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I'm Back

For the most part I don't mind getting older, which I suppose is a pretty good thing since I can do nothing about time. The older I get, the faster time goes and this really bugs me. Apparently there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, which I don't fully understand, what I do understand is that it seems like only yesterday that I blogged--oh wait I did! Seriously, the days seem to fly by, and before I know it, I'm fast asleep and another blank web page for Camera Crazy exists. Let's rectify at least the web page part...

Today I'm posting some pictures that have nothing to do with anything except that both include things from my mother in law. This one is some of her embroidery thread: Only in the last few years was her sewing machine idle. She tried everything including embroidery which is what all these colorful threads were for. When the boys were little she made this super clever tent that you placed over a card table. What fun they had climbing into their little house under the table, zipping the front, and playing for hours at a time. I suspect she remembered how when Bruce was a little boy he loved to do the same thing, although his tent was probably only a sheet! This goes all the way back, say twenty five years or more, but I can almost picture her handiwork.

Secondly, these hydrangeas were from the bouquet we received at home from Trish and Roger. At first I declined the table, telling Michele she could have it, but on second thought, I decided I might use it for still lifes and brought it home. I've really no place to put it so for now it is in the guest room. Lots of natural light streams into the room in the early morning, or at least it does when we don't have a gray winter like this one! Anyway, this is an attempt:
Backtracking a few days, the market was good. On the other side of the park an art show was being held, one I was in a few years ago, but decided I'd stick with my $20 spot, rather than $195. As we expected, there was a lot of overflow, making me happy. The weather was mild for once and the crowds were great; the perfect combination for good sales!

For many years I've thought that our living room space was being underutilized, make that all fourteen years we've lived here. Something made me pop into Ethan Allen last week to have a look-see. Knowing they offer a free design service was certainly part of it, not to mention we've a shared history. You may recall that only a year or so ago we gave away our EA dining furniture which served us beautifully for close to thirty years. Fortunately for me a lovely woman about my age came over to assist me. Immediately I drew her a sketch of our room with FIVE openings. Intrigued, she said she could visit the house on Monday, and so she did. Proving what a small town our big city is, her daughter knew Bill and David during their high school days, which given their notoriety for a number of reasons, didn't surprise me one bit. Promptly arriving at 9:30 in the morning, we chatted, and I think hit if off right away. Her ideas are both creative and surprising--proposing we move the furniture around in ways I'd never thought of. Which is a good thing. Lots of upcoming changes if all goes well.

The least expensive change is one I'm going to begin this very day. Now I hope Matt is not peeved with me, but I'm going to re-paint the faux brick wall to match the other walls. Many years ago he painstakingly faux painted the faux brick, however, change is good, and I'm hoping my lovely "Windy Blue" will both lighten the space up, and provide contrast with our furniture. I was going to first paint the little bit that extends into the foyer but for the life of me I can't open the paint. That sounds a little silly I know but the small amount I have left is in one of Sherwin Williams plastic twist top containers, which I learned the other day they no longer make, probably because they are impossible to open. Thus, a trip to the paint store is on tap...

Concluding our little time together today, I urge you to listen to this funny little piece from Public Radio International's program, The World: Winter Sport. I guarantee it will make you smile. :)

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