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Although I know it's no longer fashionable to covet gorgeous packaging, I admit I've yet to adopt that mentality. As you know, Bruce and I picked out the Tiffany items together, but what I didn't know is how it would be packaged. Oh my was I delighted to untie the white satin ribbons and find these adorable little jewelry pouches inside the familiar blue box:
They are made from a material I'm unfamiliar with, possibly something that will keep the sterling from tarnishing, but trust me, whatever it is, it's awesome. In order to maintain neatness in our home, I usually find it easy to throw things away, however, I think these little boxes might just find their way into my nightstand so that I may gaze at them now and again.

Another very sweet gift was from Lisa and Danny, or I should say Danny, as I discovered Lisa had no clue he'd sent this adorable arrangement called, "Roses in the Snow".
Deep crimson tea roses with precious little white flowers below…

December 26

'Tis the day after Christmas and all through the house, there is barely a sound, quite the contrast from yesterday. The counters are back to normal, there are leftovers enough for a few days, and the floors are swept. The washing machine is in full swing, and the dishwasher has done it's job for another Christmas. And what a Christmas it was! Merriment in full swing was the order of the day. But, I'm getting ahead of myself......

Leading up to the magical day the house was anything but quiet. Nancy helped me immeasurably, beginning with the wrapping:
Here she is forcing me to get the menu written down! After returning from a visit with Liza, Matt and Tom rolled out my vegan gingerbread, taking the decorating very seriously:
At first glance you don't notice Tom reflected in the mirror carefully putting eyes on the angel cookies. Vegan baking was stymieing me until Tom suggested I use some tapioca starch as an egg replacement. Because the cookies use shortening that was th…

Basking in the Light

There is one British gentleman who is simply amazed at the light in Florida, comparing it to Provence which is indeed a nice compliment. As such, he was content just to sit in the sun before we went food shopping.
As Tom is fond of cooking, we went to both Whole Foods on Sand Lake Road, and Costco. He proclaimed that the size of Costco was roughly the size of his hometown in the Midlands. I kept reminding him to get whatever he wanted, however, I think he was content just to take in all wonders. We like him already, for a number of reasons, one of which is that he's already at home with Baxter. Dare I say he's smitten?
Stopping at Ross first for a pair of sunglasses and a short sleeved shirt for Tom, we made our rounds, arriving home in time for me to make a nice vegan dinner with Nancy joining us. Although she looked at the meal with a bit of skepticism, she actually liked it just fine. Tom, Nancy and I made ours vegetarian by adding a sprinkling of feta cheese to our spicy pas…

The Final Week

Can I say that I'm very proud of myself? I think I will do just that because for the first time in many years I'm pretty much on track with my Christmas preparations. It feels good. Don't get me wrong, I've still got plenty to do, but any Christmas that I manage to bake is going to be an excellent one.

The day dawned dreary Saturday morning with rain and chilliness. Every day Bruce has a work schedule and Saturday's are no exception. Thus, he cleaned up the yard and washed both cars regardless of the downpour! I, on the other hand, was lazy, staying in my pj's until lunchtime. After we had our lunch, I got down to business, baking for the next six or so hours. I convinced Bruce to take my picture in action:
Baxter is being Mommy's helper standing at the ready to clean the floor as needed. That is definitely one advantage to having a dog!

Although Nancy sent me a sugar cookie recipe, it called for a few ingredients not in my fridge, thus the internet came to …


Yesterday morning after folding all 24 of these:

I cleaned the pool. What a mess it was from Monday and Tuesday's strong winds. Beautiful now, I must say. With the exception of the top of my Jatropha tree, the plants survived the below freezing temperatures just fine. Ironically, while our neighbors yards have turned brown from the freezes, ours is still green. Yesterday warmed up nicely, with today's forecast even warmer. Let's hope we have some nice weather for Matt and Tom's arrival on Monday. At the very least, I know we'll have sunshine, which as you know, is in very short supply this time of year in London.

Last week I got my first orange juice of the season from Red Hill Groves, and let me just tell you, it was delicious! I have to admit I'm not a big fruit person, primarily because most of the time although it looks delicious, the taste is just not there. With that in mind, I purchased only three tangelos while there. That was a mistake this time becau…

Christmas Past

I may have this all wrong, but I don't think so. Those of you who really know me, and you know who you are, have an inkling that growing up in the Price household was far from rosy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the statute of limitations on my parent's crimes has run out--I can't begin to understand their relationship, so I no longer try. That's not to say that some scars do not remain from my childhood, I just prefer not to dwell on them.

Props again to the weather forecasters. They got it right, or at least I think they did. Check this out:
 The above picture shows the front porch thermometer Tuesday morning at sunrise
This is the back one taken moments earlier. I've tried to make it as big as I can to show the 27 degree reading, which, by the way, remained stuck there until around 9. Hopefully it was somewhere between the two readings because, try as I might, this did not stay like this overnight:
Sadly, a few hours later, I discovered that t…


By now I'm sure you're a wee bit weary of my raving about Fred Waring. It's that time of the year my friends where I just can't help myself.  Here's what I found out about Mr. Waring and his wonderful Pennsylvanians: What I love so much about  Christmas Magic is hard to put into words, however, you suspected I'd try, didn't you? The music is pure and innocent, with clear voices telling the beloved Christmas story with what seems to be genuine love for the subject. Fans of harmonies need look no further. And to think it was all done with real instruments! Genius is what I have to say! I checked it out on Amazon, and I was delighted to read a comment from someone saying they gave it as a gift and the woman screamed with delight. Furthermore, it went on to say that you'd have thought the gift was a million dollars the recipient was so thrilled.…

Playing Hooky

We didn't plan it this way. Seriously, it has nothing to do with having fun at a 50th birthday dinner party for Michael last night!
The birthday boy and his wonderful wife Jane are to Bruce's right. Everything about it was perfect with spirited conversation and laughter filling the air throughout the evening. While there I realized I'd spent my 50th birthday at a New Year's Eve party at their home. Seems like forever ago....

As we were driving down Delaney I noticed my friend Kristen's driveway lined with lighted candy canes. It was then that I realized I'd forgotten to go to her party earlier in the day! Duh! Yesterday morning I had a nagging feeling I was supposed to go somewhere know my memory!

When it rains it pours as they say. Wouldn't you just know it, we had invitations to two other parties last night which we declined in favor of the birthday party. And speaking of rain, that's why we're home on a Sunday morning. As last as yester…

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

My version anyway.

My friend Pam invited me to join her last evening at a WWW party in Southern Oaks. For those of you unfamiliar with Southern Oaks, it's the beautiful subdivision, if I may call it that, across from ours. Here's more information on the neighborhood than anyone could want: I was hoping to find something to back up something I'd always thought, which is that it was the first walled subdivision in Orlando. Got to keep the riff raff out right? Although there is every other kind of statistic, there is no history.

In any case, when people ask me where we live, here's how the conversation goes:

"Do you know where Southern Oaks is?""Of course.""Well, we don't live there, we're across the street."It's that well known. So, you ask, what is a WWW party? Stands for Women Who Wine, which as we all know, is a perfect fit for yours truly. The home was just b…