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Thursday Update

By now you're probably a little sick of the remodel pictures aren't you? Frankly, I am too, although today I'll be posting just a few more because now it's time for accessories.  Every fashionista will tell you that accessories make all the difference in the world.
Baxter posing beside one of those beautiful French pots I mentioned. He's the cutest isn't he? The pot's not bad either.

Because we're not accustomed to seeing such a large expanse of wall I felt we needed something to fill the space between the windows. Shopping at a few of my favorite local stores left me short of anything appropriate. As such, I turned to the web and found this:
If you can imagine I got it from Neiman Marcus, the last place I expected to find something like this. Because we were anxious to be done, Bruce convinced me to pay the extra $10 for two day shipping, however, when the email arrived with expected arrival date, it was anything but two days, more like ten.
Wow--what customer service I received. After explaining the situation, the nice young man told me that they would remove all shipping costs if I was still interested. Removing $42 worth of shipping costs? You bet I was still interested! Fortunately, Bruce was working from home on Tuesday when it arrived by Fed-Ex. A few hours later, our little sun guy was filling the space as nicely as I'd hoped.

On our way home from the doctor, who, by the way, gave Angela permission to drive, we stopped at Home Depot to buy a few plants. I spent much of the morning in the back planting impatiens, geraniums, lantana, and a new kind of Sunpatiens, which as you can guess by the name, do well in full sun.
And how did Miss Gail cool off after all her planting? Why she jumped in the pool of course! Lisa tells me a cold front is on the way, however today is expected to push 90 degrees again; I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Just as people claimed, the water feels wonderful, leaving my hair softer after swimming than I can ever remember.

Why, you ask is this post entitled Thursday update? I realized yesterday that I've bemoaned various things without keeping you up to speed on their outcome. Let's rectify that shall we?

  • The kidney stone crisis seems to have passed without further ado. Thank God for small miracles. 
  • My dishwasher benefited from a dose of vinegar which apparently cleaned out the lines and is now working like a champ.
  • Monday morning, Danny arrived bright and early to finish cleaning and caulking the windows. The cleaner he left is simply the bomb--CRL is the name, and if you live in a house with windows galore as I do, you simply must purchase this fantastic product which is apparently carried at Target and Home Depot. 
  • I neglected to tell you that two weeks ago at the market my display was lacking due to the show. What I mean is I was out of many of the prints I normally put in my A frame display. Awkwardly written, I know. Anyway, instead I decided to put a few of my fruits and vegetables in as place holders. Imagine my surprise when a farmer from Delaware noticed the watermelon print and proceeded to order 4 18x24 prints and, and, and, a 24x36 canvas of said print! Call me flabbergasted. Needless to say, my sales total was much improved for that week. Apparently watermelons are just one of their crops. As well, she bought other prints that day. Wow! Mr Roger made them all, shipping them today.
  • Registered for the November 11 digital mammography conference today. 8 points--$179.00
  • Renewed my Florida license online--only need 12 points.
  • As well, I did the last of the online modules needed to renew my national license which requires 24 points,  once I go to that conference. This will take a huge burden off of me. Until this time two years from now....
Speaking of fruits, it's been far too long since I took any photos aside from remodel ones. Seeing these little pears at Publix, I had to give them a try:
Pretty light, huh? Once upon a time I sold lots of fruit and vegetable pictures. These days, only now and again but it doesn't stop me from trying. :)

Lunch time my dear ones....

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