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Thursday Update

By now you're probably a little sick of the remodel pictures aren't you? Frankly, I am too, although today I'll be posting just a few more because now it's time for accessories.  Every fashionista will tell you that accessories make all the difference in the world.
Baxter posing beside one of those beautiful French pots I mentioned. He's the cutest isn't he? The pot's not bad either.

Because we're not accustomed to seeing such a large expanse of wall I felt we needed something to fill the space between the windows. Shopping at a few of my favorite local stores left me short of anything appropriate. As such, I turned to the web and found this:
If you can imagine I got it from Neiman Marcus, the last place I expected to find something like this. Because we were anxious to be done, Bruce convinced me to pay the extra $10 for two day shipping, however, when the email arrived with expected arrival date, it was anything but two days, more like ten.
Wow--what cu…

Just Couldn't Wait

And with the weather as hot as it's been, the question was really--why wait? So I didn't.
Seriously, imagine going through all that and waiting till April to try it out. After planting a few pots, which by the way are gorgeous French handmade glazed pots, I was so hot I decided to take the plunge. Bad pun, huh?

The water was actually wonderful. Temperatures here are still hovering near 90, making a refreshing dip in the pool irresistible. What I'm figuring is that because the ground water is still pretty warm the pool is as well. I took this on Monday afternoon, and if David hadn't phoned asking me to pick him up at the airport, I would have gone in again yesterday after trimming the palms. Today, with record high temperatures predicted,  you just might find me swimming again. My apologies if you're reading this somewhere that is already sweater weather.....

We're taking full advantage of having a back yard once again, dining outside under the flashy new umbrell…

Back to Life, Back to Reality..

Apparently, they don't call it Slowcala for nothing.

When last we spoke, we were heading out with high hopes, which if the show closed on Saturday, I would be writing that those hopes were not only dashed, but smashed to smithereens. Alas, Sunday redeemed the experience somewhat. We'll get to that in due time.

The show site clocked in at 83 miles from home. Set in a large park, there were two kinds of spaces--sunny and grassy, and shady and sandy. Now, it's not like I haven't been intimately acquainted with dirt this last month, it's just that I was hoping to have that behind me. That was not meant to be.

Bruce arrived a little before me now that I've become a pokey driver. Picking up the registration packet, we made our way to site F3, immediately discovering that we were to set up on all dirt/sand. Yikes! Heading back out to the main drag of Ocala, I came across a Big Lots nearby, with a Big Lots Furniture store no less. The biggest gray rug I could find was…

The Finish Line... in sight my friends. Darren arrived early this morning, surprised to find the pool full. Once Bruce put the second hose in things moved pretty quickly. Awakening at his customary hour, he checked the pool at 5:30 this morning finding it full. Hurray.

Darren is pictured here with his gear to get the pool up and running. At the moment it sounds a bit complicated to me, however, I'm sure with practice I can manage. If not, he gave me the name of someone Phil recommends for maintenance. 
And here is our first swimmer!
Not sure where he came from--I hope he likes salt water.
Lastly the gutter installation is in progress as I type: We've come a long way baby!
Momentarily we're heading for our set up in Ocala...I'm armed with what seems like a ridiculous amount of prints. but one never knows........

Ladies and Gentleman.....We have....Fill Up!

The long awaited, make that, almost a month, time has come to fill it back up! Expecting them early this morning, I anxiously awaited their arrival which was not until 2:00. Naturally I was getting antsy.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me show you how yesterday unfolded, from the mixing, to the spraying, followed by the washing which reveals the pebbles.
 As you can see, they started early--just after sunrise.
The truck out front mixed, the second guy sprayed, and here's the whole crew in action:
It looked as if they were spraying frosting on the walls of the pool. All this took place in the space of about three hours. Today, the next crew came to acid wash the walls, connect the light, and there you have it!
It is hard to believe the process is finally over! The fill up:
One reason I was waiting so anxiously was because it will take hours upon hours to fill it up. Following that, Phil and Darren will get the pump going, put the salt in something or other to make the chlorine, and I…

The Calvary Has Arrived

It's hard for me to believe that I've written over 700 titles without repeating any. Seriously. Sometimes they come to me and sometimes they are provided by others as is the one I'm using for today.
I kept seeing more of them coming into the backyard and when I expressed surprise at their numbers, one of them said, "the calvary has arrived." Here's the prep: Observant readers that you are you've probably noticed the pool looks different than when last you saw it. That's because yesterday afternoon Darren put on the bond coat while I was out doing errands. By now you're probably checking the date on this thinking something seems off. Well....yesterday afternoon just as I was arriving with my arms full, my mobile began to ring in my purse. Rummaging through the contents I couldn't come up with it until after the last ring. Next the house phone rang and this time I answered promptly. Sheila, Phil's daughter and office manager was calling with t…

Starting to Look Fly

I may have a gorgeous Travertine pool deck, however, at the moment, I have no working dishwasher, unless of course, you count me. It's not the first time in my life I've had to wash dishes, and it's a pretty sure bet it won't be the last.

It was the tea cups that gave it away. Unloading the dishwasher a week or so ago, I noticed all the tea stains remained in my mugs. Using the trusty method of a little wet baking soda I removed them easily. The next load I noticed the same, then, upon further inspection, I detected particles on everything. Not good.

A dishwasher is something we take for granted in a modern home, at least in the suburbs. Matt, on the other hand, is not taking his new dishwasher for granted after having lived without one for the last 6-7 years. In fact, he's downright giddy.

Ironically, most people have no problem with loading the machine, it's the unloading which many people dislike. That's mostly not been a problem for me, although I will…

Sunrise to Sunset

I pondered about calling today's post, "Loud & Dirty", however, upon further reflection I changed my mind. I've been having trouble with spam comments on a post I did quite a while ago titled, "Back in the Saddle." "Changed Title Due to Spam" is the new title for that post, but it hasn't stopped the nasty comments.

The guys arrived at sunrise and only left around 20 minutes ago. Here's how things progressed:
Clouds of dust wafted over our home all day according to Angela when she came to see it looking like this around 6:00... After having some snacks, the men worked until dark, something I can't fathom. So much work for so little money, not to mention that you can hardly communicate with the people you are working for.
After listening to the stone saw, stump grinder, and table saw for the best part of the day, my nerves are a little frazzled. While telling this to Nancy on the telephone I realized what a whiner I sounded like. Imag…


CNN is playing beside me with the coverage of the 33 Chilean miners rescue. Knowing me as you do, you know that television is not much of a part of my routine, however, this story is so riveting I'm making an exception. While getting my nails cleaned up this morning I kept tearing up as each one was brought to safety. As I type, they are bringing up the 21st miner--such a miracle!

I mentioned yesterday that there was a little detective story involved with the festival which I promised to relate today. Entering 40 successful credit card transactions in PayPal, I began #41, the final one, an American Express card for $350.00. My heart sunk as I read the message--declined, ask customer for another card. Impossible. Next I did what everyone does these days--searched online for the name. What's particularly weird about it was the conversation I had with this buyer regarding people who give me a bad card. Rarely, was my answer. Fortunately, during our conversation we also learned he…


By now you may be wondering how the show went. Well--excellent, thank you very much. Furthermore our expectations were exceeded by ten fold. After barely surviving the summer intact, we came back with a ROAR!

And by we, I mean everyone involved, because, believe you me, I couldn't begin to do it by myself. It's all very much a team effort beginning with Bruce, without whom the display would not happen. Here's how things went on Friday afternoon. A late email kept Bruce at work longer than he would have liked, thus the set up began later than we both would have liked. Arriving home around 5, he stripped off his classy business clothes and went to work loading the Element to the rafters!

Driving over to Winter Park is pretty much a breeze, however we could not park our vehicles all that close. The beginning of the load out:
Many people were completely set up and secured by the time we arrived which probably made things a tad easier. Here's our space after unloading.