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The People

Today I've spent a good part of the day finishing a book that has left me somewhat spent. My friend Carol Kufeldt recommended the author and I wasn't disappointed. Although the list of characters took a long time to sort out--like maybe half the novel--I finally figured them out. It's called Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell. Here's a link if you're interested: By the way, with this new blogger editor I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the links more attractive!

Let's just say that after reading that book, I feel all the more fortunate to have been able to have such a splendid holiday. Most of the time I show you pictures of landscapes, flowers, Baxter, Bruce, you know, that sort of thing. Well, today I thought I'd show you a few pictures of some of the folks we saw.

Here is Barb looking back at the condo the evening before the party. That sky is pretty awesome huh?

While walking on Ft. Myers Beach, Bruce wanted me to get this shot of a woman casting a net. I wonder why? Note the spot on the picture to the right of the egret. Somehow I've managed to get spots on my sensor on the Nikon! Having it cleaned once to the tune of $50,  I don't look forward to doing it again.
Here's one I wanted to take, also seen on Ft. Myers Beach. I'm still puzzling why they were wearing those hats. Whatever-- they sure made it look fun!
This woman was the singer for a band at the hotel bar. She had an excellent voice, kinda bluesy.
I took this in the chapel with the sun streaming through the windows just before the wedding ceremony. The man on the far right is Bruce's boss, Tracy. The family in front of him are a super group. He is a roofing contractor, but more importantly he is generous to a fault. He foot the bill for much of the party. Although his daughters live in a home with 14, yes you read that right, 14 televisions, on the bay in Sarasota, they are as sweet as sugar. The one in red nearly stole the show on the dance floor at the reception!
I'm a sucker for photographing children for sure.; I just loved their bright pink hats, as you can imagine. When my children are older, and possibly have some skin cancer, they'll blame me for never making them wear hats or sunscreen! I meant no harm!
This last one was taken on Longboat Key early in the morning while Bruce was out kayaking in the bay. I am a bit of a chicken and doubt I would have the nerve to throw bread up for greedy sea gulls! I like this one so much, I think it would make a good painting.
I'm having to get used to being alone again. I've not had the opportunity to spend so much time with Bruce in so many years that now I feel a little lost without him. Fortunately he's only got one job going, I know,  hard to believe, however there are like a gazillion waiting in the wings. He left yesterday morning for Virginia and was so busy I never heard from him until nearly 10 when he was checking into his hotel. Did I mention his flight left at 6:30AM? He's an iron man when he has to be!

In other news, after years and years of renting, Matthew is buying a flat in London. Very exciting news. By American standards it is way small. That said, it is all about location, location, location. Matt is adept at managing small places, after all he's not so big himself, not to mention that when you live in one of the world's largest cities there are compromises that one must make. You already know how imaginative he can be. Think--the stroke of genius he displayed in dreaming up our living room arrangement!  I can hardly wait to see the outcome.

It seems as if we brought the cooler dry weather up from SW Florida with us. Apparently it rained a bunch while we were gone, which was great for my plants, but so far this week, nada. I'm not complaining!

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