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Collage Crazy

Am I ever having a blast making collages. All that I've been observing, of both my surroundings, and the culture these last three years, is now making it's way into collages. After Dana saw the Polasek poster she said that what she'd like to see is one with funky stuff--no birds or flowers thank you very much. I took that idea and ran with it. Mr. Roger completed one of them in a 30x40 canvas which I picked up on Tuesday evening. Let's put it this way--it's an attention grabber for sure. The reason I'm not showing you is because I rarely, if ever, show what I sell in my blog. I know that sounds a little paranoid, and the truth is that probably no one would want to steal my images, but in this day and age, you never know. Prudence--an excellent word to live by.

I will, on the other hand show you this funny sight from Sunday's market:
Make it larger by clicking on it! It's a little guy with a lawn mower! Can you believe it? What will they think of next?

Remember that ugly green chair I showed you a few weeks ago. Of course you don't, you've got better things to think about!!! In reality, I'm sorta fond of the green because it's so weird, however, Mr. Bruce would have none of that in the living room. And who could blame him? Mr. Richard, our wizard upholsterer returned the chair last week:
If this sort of thing interests you, please click on image to see the details. While choosing fabric for this chair, I toned it down a bit while still retaining a bit of style. Isn't it funny how Baxter matches everything? I have a feeling that my sister Carol would read something into my choices. Something on the order of.....well, my imagination isn't that advanced, but maybe yours is. Feel free to send along theories! In the meantime, the matching chair with the funky green is still in my office.

One thing that has proven to be enjoyable about making the collages is that I'm forced to dig deep into my photo library. Over the years I've photographed the sky on numerous occasions and what I love about doing so is that it is everchanging. Duh! Of course it is Gail! It's still a thrill to me dear ones.
And then there's this one:
I have so many, many photos that have never been seen, many, many, of which are terrible. Some, on the other hand, are nice, but there's only so many I can fit in my baskets. These two are just such an example.

Because my sales volume has been so low this summer I've not ordered much aside from a few here and there, trying to sell what I have.  That is all fixing to change. By now you've probably gleaned that I'm not much of an administrator in the sense that record keeping and such don't interest me. Fortunately there are those around me who thrive on that sort of thing, graciously doing that work so that I may take more useless photos! Now, if only someone would do the ordering I'd be in heaven my friends.

It's not the ordering so much as it is the deciding what to show. I LABOR over what canvases to have made.  At the moment I've got a few that I've had for nearly a year, which if they haven't sold by now, I'm pretty certain they probably won't. Thus, in these kind of situations, I end up stripping the canvas and starting over. With my frugal nature this pains me, but I feel I've no other choice. Furthermore, although I'm thrilled to be in the Winter Park show, it's making me even more anxious about what I'll be showing. What is the right mix of styles? In other words, what ratio of pretty/funky do I want to exhibit? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
There's one decision I've never regretted and that is marrying my dear Mr. Bruce. Celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary yesterday was a little unconventional as he was out of town, but not out of my heart. When I think about our small church wedding, cake and punch reception in the church fellowship hall, and two day honeymoon to St. Augustine, it is with joy.  A modern couple would be mortified with that wouldn't they? Make of it what you will.

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