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Bad Connection

So, last week it was a bad finger, this week it's a bad connection. According to the Bright House folks, we need all new outside cable which is going to be slightly problematic because Bruce has it all tucked away in the fascia. Until next Saturday afternoon, our connection will be absent, spotty, or slow. Thank goodness, we can always count on our water and electricity to work!

Just like you, my days have been busy since last we met. Before I forget, I meant to share two other connection things last week. First off, my table mates at bridge are Bob and Judy, which is easy for me to remember because those were Bruce's parent's names. Bob, it turns out, is a disability and social security attorney. Knowing that my sister Maureen desperately needs disability, I asked for his card. When I called Maureen she told me she'd already hired someone to help her. I kept his card anyway, and wouldn't you know it, last week when Karen was here, I gave it to her. Karen, of the o…

Minor Injury

While placing a glass pitcher in the door of Angela's refrigerator after her birthday party last night, I cut two fingers on my left hand, thus my natural tendency to wordiness will be diminished today. It happened so fast I can hardly explain it! The good news is that Bruce was home to bandage it after the bleeding stopped. My fingers are taped together because one of the cuts is in between them; he's thinking I was lucky not to have cut a ligament.

So here's the birthday girl with her sparkly cake:
Lois's garden is a wonder right now with the tulips looking fab. I added her garden to the top of my blog because it makes me happy. Yesterday morning it was super foggy until after 9 which makes for perfect lighting for picture taking. I hopped in the car and was greeted not just with beautiful color, but water as well. Apparently I arrived soon after the sprinklers ran. The purple tulips are mostly done blooming, however, this color is at it's peak right now.
I love th…


Before there was a digital world wide web, there was the human web of interconnectedness. We've all heard the Six degrees of separation theory which in my real life, I see every day, not just that I know someone who knows someone et al, but in how we help each other along the way.

When you work at home, if I may use that term, your time is pretty flexible. Aside from my museum stint, and of course, the market, I'm pretty free to do as I please, which is a blessing I don't take lightly. Yesterday morning while I was working on a new collage, Karen (of last years brain aneurysm), called asking if I wanted to meet for tea. Because she was phoning from our neighborhood Ross, I suggested she come to the house after giving me a few minutes to get my shower. I was delighted to set aside my plans to visit with her on her day off.

Once she arrived, I put the kettle on. You do remember my new life changing kettle don't you? Suggested by both Tom and Matt while they were home for…

Time for Reflection

I mentioned the other day that I was posting for the 801st time, but what I didn't realize was that I was also having my fourth anniversary as a blogger. In the early going it was mostly about my newly discovered love of photography, as well as my life as an adult student. Frankly, when I read about taking tests and writing papers it seems like another person did all that.

One of the first posts was about Matt's belongings being shipped to London for his new life there. Writing that, I'm sure I never imagined that in the near future he would be working for a British firm and owning property in the center of London. I did, on the other hand, recognize it for the opportunity it was, and still is, for that matter. But, we're taking about the past right now.

In 2008 I was no longer a student, but a fledgling photographer after starting my business in March of 2007. I was, however, still sick, which according to my blog, continued until last year. February of 2010, I likene…

In A Creative Mood

Apparently, I've suffered from this most of my life:
I found this in Mom's stuff, and I adore that expression on Jon boy's face. I'm thinking he was maybe 4 or 5? I almost forgot my "perm" phase--oh my! I remember loving that dress I'm wearing, oh, how I wish I could find a similar pattern these days. (There seems to be some weirdness going on with this picture not showing, however, if you click the space, you'll see it)

The other night when Bruce and I were fixing to leave for dinner, I glanced out my office window, which is fantastic by the way, and noticed a gorgeous sunset coming on. Grabbing my camera, I swiftly marched down to the lake, requesting that Bruce pick me up there. At one time I was a bit obsessed with sunsets, not so much anymore, however, I do know that winter sunsets are oftentimes more beautiful than summer ones. It was lovely indeed, so now I'm slightly obsessed again:
Last evening I drug Baxter along to see what we could see, …

A Short Cooking Lesson

I love to share new cooking ideas with you, so here's the latest thing I've tried. Now there may be some amongst you that have no interest in preparing caramelized onions, and if that's the case, I suggest you skip most of this post. It was only in the last five years or so that I became aware of this humble little delicacy. Humble in the sense that onions are fairly cheap, or at least they used to be, groceries costing what they do these days. Preparing them the traditional method by using a large pan on the stove top, stirring for up to 45 minutes until they become just the perfect shade of caramel is somewhat tedious. Voila! Through the magic of the internet, I've tried a new, more streamlined method. It still takes forever, however, you dear reader/cook, will spend a much shorter time stirring. Using a cast iron skillet, I filled it to the brim:
They look a bit shiny don't they? Mixing about 2 Tablespoons of Oil (use what you like), as well as 1 T of salt into t…

Bursting at the Seams

Good morning, good morning, the best to you each morning! Credit for that little ditty goes to Tony the Tiger. Remember when?

I have so much to discuss today, not to mention loads of photos to share, I hardly know where to start.Let us begin with the sewing metaphor I used for the title. I didn't realize how much I missed sewing until recently. For the better part of my life I spent some time each day sewing; sort of like I now do with photography. I guess you'd say I get obsessed... Anyway, I like both the mechanics of sewing, and the creating part. Some clever folks can sew without a pattern, however, that's not me. Instead, I pore over the pattern catalogs, marveling at both the cost, and some of the hideous patterns. Every now and again one catches my fancy; I'll buy one, or maybe two, when they are on sale. Hobby Lobby had McCalls patterns for $1.99 this week rather than the posted price of $12-$16, so shopping I went. Rather than the "sacks" I've be…

Lucky Lady

Yesterday's post was a mistake. I wrote that those were my favorites, but really, how does one choose between thousands of photos? Leaving plenty out because I thought you might be bored probably hurt some reader's feelings, for which I'm asking forgiveness. Given?

Normally I never post at night for many reasons, foremost because I'm sleeping, however, tonight I just feel so overwhelmed with good fortune, posting seems like the thing to do. There are times when I wonder how in the world I got so lucky. Not only do I have the best husband in the whole wide world, but my kids are pretty great too. How can it be that two young people, who married very young, could not only raise four sons to adulthood, and be pleased with the results as well? My only answer is love. I know it sounds trite, but indeed, I believe love conquers all. Unlike both Bruce and me as children, our boys knew that both of their parents loved them to pieces, come hell or high water. We weren't abl…

2010 Favorites

For probably two years now, I've subscribed to a blog called Digital Photography School , where I've learned much. The link today sends you to another blog wherein readers were encouraged to submit their 10 best photos of 2010. Thus, I was inspired.

Scanning only through my Picassa uploads, I found that in my eyes, I'm not improving very much. That said, I did find some that I liked, in fact, it won't surprise you a bit to know I found more than ten! Today I'm narrowing it down to people and animal shots, some of which you have seen before, some I hope are new. Early in the year I took this of Matt with Clara, something about this one pleases me very much:
I think I love it because of two things--the size of his hand cradling her head, and secondly, his genuine look of joy.
Continuing the baby theme, the setting isn't the best, but this peacock baby and momma, which I guess makes her a peahen,  cheers me.  I love how the baby is striding in front without a care i…