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Anyone who knows David will attest that he can talk up a storm. Come to think of it, sometimes he creates storms with his words! Wait a minute here--maybe that's where that saying came from. Anyway, the thing about David is he's so passionate about his field,  he assumes we all are. While just talking with him on the phone, he started in.  Like this word he used--quagmire--it's the perfect word to describe what a mess our economy is in. I've been lamenting everyone's misfortunes in this blog, as you well know, but I have no answers. I'm thinking no one does.

Now that I've got that off my chest, there's a few things I'd like to share with you that may be a bit more cheery, depending on how you look at them.

Growing up with a swimming pool, I couldn't wait to have one of our own. I LOVE to jump into the cooling waters on a hot summer day. To me, there's no better way to beat the heat. As such, I'm in the sun most every day, and horror upon…

Mrs. Peck Goes to the Mall

Naturally it was after a stop at Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack but I couldn't figure out how to make all of that into a clever title. So, what was Mrs. Peck doing at the mall you ask? Good question.

Before climbing into my comfy bed last night to finish Private Life, which by the way, was excellent through and through, I sent this image to Mr. Peck with a little note asking for a wake up call. What pray tell do I need a wake up call for? Confession time--I have no idea how to work the alarm clock!

While on the road Bruce often goes to bed pretty early. We're both all about the early to bed, early to rise creed, however he's the earliest of the earlier. In the back of my mind I was thinking of a beach trip today, however, my message was not seen until around 6 AM, making it too late for me to catch the sunrise. The latest time for departing would be around 5:30, with 5 being ideal. Thus, I stayed home this morning working on this:
The idea is this, because all of these were sh…

Good Times

Yes, that's right, it was a perfect weekend in every way. No, the market wasn't so great, however, I wasn't shut out. In fact I sold nine things, which truth be told, with so many, many people out of work in Orlando, I count myself fortunate. Fortunate indeed.

Before we go much further I wanted to share this lovely post from our dear son Matthew: 
Make sure you click on it to see what he's all about these days. I can hardly believe it's been seven years since  last we visited London, but it has. A 50th birthday celebration for my darling husband was the occasion. It was an amazing trip, including flying first class on Virgin, which can't be beat. Arriving in London, one of the first sites we saw was a spectacular building under construction. We roamed the city until we got close enough to see what it was all about. Bruce was so enthralled that he had one of his photographs enlarged, and framed, keeping it in his off…

Birds of Prey, Oh My!

I must admit that the going was a little slow this morning, not because I'm ill or anything, just a case of too much fun last night. Eating dinner on the patio is one of the things we love to do when the weather cooperates, and strangely enough, it was pleasant last evening with mild temperatures and low humidity.

Yesterday afternoon a pool builder came by the house to discuss updating our swimming pool.  An excellent general contractor is adding a sun room to the back of Angela's home so I got a name from him. When he showed up, right on time I might add, we were surprised that he was over 60 and had been in the pool business for 40+years, still doing most of the work himself. Bruce has been working from home the last few days which was ideal because he knows all the right questions to ask. Getting out the paperwork from the last overhaul, we discovered it was 12 years ago! The coating they used that time is no longer in use, primarily because it proved to be not so great. So…


Oh my gentle readers, I am suffering from tedium. Strictly speaking that's not entirely accurate because one of the meanings is boredom which has never been a problem for me, however, cleaning out my photo library these last two days has been a tedious task.

Matthew explained to me that the photo libraries I'm using aren't designed to handle the volume of photos I currently have. Yes, I have an external hard drive, but still I have too much. You've always heard photographers say that you're only seeing their best work, that they take loads of terrible pictures,  which in my case is SO true. Hundreds and hundreds of bad pictures. Probably more like thousands if the I'm being completely honest. For an example, I saw this blue dragonfly perched on a stick in our front beds when I was getting the mail. 
It took about fifteen tries before getting one decent shot. In fact, upon loading them I was getting discouraged because picture after picture was bad.  Appar…

Musical Chairs

Lately, around these parts it's like musical chairs, except instead of removing chairs I keep adding them. Well, that's not entirely true because I did put the club chair out to the curb with a free sign on it.  In what I thought was an interesting example of how connected we all are, the aforementioned chair may be finding it's way up to a new student's room at FSU.

Ever since I had that chair upholstered two years ago, I've been unhappy. The fabric, the feel, the look all disappointed me greatly. Once we moved it into my office, my dislike turned to hate. Is hate too strong an emotion to feel for a chair? I think not. Because the chair, along with reupholstering, cost about the same, or less, then some women pay for a trendy handbag, I felt no guilt as I set it by the curb around 4pm on Saturday. Bruce arrived home around 5:30 from his contractor's classes and not too much later he announced someone had stopped. He went outside to see if they needed assistan…

I Lied

Yep. I lied. I worked on my photo library. Maybe not as much as I should have but it's a small start. Seriously, I have so many duplicates, similar photographs, and just plain bad stuff. Actually, I purged more than one thousand pictures I think. My trash can got so full on the desktop I had to empty it multiple times. One of the things that is super cool about a Mac is the sound the trash can makes when it's emptying. I know that sounds crazy, but I kid you not!

Today's post will be a little hodge podge. Here we go:

This apartment in the Hamptons is to die for. Our rope chair featured on slide one is not in nearly as good shape.
There's just something about orange that feels so right to me.

Backtracking to Monday, I couldn't bring myself to go out back once I discovered this:

For weeks I'd seen the parents carrying food to the nest in the Spanish bayonet high over our house.

A Women Possessed

Just when Matthew and I had a long discussion about me having too many photos on my computer to make it run quickly, I take more. What is up with that?
It truly seems as if I'm possessed. If nothing comes to mind out in the great wide world, I make something up at home. Remember how I mentioned all the great folks who regularly come to see me, often bringing friends along? Well, Sunday, a very nice young man who works at Rollins brought along some new friends. Actually, he and his boyfriend used to visit, sadly they are no longer. Anyway, I have a print of what I call the transit system which in reality is really something I made with food coloring. I once had a 12 x 16 canvas of it, which my friend Sylvie bought. I told him I'd rotated the foam core every which way to make the drops flow. Blowing on it works very well, or so he said. Last night I decided to give it a try, however, my blowing didn't do much until I used a straw. It definitely turned out pretty funky. I lay…

Sunday in the Park with Friends

It's not that often that I tell many stories about how I spend my time at the market, except occasionally hyping, or bemoaning my sales figures. I'm not sure why that is, but today I'm rectifying that situation.

The title of today's post comes from a really sweet young woman, who, if you watch this, you'll see for yourself:
She so surprised me with this today. I met her maybe a year ago when the two Stephanies happened upon my booth. As you can see, she's been really great at not only telling all her friends about me, but buying pieces for her place. Because she's just completed her Masters degree at UCF, she's moving to California, hoping to get a job with Toms Shoes That's basically how I spend my days--with great people, surrounded by all sorts of goodies. 

Yes, it's hot and humid this time of year, but Mr. Wonderful has not one, but TWO fans set up for not only me, but my customers as well. Sometimes people just wander…


Good grief, how did I miss that? This is my 701st post which somehow doesn't sound nearly as dramatic as my 700th! At any rate, here we are nearly four years into this thing I call Camera Crazy. Seriously hard to imagine isn't it?

Actually I intended to title this post, "Tremendous", the word Matt used to describe Let the Great WorldSpin. Yesterday afternoon I completed this amazing novel which I can't recommend enough. There are parts that are so heart wrenching causing me to lay the book aside for a day or so. Normally you think of a great book as one you can't put down; according to Matthew that's how he felt while reading this. I, on the other hand, just couldn't take it, which in this case is a good thing. The writing is such that you are completely transported to New York City and the lives he's intertwined. In a first for this little blog I'm going to quote the last lines of the novel, which by the way, give away nothing.

"Jaslyn th…

Holiday Weekend

I guess by now you've figured out that my computer and I were separated for a few days. About the middle of last week Bruce came home with some good news--we were invited to the boat races in Lido Key. Our plans were to meet up with both Steve and Barb, as well as Jeff and Connie, however the former couple didn't make it, the latter did. Turns out the night race in Daytona ran until well after midnight Saturday night making the long drive too arduous for Steve. We missed them, however we still had lots of fun.

If you've never been to a speed boat race it's sure something you might want to do if you get the opportunity. It's a bit hard to follow, but exciting nonetheless. After having Jane and Michael over for dinner on Saturday night, we got up a little after 5 on Sunday morning. Leaving the house around 6, we headed down I-4 towards Sarasota. The traffic was light,  the drive pleasant until around Bradenton when the rain started coming down in sheets making visibi…

One Thing Leads to Another

I suppose the more people you know, the older you get, the more joy and pain you hear about. Lately, there has been a real shortage of joy. 
Bummer #1
I left you on Tuesday morning with very good intentions of getting back with you later, but the truth of the matter is, that my museum time left me feeling not so happy. A volunteer appreciation breakfast was on the agenda, although I'm in the gallery so usually don't really get involved. Plus, they were having coffee, which you know how much I like that, as well as bagels. Now, I do love a good bagel, but only if it's toasted to within an inch of it's life. Double toasting please--butter or cream cheese is fine. With no toaster, no bagels for me. Anyway, I arrived at the usual time, only to find the gallery locked. No biggie I think, I'll find Karen. Moving into the breezeway, the site of the aforementioned breakfast, I don't see her. What I do hear is my friend Pam, casually introducing a young woman who'd ju…