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Musical Chairs

Lately, around these parts it's like musical chairs, except instead of removing chairs I keep adding them. Well, that's not entirely true because I did put the club chair out to the curb with a free sign on it.  In what I thought was an interesting example of how connected we all are, the aforementioned chair may be finding it's way up to a new student's room at FSU.

Ever since I had that chair upholstered two years ago, I've been unhappy. The fabric, the feel, the look all disappointed me greatly. Once we moved it into my office, my dislike turned to hate. Is hate too strong an emotion to feel for a chair? I think not. Because the chair, along with reupholstering, cost about the same, or less, then some women pay for a trendy handbag, I felt no guilt as I set it by the curb around 4pm on Saturday. Bruce arrived home around 5:30 from his contractor's classes and not too much later he announced someone had stopped. He went outside to see if they needed assistance, as did I. Naturally, or at least for me, a conversation ensued. Come to find out, they were just returning from a trip to Tallahassee to find a place for the daughter to live as she begins her life as a Seminole. If she'd said they wanted to take it to Gainesville I might have reconsidered. Just kidding! Anyway, I ended up giving them a tour of the house per their request. Naturally I had no problem showing off our handiwork! Before you get all nervous, let me tell you that they live down the street on the newer end of Appleton. Criminal probability? Nil.

So what did I put in it's place? Don't laugh or cry, but here it is:
Baxter was kind enough to hop on to deflect some of the criticism! Saturday morning I'd gone back to where I got the thrones looking for one Danish modern chair. Although they had one, it was part of a whole living room set ,which they didn't want to break up. Seeing this I thought the green might work in my office; the only trouble was they only wanted to sell them as a pair. $195 for both. Hmmmm....what's a girl to do?

Here's what this girl did, and I use that term loosely you realize. After my haircut, I returned and figured that I'd make it work somehow. I've since learned from Mr. Richard, our fabulous upholsterer, that the chairs are most likely from the 30's, thus very well made from solid wood. Getting them into the house by myself was quite the chore. By the time I'd got them both in, and moved the unwieldy club chair out to the curb, I was seriously hot and bothered.  Plus, I knew Bruce was going to think I was crazy, which he did. My response? "Trust me on this!" Although the fabric is dated, it is in excellent shape and the lines of the chair are great. Recycle baby!

I'd placed the second chair in the sunroom, however, because that room is mostly Bruce's, he wanted no part of it. Trading places, we moved the "Zebra" chair out to the sunroom, which I quite like. In fact, it's terrific because I can see it so often, not to mention that the orange pop is so cheery.
As well, I had already requested that Roger make a canvas for our home, which replaced my severely faded poster art, a gift from Bill, maybe ten years ago. See above photo. As far as Bruce is concerned, the "Zebra" chair is there to stay!

Seeing  the chairs yesterday morning, Angela had the nerve to call them an eyesore. Can you imagine? She did, however, help me move the Groovy chair to the Zebra chair's former location, and now I think we've got it just right. After looking at four fabric stores, three of which had NOT ONE THING I liked, I've gotten approval to go with one of the four samples I brought home. That's for the living room chair. Stay tuned to this space for the upcoming transformation. Oh yeah, I'm calling these, the Granny chairs.

Enough about interior decorating already! Look at this adorable bag a girl was toting at the market Sunday:
Because Bruce had class on Sunday as well, we did a scaled back version of our normal set up. Arriving at his usual time, Bruce set up the tent and weights. Now, as I've probably explained in the past, our tent has steel legs and supports, making it very heavy, which is why your friend Gail is unable to put it up by herself. Please forgive me if I'm being redundant. No walls=no big pieces. Using two table top easels ,I was able to show two canvases, which although they sell slowly, we consider them window dressing. A customer draw if you will. I'm happy to report that my sales were about the same as the previous week. In other words, about average for this time of year.

Have I talked about the weather lately? No rain, no rain, no rain. Great for when you're doing an outdoor event, not so great for our yards. In fact, ours looks just terrible these days. All the improvement of the last few years seems to have vanished. Very depressing.

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