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Shameless Self-Promotion

I'm back at it--promoting myself, or at least I'm supposed to be. Here's my stack of cards that I'll put out on the table for the next two weeks, hoping people will take them. This looks like a lot, but the truth is, they made 1,000--thank goodness I don't have to pass that many out! I should be grateful, but between you and me, I'm a bit nervous. I thought having them pick out the pieces would be good, however, now I'm unsure about them. Too late because Roger has already made four of them. He's been having problems with the printer for several weeks now with SEVEN service calls necessary. This is prime time because he works with many, many artists, and with show season beginning this weekend, he's been swamped. Hopefully he'll have the last ones ready by Friday--I'll take them over there and show up when the time comes.

Did I tell you how I'd received an email from the folks at the DeLand Art Festival asking for my patron list? Hahahah…

A Letter

Dear Gentle Readers,
Rather than a strict narrative today I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking time from your busy lives to spend a few minutes reading my blog. Although I rarely hear from you, I can feel you cheering me on from the sidelines. These last few years have been such an adjustment in all sorts of ways, including learning to manage my time and my cameras, becoming a small business woman, and the worst part of the deal--promoting myself. For most of my life it was not about me. Between raising a wonderful family, and being a part of a health care team, others came first. Bruce isn't mentioned because we all know he comes first in my heart, and always has. :)
It isn't often that I get to do something for a person in need these days, so what happened today felt so right. I was leaving Target when I saw two Target employees trying to fit a gigantic box into a too-small vehicle with a black woman standing there not knowing what to do. I stopped to see i…

September's Over

Last year September sales were my worst of the year, and to date, it looks like a repeat, or let's hope I'm not going into a tailspin! I barely eclipsed last September's sales, and today didn't do much to change that. Although I had enough lookers, I didn't have buyers. As well, we had rain. Rain is definitely part of the summer equation in Florida, however, surprisingly, Sundays have been really good in that regard this year. Not so today, with showers coming twice, the second one enough to call it a day around 2ish.

Normally when Bruce takes the extra time to put up our rain sides it doesn't rain. We joke that they are our insurance. Today I was grateful he had gone to the work because I had to put them all down to keep things dry. At one point I had about five people sequestered with me. After they ventured back out, I kept the sides down and began the process of taking everything down while keeping it off the ground. Fortunately Bruce came to my rescue to…

Cleaning Day

For those dear readers who once lived in Orlando this one's for you!

First off, let me just say how thrilled I was to read this: Flattered All I can say is people have been so good to me in my new venture.

As anyone who has a mother-in-law knows, when she is coming to visit it is time to spruce things up a bit. Mom Peck is staying the night with us before her trip to see our newest member of the family, Annabelle, the granddaughter of Bruce's sister, Michele, who lives in St. Paul, MN. She is around two months old now, and from the pictures I've seen on facebook, a living doll. She is Mom's first great grandchild and the daughter of her youngest grandchild Mallory.

Actually, if you follow this blog, you know Friday is my cleaning day, such as it is, most weeks. I also do laundry on Fridays, a change from years of Saturday wash day. I believe I'm one of the few people who do laundry once a week. I talk to people who do it almost daily, even those with small households,…

Lost in Kissimmee

This was me yesterday afternoon--Lost in Kissimmee. Interestingly enough I took this image at the beginning of my journey Wednesday morning. I saw it from the road at a construction site on Conway Road; little did I know it would be five hours later!

I was ready for a little road trip for several reasons, one of which we discussed earlier this week--not enough out and about these days! I headed towards the rural areas around Narcoossee, and possibly St. Cloud, eventually ending up in the "historic" downtown of Kissimmee, which turned out to be just about perfect. For whatever reason, I'd only been in the area one time for Michelle's shower dinner although it's only sixteen miles from the house which suits my purposes perfectly. There are only a few blocks of old colorful buildings, all beautifully maintained, with alleyways an added bonus. You know how I like to roam alleys! I found some graffiti on a great old brick wall which could turn out to be a real winner.…

Market Report

If it isn't one thing it's certainly another.

Finally, I had a good day. To date, it's been a rough September, barely selling anything on all my outings. Yesterday I had not only new customers, but returning ones as well. It's made me realize that once someone has purchased something from me, they might just return for more. Good deal! As well, setting up in the same place each week allows some potential customers to see my offerings several times before they end up buying something. Such was the case with the sunrise picture next to Bruce. He thought our booth looked so good he had me photograph it! That's quite a compliment from him. So anyway, as the day progressed sales kept coming, both large and small. That's just how I like it--a variety. More importantly to me were sales of new pieces. Don't get me wrong, I love to sell the popular ones, but the new ones please me the most.

Later in the afternoon, after Bruce arrived for the packing up, several ants…

Heaven on a Plate

May I just tell you that night before last I made the absolute most delicious risotto ever. Previously I've done a passable job--this time perfection. Loosely following a recipe from Giada I ended up adding the fridge. Not really but here's what I did add:
sundried tomatoes, my only homegrown tiny red pepper, rosemary, onions, artichokes, bacon and onion. It took me forever but it was so worth the time. I made enough to share it with Bruce last night and it was every bit as yummy! I realized I forgot to mention mushrooms which was what started it all!

Whereas once my eyes were scanning the landscape for color in the natural world, I'm now scouring new things, primarily in alleyways and such. In as much as I rarely sell any flowers from yards and gardens I've turned my attention elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I sell florals but for the most part they are ones I've created at home. Which doesn't exactly fit my Out & About Photography name which we dreamed …

Different Angles

Rarely do I do this, however, today I thought I might show you how taking a photograph of the same subject from different angles looks. I was practicing with a new lens I bought last week which went back to the store today. I had thirty days to return it, and so I did. I'm not one of those folks that wears something once for an event, returning it after it's outlived it's usefulness, actually I return very little; possibly that could have something to do with the fact that I buy very little.

Anyway, I'd been reading a lot about how a prime lens is like magic. Months ago I went to Colonial Photo to buy one and lo and behold, they were sold out. Turns out Nikon could not keep up with the demand. The fellow convinced me to buy a similar lens with manual focus. And so I did. I've struggled with it ever since. Although I think it is perfectly focused, checking the little red indicator light to make sure, but when I see the result on my monitor it is blurry. Thus, I tried…

Oy Vey--The Weather!

The title says it all about my weekend. Saturday there was a steady light rain, Sunday, not so much, but the predictions were such that the market was super slow. At least that's what I'm blaming my lack of sales on....

We're skipping any other mention of my work, focusing instead on things both near and nearer.

Last week I delivered the final canvas to the condominium; here's the view from the eleventh floor:

Some of you may have read how our Lake Eola fountain was finally done in by a bolt of lightening after 52 years of entertaining both visitors and residents alike. For those of you unfamiliar with it, there are jets of water and colored lights that make it very nice at night. There is quite the lively discussion going on regarding the future of our city icon. Some people say demolish the silly thing, others say, not so hasty--let's not erase all semblance of the past in Orlando. Updates will be posted as news comes in.

Last week I discovered a nice new wine bar op…

Short and Sweet

Today I must leave my fantasy world of play and enter the real world for a day. I'm heading off at 7:15 to go to a radiology conference to start obtaining my CE points. I'm not planning on going back to work anytime soon, but then again, life is never certain.

Yesterday I spent time at the gallery with one of the partners choosing what she would like me to exhibit. Here's a little look at part of the space:

The show opens on October 13. Yikes!

Before leaving in the morning, I walked Mr. Baxter. About five doors down a yard was festooned with not only toilet paper but signs and balloons all over. The young lady that lives there turned 18 and her friends must have thought it would be fun to make a mess of the yard to celebrate. I am constantly amazed at how people get into birthdays. For once, I didn't have a camera with me but on my way home later in the day I did and here's what they did for an encore!

Finally, the evening before I was heading to a reception downtown a…

Well, That was Tough

I'm referring to many things with that title. First off, Bruce had to leave on Labor Day early to get to Chevy Chase. He always hates leaving on a Monday, especially on a holiday, but it had to be done. Before he left however, he did his best to see what could be done with our internet connection which has been spotty for weeks now. You may remember they came to fix it, but the problem is not solved. He rushed off to Walmart to buy a new modem and was going to install it when I said, don't bother, we'll get one for free from Bright House, not pay $67! I'm just living with it for now. Anyway, after chatting with Bill about his vacation, I headed over to Leu Gardens for a bit, before the heat sent me back home to the pool! Lots of butterflies on Monday around noon.

Secondly, I'm referring to Florida State's loss to Miami on Monday night. If only I didn't care who the teams were, it would have been a thrilling game! Thirdly, I hated watching it by myself. I s…

A Mixed Bag

I'm not sure what to say about this bookGirls From Ames, except that it was a very quick read. As is oftentimes the case, when I finish a book that I'm unfamiliar with, I read comments on Amazon to see what others are thinking. Interestingly enough those reviews helped me to realize what I hadn't while reading the book. There are eleven stories to keep straight with similar names, Karla, Kelly, Cathy, you know, the names of every forty year old woman you know. No girls named Courtney, Campbell, Chloe--you get my drift. As an aside, this list is fun to see what people are naming their children these days:Name Game. So, that was the first problem. The second is the notion that who we were in high school is who we are forever. I just don't buy into that. It seemed as if in some ways they were stuck in the past. Plus, some of the posters mentioned the women were boring and I have to agree. Maybe I'm just being picky--anyway, read it for yourself if it interests you and…

Blogging Time

Aren't found pennies supposed to be good luck? When I was uploading this image I realized the penny has been around since my first year in x-ray school. Imagine all the places it has been since 1972! I saw it beside my car while I was getting back in after showing my wine canvases to a potential customer. Actually, they probably aren't, but I tried anyway.

So I guess this is a big deal if it made The Times67 Days of SmilesApparently they are hanging the canvases today; I know this because of all things I ran into them yesterday at the History Center! I needed something new to read, having just finished The Turtle Catcher, a very dark, but intriguing novel. I'd never been in the History Center to see the exhibits, however, because the day was rainy (all week!), I decided to see the photography exhibit. I was not disappointed--really amazing, especially one of a woman and child sleeping in a hammock with a large snake underneath them! I wonder if it was staged. Really, they …