew immediately what today's would be. The weekend was jam packed with goodness, but I ended up paying dearly for it by Sunday evening. Monday was just a waste. I climbed into bed at.....6:30!!!! Sunday evening and got up about twelve hours later. I shuffled around most of yesterday, heading to bed early, but not as extreme as Sunday night. Today, on the other hand, is a new day, not to mention a new month--I plan to rise to the occasion.

We had the hugest storm last evening just after Bruce got home, with the most extreme thunder and lightening, not to mention rain and wind, that we've had in a few weeks. Baxter was one scared little dog! The back patio flooded sending rain under the door into the sunroom--not too much, but enough that it is still drying out.

As you know my busy season is fast approaching with the gallery show only six weeks away. Last evening before Bruce arrived I was going through my library once again trying to find things to fit the theme. The curator saw one I'd done of the hourglass and loved it--it is the one being used in advertising. She decided she wanted me to show pieces with the sand/glass theme which I originally thought was just fine until I started trying to choose things. Hmmm....the photo above is one I shot with the idea being the divide between people who see things as half empty/half full. I'm unsure if I've succeeded. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that I had a tray full in Picasa that I'll have printed at Target to study. The storm arrived quickly shutting my computer down. The tech savvy among you already know the ending to this story. Poof! All gone. I'll start over again today. This morning I couldn't get the computer to start, but after unplugging everything I eventually got it going--Whew!

Somehow I got roped into providing the art for this project. I'd only just picked up my canvases Saturday after the market when after returning from the birthday party Saturday night I checked my email. Long story short--I agreed to letting them "borrow" the canvases until the 67 days is over. If this has you puzzled, check out what I'm talking about here: ORLANDO
Here I am with the lucky couple wearing one of my new creations I might add.

Sunday was good, albeit HOT! The crowds and sales continue to amaze me.

Both parties were fun in their own way. Friday night we saw folks we'd not seen in years and years. One family's situation made us very sad. This couple used to be great friends, but our lives drifted apart when the kids got older. I'm wondering if Matt remembers that they picked up he and his brothers to stay with them while I was delivering Jonathan. Their daughter cried when she learned I'd had another boy! Not me, I was fine and dandy with it! Anyway, they went on to have five children total, and sadly, not a one of them has done much of anything with their lives. As well, the father has prostate cancer which has not only been hazardous to his health, but his finances as well. They were never very good with money, this has proved to be the breaking point. The food, all made by Mary was delicious!

Saturday night Victoria reserved the dock at Houstons for the party, and what a lovely party it was. Beautiful setting, people, and food; it could not have been nicer.

My two month vacation from the museum has come and gone. This morning I start my reception duties again. Time to make myself presentable.
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