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Here, There, and Everywhere

It's high time I got back to blogging isn't it?

So much has happened since we last chatted that I've put off blogging only because I don't want to go on, and on; in other words, I've been editing in my head for days sorting out what you might want to know about.

Let's back up a week or so, shall we?

Friday afternoon Bruce came home early to load the car, and off we went to set up the show. This year the loading process was much improved, however, the heat was not. Still a furnace, interspersed with rain, which made for a slow process. Compounding that was that Bruce was not feeling top notch, having to stop and rest. Lisa, Danny, and Judy came by just about the time we were finishing. Danny looked excellent.

Show Highlights and Lowlights:

Lisa came on Saturday, Judy came both Saturday, and Sunday to help me mind the store
48 sales
Hot weather
Smaller crowd than hoped for, making the sales total all the more surprising
Patron Award, which merely meant that two patrons o…

Busy Days Ahead

Lots of pictures today, not so much talk...

Moving backwards in time, I've got a Pumpkin Spice Bundt cake in the oven. My friend Terrie shows extraordinary cooking images on her blog (festing on pixels), I'm not so gifted. Nonetheless, when Bruce arrives home at 2:30 this afternoon to pack the Element, I hope the spicy scent is still in the air.

My first art show of the season, as I mentioned the other day, is this weekend. Miserably hot weather is predicted which will be tough, however, no rain is in the forecast, so that's the silver lining. I'm just hoping the humidity stays low enough to make it tolerable. As such, I had a big bunch of prints to prepare which I did most all of yesterday afternoon with Angela's help. She stickered, carded, and sealed most of the packages. Last weekend I sold 29--hopefully my large order will not be in vain.

Some of you know, some don't, but we always have a little dish of smarties on my display table. I bought 40 lbs. on-line a…


That's right my gentle readers, this is blog post #601, hard to imagine, and probably a little bit crazy to boot. Writing this blog is as much about me, as it is about you. I finally have a convenient way to remember things. You've no idea how bad my memory is; now I can look up what I've forgotten. While talking to Matt today I mentioned that with the incessant heat that has everyone complaining I decided to see what the past October posts have been about. You guessed it, heat complaints! Our cold snap departed as quickly as it arrived with temperatures predicted in the 90's for the weekend. Just in time for the show....

As well, every October I write about how ridiculous the whole Pink October has become. It's just wrong that they even package mushrooms in a pink container. That sounds mean, however, there's a reason I get so crazy about this. Although breast cancer is a terrible thing, there are worse problems to have, namely, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cance…

A Few Days in the Life of Gail

When last we met I was preparing to do the Art Stroll. I mentioned the possibility of rain, and indeed just as it was slated to begin, the rain came down. Not crazy amounts, but enough to keep people from venturing out, not to mention, that I had no tent with me. Doing those small events like that I set out a table with prints, have a table top easel, and my stand up sling. Fortunately I was just outside a large overhang which allowed me to keep things dry. Mr. Bruce arrived with Baxter in tow, grabbing an outside table at the restaurant I was adjacent to. He ordered a bottle of wine, and some food which made the evening quite nice. I only sold a few things, but at least it wasn't a shut out. One really sweet thing that happened was that a woman kept looking at my prints, one in particular. After a bit, she put them back, walking away without saying much. Sunday afternoon at Lake Eola a lady came to the booth mentioning her friend met me at the art stroll and kept talking about th…

Say People!

My sweet friend Kelly brought a gift to the show the other night which I opened once I got home. It was so busy at the gallery, however I wish she could have seen my reaction when I saw it because it made me laugh.

It seems as if the predicted cold front is really going to appear, maybe this evening. Ushering it in was a little rain yesterday afternoon which produced a lovely evening sky. Here's one I took down at the lake of the water...

A little different than I usually post on the blog but I kinda liked it. My blog is the place where I try to show you through pictures what I'm up to. Rarely do I post things on here that I'm thinking of selling unless you tell me otherwise. On occasion I've heard from a few of you when you particularly like something, prompting me to think maybe others will as well. I decided to print the one I'm currently using as a header although I can't remember if your comments led me to do so. Nevertheless, it is in my baskets and this Su…

Cool Down

I arrived at the gallery around 5:30 wearing a spiffy new Vera Wang dress and Donald J. Pliner shoes to die for. Monday afternoon I decided to take my bargain postcard to Neiman Last Call to see what I could find. I hit pay dirt my friends. Although I can't adequately describe either the shoes, or dress, I will tell you that I got an incredible bargain. As those of you who have followed me from my student days surely remember, percentages are not my strong suit, but making a stab at it, I'll guess it was about 25% of the listed price.

Anyway I noticed it was mighty warm in the main gallery upon arrival. It got no better as time passed--instead, it got worse. It was not just warm, indeed some might say it felt like a sauna, it was so hot. I'm thinking that is what people will most remember from the night. Actually people were very complimentary with one man remarking how at least they weren't snap shots! Shows you what he knows.

That said, I am so grateful for the turnout…

The Big Night has Arrived!

October 13, 2009 is arguably the biggest night of my new career so far or at least it has the potential to be. It's nearly 4 and here's what I feel like:

Actually after returning from the museum I went out back to tidy things up a bit. The trees are dropping all manner of berries, leaves, and needles and the deck was getting a bit messy. Finally I've gotten the hang of the pool cleaner which does a terrific job on the bottom but the top of the water still requires attention. While removing some of the debris I noticed this large leaf twisting and turning in the water. Naturally, yours truly had to get her camera. The pool is the backdrop of countless photos, so why not a leaf, I ask you? Anyway a little later I was viewing what I'd taken and thought it might have the makings for an interesting collage. And yes, I feel a bit adrift with swirling emotions at the moment.

Everyone I know is telling me to just be myself and all will be fine. Oddly enough, when I arrived at t…

The Heat Goes On

This will be a bit abbreviated today as I'm typing with a fat right hand. In the past we've discussed extensively my problem with bug bites, so I won't belabor the point. Suffice it to say that an ant was kind enough to bite/sting me as we were packing up things yesterday afternoon. That's certainly one way to make my hand look younger with no veins in sight!

Oh yes my friends, the heat does go on, and on, and on. Make them stop! Saturday afternoon I came home feeling miserable, having to rest for two hours or so before we went to my friend Pam's house for dinner. You know how it is when you feel puny and just don't want to go someplace, but when you do, you end up being happy you made the effort? Well, it was a night like that. Although Bruce knew no one prior to the evening, he was a sparkling conversationalist which is not always an easy thing to do. The food, wine, and company were all top notch. Bonus points go for the fact that they live only about four bl…


I finally figured out what was making me so anxious about this show--there is an expectation that I'm somebody, when we all know that's not true. Let me restate that--I am somebody--a wife, mother, sister and friend--just not in the artistic sense yet. I'm trying.... In today's paper the art columnist described the gallery, "Local art hot spot, Comma..." He did not run one of my photographs, which is just as well. Secondly, they are pricing the pieces; believe you me, they are much, much higher than I would, which most likely translates into no sales. Only five more days to go! I read in a post from Matt's blog about the Obama's art choices. What really struck me was a quote that said something along these lines: The pieces have real "Wall Power"--very colorful. I'm going to think that way when choosing pieces to print from now on! Wall Power all the way baby!

I'm including a couple of kitchen shots with today's post because I'…


WHAT WAS I THINKING????? If in the future you read a word on this blog about doing a gallery show, inundate me with No's!!! I woke up sweltering last night, and got to thinking about the emails I should have already sent, as well as the descriptions I should have already written. I tossed, and I turned. I tossed, and I turned. I went to the bathroom. I tossed, and I turned. I got up, and went to my computer.

Remembering the last time I foolishly did this gallery thing, I went to my handy search on gmail, finding the piece Matt wrote. I copied it almost verbatim and then put in all the email addresses and sent it at 12:30 this morning. Now if you've read this blog for any length of time you know full well that I am a Gold Medalist in the Olympic sport of sleeping. I haven't been up at 12:30 for who knows how long. That's what one of these events will do to me! I'd already asked Bruce to give me a 5:30 wake up call and he did. He asked, "are you going to the beac…

Great Day at the Market

Did I tell you I bought my first pair of Converse?

Kinda fun aren't they?

News Flash!!! A sales rebound was experienced by fledgling photographer, Gail Peck of Out & About Photography, the weekend of October 3 and 4, with 26 prints of various sizes finding new homes.

When you are a sports fan you are bound to get hurt. When you are a sports nut as our son Jonathan is, you run the risk of major pain. This football season the pain has been practically mortal what with the Seminoles playing increasingly poorly and the Bucs losing all of their games. After Saturday's market I was excited to get home in time to watch FSU, only to have to turn it off because they immediately showed they couldn't stay in the game. I hurt too when the team embarrasses itself which sounds pretty silly, but that's the way we fans are. I can only imagine Jonathan shouting at the television screen!

So that meant we were free to leave the house. We took off for the Maitland Art Festival to check …

Glee Club

You could almost feel the giddiness in the air around these parts the last few days--the temperature has finally dropped below 90!!! I'm merely speculating but I suspect it's been at least five months since that last occurred. More than likely we'll still have some very high temperatures, but those days are numbered. Let's all break into song..

Actually I hadn't thought of a glee club in years and years. When we were in high school, glee clubs were a fixture, but probably not so much anymore. Isn't it such a happy name? A few weeks ago while driving home, I heard Teri Gross interview the man who created the show with that name Glee. Fascinating to not only learn that he was a journalist in a former life but created the show "Nip and Tuck." Not being a television watcher, aside from college football, I've yet to see it but, I sure like the concept.

Where were we? Oh yes, the glorious weather! Walking Baxter yesterday morning, I ran into Lois, the mas…