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Link City

Today it's all about links. I've been surfing the web my dear readers.

First off, this comes as no surprise does it?
Pathetic really.

I've finally read something worth talking about- a book of short stories by Karen Joy Fowler. Click on the link to see what others have to say: What I have to say is that the first story in the collection, The Pelican Bar, was simply amazing. A troubled teen is abducted with her parent's consent to "rehab" in an unnamed seaside location. Whoa....

The promised cold front has arrived, with cheers from your overheated blogger. As such, today I am wearing my new pair of "jeggings." Apparently, I have good company: Purchasing them during the summer from Nordstrom Rack, I was not sure how I'd feel about them, come time to wear them. I think I feel great. Talk about comfortable. Finding pants, or shorts, for that matter that fit me is an ongoing problem I face. Actually, it seems to me, most people have difficulty finding clothes that suit their bodies. Is that true for you?

Instead of my usual writing garb, my nightgown, I'm all dressed up in my jeggings and a darling long blouse. When I saw this top on the clearance rack at Marshalls I couldn't resist both the coral color, or the white polka dots. I'm a serious sucker for polka dots. Cheerful is what I think when I see most anything with polka dots. Do I lose points for writing polka dots four times in one paragraph? Probably should.

My reason for already being dressed by 7 AM is allegedly, the sod folks are to arrive by 8. Yesterday's stormy weather prevented them from coming, although by 10 in the morning most of the serious rain was over. Did I tell you that our lawn guy fired me? You know the one, he broke the front door glass and Bruce let him off the hook for the damage. Because the grass was nearly non-existent I asked him to skip some weeks to possibly let it heal by avoiding the lawn tractor tires. He sent me an email stating he needed to fill the slot so YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!

As you grow older, if you're lucky, you have the means to pay folks to do things for you which can be both good and bad. Sure, it's nice to come home from somewhere and see your yard looking spiffy, however, upon closer inspection there are always things that don't get done. It sounds petty but it used to drive me crazy that they would never pick up the dropped stag horn fronds. We were not paying for blow and go service, we were paying a premium for attention to detail. So, now it's my turn to see how I can do once again. Cutting the grass is something I've always enjoyed, weeding, not so much. As of today, all of our equipment is in top notch condition, just waiting to be used.

Guess what! They're here! With a trailer load of sod! Looks like Bruce's campaign worked.

More pictures to follow.....maybe even one of me in my POLKA DOTS!
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