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March Already!

Soon after waking up I walked outside to see how cold it was, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but hundreds and hundreds of birds flying high in the air. Seriously, I kept thinking once there was a little break in the action that the migration was done, but I was wrong. Five full minutes of flying birds is a bunch! Amazing how nature works isn't it? Which reminds me of a wonderful documentary Winged Migration that if you've not seen, you should. Could this be a sign that cold weather will soon be a thing of the past for us here in way-too chilly Orlando?

At least the skies were blue on Sunday unlike gray and gloomy, not to mention rainy, Saturday. Because of the bad weather on Saturday I skipped the small market aside from delivering some note cards to the lovely woman from Illinois who sends notes out every day. Her family is lucky that she still writes as there is nothing quite like getting a card/note in the post.

Thus, I was able to complete the wall painting, however this picture doesn't really show the wall except for the tiniest bit in the corner. What it does show is how Bruce moved all the furniture on Friday night.

Just when I thought he would be taking a power nap prior to dinner, he got moving on the moving. It will definitely be a change having the doors shut, but my, how it opens up our options on furniture placement! I've not met with the designer again, but this gives us an idea how we might like a new configuration, and let me tell you, I love it!

Before our seating was mostly confined to what I'll call the cave. Cave, you ask? The middle of the room was too dark to ever really use it in the daytime aside from television watching, which as you well know, I do very little of. I suspect that's one reason the couches still look practically new after ten years--hardly ever used. It just feels so cozy like this, not to mention, lighter and brighter.

We are kind of back and forth on the flooring. Some folks have wood on the floor, we have it on the ceiling, so having both would probably be overkill. Once upon a time the carpet looked wonderful, however, yours truly dripped a trail of bacon grease from kitchen to sun room, which after several cleanings only looks worse. We looked at carpet, stymied by the choices. The designer suggested we use the same Mexican pavers we have in the sun room, which I thought was a terrific idea. Bruce, on the other hand, is not convinced. So...we are in a bit of a quandary. Knowing Bruce as you do, you know that he'd go along with whatever I want, but knowing me as you do, know that I'm not that kind of gal. It goes without saying--I'll keep you posted on this. (no pun intended!)

That wall was sure hard to paint what with all the nooks and crannies; I used almost 3/4 gallon on the one wall.

I finished the painting just in time to get myself cleaned up for another 50th birthday party. Here is Mr. Bruce and his workmate Jeff at the restaurant.Held in a Mexican restaurant, it was lots of fun, although the free flowing Margaritas were both a good and bad idea. :)

The market was bustling, sales pretty good. The day started chilly (as in the 40's), however, without a cloud in the sky, the sun warmed things up nicely. I sold 19 items, lots of them small, but I'm happy when people like what I do. A lovely woman visiting from Scotland purchased one of the manatee shots, as well as an alligator. Very exotic for their home I imagine. Whenever we see someone in shorts at the market during these chilly days we know they are visiting from the North. Such was the case with another nice couple from New York. Turns out the woman's mother, who was with them, was an old x-ray tech, having earned her license in 1954. We had a fine time talking shop. When Bruce arrived to help pack up he left me be for a bit because he said I had about eight people in the booth. It was only when I sat down to process the credit cards at home that I realized how tired I was. Good tired though.

Following the market, the produce vendors, Amy and Jonathan, brought their trailer to the house to pick up the entertainment center which we were delighted to give them. As you may recall they also have our old dining room furniture. Bruce is taking payment in the form of a piece of roasted corn on the cob each week they have them at the market. For now the television is sitting on a little stand Bruce made from laying the gigantic speakers on their side.

I can hardly imagine that it's March already. When I was writing papers for school they taught me to have a thesis, opening with a bang, supporting evidence, and then a conclusion. If I write "time flies", will it suffice? As in the bird thing?

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