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Heaven on a Plate

May I just tell you that night before last I made the absolute most delicious risotto ever. Previously I've done a passable job--this time perfection. Loosely following a recipe from Giada I ended up adding the fridge. Not really but here's what I did add:
sundried tomatoes, my only homegrown tiny red pepper, rosemary, onions, artichokes, bacon and onion. It took me forever but it was so worth the time. I made enough to share it with Bruce last night and it was every bit as yummy! I realized I forgot to mention mushrooms which was what started it all!

Whereas once my eyes were scanning the landscape for color in the natural world, I'm now scouring new things, primarily in alleyways and such. In as much as I rarely sell any flowers from yards and gardens I've turned my attention elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, I sell florals but for the most part they are ones I've created at home. Which doesn't exactly fit my Out & About Photography name which we dreamed up before I ever really thought about creating scenarios at home. I still have more than enough of out and about photos! And here's one of them........
This caught my eye outside Colonial Photo and Hobby--the remnants of a film drop off box which still contains envelopes below however I expect it's not a big part of their business these days. In particular I was drawn to the M for Matthew.

Returning to the theme of homemade images here's a new one:
I'm beginning to see the advantages of having a dedicated space for photography. Every closet is now stuffed with props of some kind. All different colored papers, balloons, beads, silly toys, buttons, mirrors, and the list goes on. You'll remember Bruce made me a lightbox which I've not gotten the hang of but I have it out in the garage. Speaking of which Bruce can hardly get to his tools these days for the boxes, baskets, tent etc. stored there during the week.

How about "Tavern on the Green" going bankrupt? I remember a trip Maureen and I took to New York years ago. I drug her all over the place on foot and both of us were tiring but when the magical sight of the Chinese lanterns hanging in the trees outside TOG came into view all thought of tiredness was gone. These are some sad times.

New York related--Finishing readingHomer and Langleyby E. L. Doctorow, I went to the computer to find out about the Collyer brothers whose life the novel is loosely based on. Loosely is hardly the word for it. Changing pretty much everything about their lives is more like it. I'm totally cool with fictional license however, this went a little too far as far as I'm concerned. I did find out that when the police removed over 100 tons of garbage they came across an old x-ray machine. My overall take--don't bother, it was not very satisfying.

Maureen related--When I was a girl I shared a room with Maureen who is five years older than me. I remember lying there at night asking her all about things like when did you start wearing deodorant and the like. The folk music scene was all the rage when she was in her teens and I still remember the iconic Bob Dylan picture she had up in our room--you know the one, black and white with a harmonica, looking so young and innocent. Another of her favorites were: Peter, Paul and Mary. Earlier Wednesday we were discussing, once again, how many celebrities have died this year, when I saw the news that Mary passed away. It is more than a little disconcerting when so many people you once revered, die. Who will be next I wonder?

Matt's dear friend Emily asked if she could write about me on her blog, showing a few pictures and presumably making something of it. How sweet is that?

You know how much I LOVE my new bathroom color, inspired by a little rug I got at Ross. Guess what? I ruined it this morning. It's not often I have washing disaster but I had a big one today. I washed the rug with another darker rug (been washed many times); I know have a weird shade of grayish blue. I think I'll have the rest of the risotto for lunch and pop over to the mall hoping to find one I like equally as well. A girl can hope can't she?
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