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Mrs. Peck Goes to the Mall

Naturally it was after a stop at Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack but I couldn't figure out how to make all of that into a clever title. So, what was Mrs. Peck doing at the mall you ask? Good question.

Before climbing into my comfy bed last night to finish Private Life, which by the way, was excellent through and through, I sent this image to Mr. Peck with a little note asking for a wake up call. What pray tell do I need a wake up call for? Confession time--I have no idea how to work the alarm clock!

While on the road Bruce often goes to bed pretty early. We're both all about the early to bed, early to rise creed, however he's the earliest of the earlier. In the back of my mind I was thinking of a beach trip today, however, my message was not seen until around 6 AM, making it too late for me to catch the sunrise. The latest time for departing would be around 5:30, with 5 being ideal. Thus, I stayed home this morning working on this:
The idea is this, because all of these were shot in the gardens of the museum, this will be the image on a poster for sale in the gift shop come September when it re-opens. Meeting with Mr. Roger last night, we discussed the possibilities, the cost, as well as how to lay it out. Mostly I listened because I've no idea how sizing works. Originally I'd thought to do a green background with either white, or gold text, though, after studying posters online ad nauseam, I discovered that most of them have a white surround. Now, whether or not any will sell is another question, but we won't know unless we try. We'll try a few, see what happens, and if there is any demand, they will be sent to a printer who can make lots for little. Speaking of printers, I took this photo of what Roger affectionately calls "The Beast." Folks repeatedly wonder why I don't do my own printing. Can you imagine me running something like this? Wireless no less.

Additionally this morning a friend asked me how she could become a follower of this blog. Well, since I'm the leader, I have no idea how one becomes a follower. Searching around for clues on my blogger dashboard, I came across a button labeled Stats. Hmmm...what does this do? Soon enough I found out that there are a few people who come by this humble spot on the web. Not a lot, but some. Furthermore, it showed me that there have been visitors from as near as Canada, and as far away as Singapore and South Africa. Imagine that. There's lots of "stats",  most of which I don't understand, however, I was still unable to locate anything about becoming a follower. I feel like the Pied Piper.

If it isn't bad enough hearing one way phone conversations surrounding you at every turn, today I had to listen to a two way call. While in the dressing room at Marshalls, a woman speaks into her phone two or so cubicles away--"hold on while I put you on speaker phone." Can you imagine? Make them stop!!!

We all know how I'm so frugal, almost never eating out, but today, in a surprise move, I stopped by Moe's for lunch. First off, the food was very tasty, much better than Tijuana Flats, but that's another story. Secondly, the place was a mess. Crumbs all over, and I do mean all over! The floor, the tables, the seats. Have you ever known me to exaggerate? Seriously,  I struggled to find a place to put my little body down! Before leaving I discovered that the restroom was just as messy, but there was this to make me chuckle:
They definitely have a sense of humor even if their sense of cleanliness is less than stellar.

In conclusion, (how formal does that sound?), never one to pass the Clearance sections without at least a once over, I was delighted to find a copy of the trade paperback version of--ta da!--Let the Great World Spin for $5.99.  That was too good to pass up.

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