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Let us not forget Bruce's 18th Darden anniversary yesterday, a blessing that keeps on giving. Bruce's time at Darden has often been filled with stress, but don't let him kid you--he loves being a problem solver! Sometimes more than others.

Today is the 7th anniversary or our Mother's death. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, while other times, it feels like only yesterday. That saying, gone but not forgotten, is really apropos when discussing the loss of a parent. Speaking for myself, there is hardly a day that goes by, when something comes up that reminds me of my mother. Cooking is a great example. Although I resented having to cook for the family while growing up, I am ever so grateful to have learned the skills while young. They've served me well these many years. I could go on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say, I still miss you Mom.

If you're a regular reader of "Camera Crazy", you already know I volunteer on Tuesdays at the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden. Even typing that seems weird as I think of the numerous times Maureen encouraged me to visit there and I never did. Anyway, yesterday during my weekly stint, Cindy, yes the infamous Cindy, asked if I'd return later to help during the new show opening for Morgan Samuel Price (, which, because I'm such a pushover, I said okay (remind me to tell you the fascinating story of that ubiquitous word--ok later will you?). Nicely attended, yours truly stayed behind the cash register, ringing up the odd purchase. It was a great event to try out my new lens which takes photos in very low light without flash. I didn't take this, which, because I'm sharing a rare photo of myself, you already knew:
That's Trudy on the left, Cindy, Morgan Samuel Price, Gail, and Jenna, Cindy's daughter. You probably figured that out instantly, they look so much alike. Oh those squinty eyes of mine!

Speaking of eyes, I went to the opthalmologist today. Now, for some reason I'm getting a spell check on opthalmologist--go figure. Anyway, for more than six weeks I've had some discomfort in my left eye, sometimes major, sometimes minor. For the first time in, I've no idea how long, I had my eyes dilated. The first woman asked me when was the last time and honestly, I had no clue.
Oh, those wrinkles! That's what happens when you are 56 my young readers. That little yellow business in the corner is from some drops they put in. Because I've experienced so few problems with my eyes, I had no idea who to see. I called the office of Dr. Stanley Hand, thinking in advance he was a highly regarded pediatric specialist, but tried it nonetheless. The receptionist confirmed my suspicions, and when I asked for recommendations, she was kind enough to tell me who Dr. Hand used--SCORE!

Arriving at 1:00 this afternoon, I was a tad nervous. Aside from the receptionist, who had on this disgusting ring, everyone was amazing. How can a ring be disgusting you ask? Well, when it covers the whole finger and looks like a silver claw--that's how! After several doses of drops, and a quick check to confirm my 20/20 distance vision, Dr. Ramirez came in. Peering with extremely bright light into my dilated eyes, he discovered the problem. Turns out, I have a recurring minor corneal abrasion which requires me to use some cream at night, and drops during the day. We'll see how that goes. He did mention that the problem would only worsen if I'd ignored it, so it was a good thing I went. I kept thinking I was crazy because I'd wake up with a sensation of something, like sand maybe, in my eye. I'd wash my face, and even the pressure of a wash cloth was uncomfortable. Early morning sunlight was the worst! That said, an hour or so later, I felt no pain. Looks like I'll be on the mend soon--like maybe a month according to Dr. R.

Believe it or not, I've still got things to say about the trip but that will be in our next post. For tonight, I'll head to bed after somehow putting goop on my lower lid.

I do miss my Bruce.
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