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Celebrate? Who is Celebrating?

As discussed in our previous post, tax day loomed. Well, no sense putting off the pain any longer after picking up our return from Olga. Bad news for this little couple as it was even more than I told you about--$2,995! Ironically, I sent it with this stamp:
As you can imagine, we were not celebrating. Turns out self employment tax added quite a bit to the total. Bruce says be glad we have to pay plenty; no doubt that's good advice, however, it's easier said than done. At least for yesterday. That's one thing about me, I may fuss and fume for a day, but that's about it. Call me on it if I complain again, will you?

Just as I was getting in the car to head to the post office, I saw this turtle in our yard. Bruce, if you can believe it, was home taking a vacation day, and I quickly called his attention to pictured turtle. She laid two eggs which later in the day were missing from the hole.....wonder what happened???

A vacation day to some folks means rest, but not to Mr. Brucer--he finds it relaxing doing home projects. Over the weekend he began putting new door hardware on our interior doors, changing out the hodgepodge we had to sleek new brushed nickel handles. Finishing the task yesterday took most of the day, and if you'll indulge me a moment, I must say they look terrific. The old holes etc. weren't as compatible as he'd hoped, however, being the inventor that he is, he fashioned a jig to make it all work. Jigs, my friends, are patterns of a sort. I'm making this sound terribly simplistic, which of course it's not, but hopefully, you'll get the gist of things. My, aren't we getting stylish?

Later in the day Michelle came by to discuss her decorating project, and of course I couldn't resist asking her if I could take her photograph. I had to beg a bit, but here's one of them I like:
While we were taking the photos we were chatting about the viewing party Monday night for the reality show, Ryan, (Bill's bass player), is on at the moment. Have I mentioned it? If not, here's the link:"Tough Love". Scroll down the page until you come to the couple, "The Drama-Ramas", or something like that. In my opinion people are crazy to go on these shows, but as I explained to Michelle, I hardly understand young people anymore. Man, am I getting old, or what??

After our mini photo shoot we went over to Angela's house to see how the new construction is coming, as well as to show her their lovely home. With Bruce's help she recently completed a sofa table, if you can imagine. I swiped this beautiful vase of lilies to photograph while I was there. These lilies* are blooming everywhere in our neighborhood, as is everything else. It's hard not to want to photograph all of the beauty after our horrible winter. Oh, how I love spring!
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Bruce is home again today and our major project for today was cleaning the roof and gutters, which I'm happy to say is now complete. Let's hope this helps with all the oak "furries", and leaves blowing into the pool from their hiding place in our gutters!

We're off to get a little paint brush and a few other errands, so until we meet again--have an awesome day!

****Driving home from our shopping excursion I realized I'd mislabeled the flowers--they are amaryllis. Duh!
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