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Random Notes

Several months ago, for unknown reasons, I quit taking my hormones. Probably because the weather was so darn cold that I was fooled into thinking hot flashes were in my past. Well, I was wrong--they are back with a vengenace! I have somewhat of a disdain for modern medicine these days, thinking there are way too many drugs on the market for conditions that most of us can live with. I'm not talking life threatening problems but seriously, most of the advertised drugs are advertised for a reason. Yes, money. The thought that pharmaceutical reps can make more money than 90% of working people makes my blood boil. Whoa there Gail--this is not a political forum, this is your blog!

With that in mind, what's a woman to do? Here's a piece from the Times focusing on the dilemma most woman of a certain age face:Estrogen or Not

Switching gears here---

While chatting with Matthew on Monday afternoon, our conversation was wide ranging, from the fallout (I'm a comedian now!) from the Icelandic volcano, to the planned Olympics in London, and so on. Just yesterday I read something which stated that matronly and cool were rarely compatible in either a sentence, or our thoughts. It's funny how you come across things like that because one of the topics we covered was my business, and how my grafitti shots are big sellers. Most young people would think their mom was either crazy, or an embarrassment for selling some of the things I do, however, I think Matt is amused. Thus, he shared this cool link from The Guardian:
Philadelphia ProjectoI'm ready to hop on a plane any day for this! Before I forget we touched on parts of speech which went right over my head....

Wouldn't you just know it--earlier in the day an email invitation came from "Decoy", the talented grafitti artist in town, to an international graffiti event downtown on Saturday . I'm not sure if I'll be heading over there or not, but yesterday afternoon I went by the venue after a trip to the library. Here's what I sawNormally every surface is covered with tags, and on occasion something cool. This definitely qualifies as cool!

Those rain clouds you see over the skyline did their thing with overcast skies continuing this morning. If you can imagine I'll be posting a little later about a fantastic adventure Angela and I shared on Monday. Stay tuned....
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