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Out of Area

Our phone not only displays the caller id, but speaks it as well, which truth be told, is somewhat comical, albeit useful in some circumstances. If I'm in the backyard, I can hear who is calling, and know whether or not to run inside. Most of the time if I see or hear, out of area, I know it's a not a call worth running for. For whatever reason, this time I answered quite cheerfully to the out of area call. The young woman's voice on the other end said she was from the "Lakeland Ledger," presumably the local Lakeland newspaper. Because I'd already had a voice mail from the paper with an offer for a special $75 advertising offer, I immediately stated that I'd never done the "Mayfaire" before, thus no one would recognize my name-- an ad would not be useful. Immediately she said she wasn't calling about that, in fact, she was calling to interview me if that was okay. She began by asking if I minded giving my age, to which, of course, I said I d…

Here You Go

Just what you've all been waiting for...May I introduce you to the latest, and greatest, "Ze-bra" chair?
Isn't it awesome. Bruce's mom gave us this chair, I don't know how many years ago, and it's had multiple incarnations as I've changed decor; this version is certainly the wildest--no pun intended!

This is a big week at the Polasek museum. As I type, there are plein air artists on the grounds, capturing the exquisite gardens, landscape, and sculptures.Paint Out Each morning an artist demonstrates their skills, with a lecture about how to use various paints. Basically, it is the biggest fund raiser of the year for the museum. As such, the volunteers have been doing an amazing job getting the gardens in tip-top shape. Turns out, all that cold weather was good for the plants, producing larger blooms then ever. I'd been telling Lisa how wonderful everything looked, and around 11, she walked through the door. I took this lovely picture of her while w…

It's a Baby

Make sure you check out previous post to make sense of this one!

The weather is exceedingly beautiful today which is why I could hear the cardinals so well. 70 degrees + 0 humidity=Perfection
I was stalking the male and female cardinals, trying to catch them flitting about the yard. All of a sudden I looked up and here was this little guy on the shed roof!
No wonder, mom and dad were hanging about so.

I had to run in the house for a second and once I got back out, he/she was gone. Maybe some could tell if this baby is a male or female, but I'm not one of them for the sake of this post, I'll call it a boy. Anyway, I knew he couldn't have gone far. I searched around the yard, finding him camouflaged in the palm. A lot of the chirping I was hearing came from this little guy.
If I had the patience to wait, I would have seen him fly from the roof which I'm sure would have been quite a sight!

I watched him for a while, coming in to finish my post and now he's gone again. Cute…

Look Who's Blogging on Monday!

Today's photographs are a tribute to my kind friends, the wonderful gardeners who are kind enough to share their beautiful work with me, and you, for that matter. The new header is from Lois's garden, which did not impress Angela all that much, but it sure impresses me.

Here's a beautiful iris from Regina's back garden, aptly named "Regina's Iris.And next up from Eric's garden, some gorgeous hollyhocks, which are mostly associated with the North. Apparently, if you know what you are doing, you can grow these beauties in Florida. Hollyhocks were one of Mom Peck's favorite flowers, probably because they reminded her of her mother's garden in New York
Aren't they a beautiful shade of pink, or I guess I should say, pinks!

Since our last get together, we've had Jeff and Connie over for dinner Friday night, Saturday market, pedicure, shared a good time with an English couple at Graffiti Junktion (not a typo!), and then Sunday at Eola. All well and …

Angela and Gail in Wonderland

Monday morning, around 11, Angela called asking if I wanted to go on a bike ride with her over to "Pill Hill". Now, she didn't call it that, she called it Bel Aire, which indeed is the proper name, but as far back as I can remember we called the area Pill Hill because so many doctors lived there. Plus the streets have slight inclines, which if you know Orlando, that is way out of the ordinary. Anyway, I did my best to get out of it, claiming she was 14 years my junior, not to mention 7 inches taller, but she was not to be dissuaded. Not even when, after lowering my bicycle from the ceiling hook, we discovered my tires were woefully under-inflated. Oh no, she found her pump, chastising me all the while for my inadequacies in the pumping department--and off we went.

First off I took her to Lois's house to show her the garden, which I'm afraid did not impress her as much as it impresses me. Ignoring the fact that Lois can grow flowers in Central Florida that no on…

Random Notes

Several months ago, for unknown reasons, I quit taking my hormones. Probably because the weather was so darn cold that I was fooled into thinking hot flashes were in my past. Well, I was wrong--they are back with a vengenace! I have somewhat of a disdain for modern medicine these days, thinking there are way too many drugs on the market for conditions that most of us can live with. I'm not talking life threatening problems but seriously, most of the advertised drugs are advertised for a reason. Yes, money. The thought that pharmaceutical reps can make more money than 90% of working people makes my blood boil. Whoa there Gail--this is not a political forum, this is your blog!

With that in mind, what's a woman to do? Here's a piece from the Times focusing on the dilemma most woman of a certain age face:Estrogen or Not

Switching gears here---

While chatting with Matthew on Monday afternoon, our conversation was wide ranging, from the fallout (I'm a comedian now!) from the I…


As it turns out, I take the same kinds of photos each season, hopefully improving on last years output. What I mean by that is each spring I go crazy for fruits and vegetables and all of the budding flowers, and is the case with this album some peaches on the tree. I've found another gardener near the house who allowed me access to her yard--thus I now have growing peaches added to my photo library. I've taken so many new things I thought I'd put a little album together showing you what I've been up to.

I've been selling quite a few wine related shots, all taken either in the sunroom or in the back yard, that I'm constantly thinking up something new to try. I saw this jug wine while shopping with Bruce and thought maybe I could dream something up. I believe I'd call it "The Last Drop" if I have it printed. If you would be so kind as to let me know if you think either one is effective, it would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, our second throne ha…

Celebrate? Who is Celebrating?

As discussed in our previous post, tax day loomed. Well, no sense putting off the pain any longer after picking up our return from Olga. Bad news for this little couple as it was even more than I told you about--$2,995! Ironically, I sent it with this stamp: As you can imagine, we were not celebrating. Turns out self employment tax added quite a bit to the total. Bruce says be glad we have to pay plenty; no doubt that's good advice, however, it's easier said than done. At least for yesterday. That's one thing about me, I may fuss and fume for a day, but that's about it. Call me on it if I complain again, will you?

Just as I was getting in the car to head to the post office, I saw this turtle in our yard. Bruce, if you can believe it, was home taking a vacation day, and I quickly called his attention to pictured turtle. She laid two eggs which later in the day were missing from the hole.....wonder what happened???

A vacation day to some folks means rest, but not to Mr. …

Now That's More Like It!

Much improved my dear ones. Against my better judgement I visited Dr. Smuckler yesterday morning; he thinks it was merely a viral infection of some sorts. Because I've gone more than two years avoiding medical treatment, he suggested I have some blood work--I'm still pondering that.

Caveat--I began this post last Friday afternoon, abandoning it when Michelle called needing some decorating advice. Meeting her at Colonial Plaza, we spent the next five hours shopping, pondering, and a little decorating as well. As it was Friday night by now, I kept thinking Bruce must have fallen asleep at home, otherwise I'd have heard from him. Indeed, returning home around 8, I found him fast asleep on the couch. It's been a rough couple of months for my dear Brucer.

There is nothing quite like flowering trees is there?
Spring green on the oaks is pretty awesome as well!

Finally I got a haircut which looks only so-so. She thinned it all out in the back, leaving the rest with a blunt cut…

In the Blink of an Eye

So, there I was, sitting on the couch, loving having company (Dana) in our beautiful new space, enjoying a left over crab cake, and a glass of cool white wine, when I began to notice some abdominal cramping. I won't go into the gory details, because Lord knows, you don't want to hear them, but let's just say it got real messy before it got better. I felt bad for both Bruce and Dana. Bruce, because he was the designated clean up guy, and Dana having to be sent home abruptly.

Before you go diagnosing a case of food poisoning, Bruce and I shared the crab cake. At any rate, it was a sad ending to a lovely weekend. Yesterday was spent in bed for the most part, sleeping, dozing, and occasionally talking on the phone. Another casualty was poor Matthew. He called in the afternoon for a chat, between the phone going out, and my belly pains, I had to quickly say goodbye. He was naturally worried, going so far as to phone me from his office today seeking signs of improvement. And …

A Tale of Two Chairs

As I lay in bed Wednesday morning after having been rudely awakened by my neighbor Pete's diesel truck (a story for another day), I thought how much I love clean sheets. My mind wandered thinking of all the simple things that bring me pleasure and a post was born. Then, however, once seated in front of my computer my eyes stung like nobodies business. Maybe the millions of particles of pollen in the air? Who knows, but one thing I did know--I just couldn't spend the hour or so in front of the computer that a decent post requires.

Instead I decided not to wait for Mr. Richard, my new upholsterer any longer, I would tackle the "Groovy" chair myself. Now, it's been quite a while since I made anything like a chair cushion, and in fact, never had I made a gusset. A gusset you ask yourself. Pray tell, what is a gusset. Well, there's this little thing called the internet that came to my rescue. Actually, Angela is the one who told me what the piece between the top a…