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Bursting at the Seams

Good morning, good morning, the best to you each morning! Credit for that little ditty goes to Tony the Tiger. Remember when?

I have so much to discuss today, not to mention loads of photos to share, I hardly know where to start.Let us begin with the sewing metaphor I used for the title. I didn't realize how much I missed sewing until recently. For the better part of my life I spent some time each day sewing; sort of like I now do with photography. I guess you'd say I get obsessed... Anyway, I like both the mechanics of sewing, and the creating part. Some clever folks can sew without a pattern, however, that's not me. Instead, I pore over the pattern catalogs, marveling at both the cost, and some of the hideous patterns. Every now and again one catches my fancy; I'll buy one, or maybe two, when they are on sale. Hobby Lobby had McCalls patterns for $1.99 this week rather than the posted price of $12-$16, so shopping I went. Rather than the "sacks" I've been making, I bought a blouse pattern with a collar, darts, and buttonholes to test my sewing skills. As I was tying the ends of the darts last evening, which I learned  in 8th grade Home Ec, the words of that teacher ran through my mind. She said, and I quote, "You'll never learn to sew." Little did she know.

Matching fabrics to a pattern is great fun to me. Furthermore, I now have the greatest sewing table of my life. What's not to like?
This is a pretty wild cotton fabric, which by the time you read this will be pretty close to a blouse. Searching through Mom Peck's sewing box, I found buttons to use and black ribbon, which I've applied to the collar already, and soon will be on the little sleeve cuffs and possibly down the front. Haven't decided yet.
Speaking of Mom Peck, I showed you the Christmas cactus in bloom, now her little Irish Shamrock is doing the same. 
Aren't they adorable little blooms? I hope she is happy that I've been keeping her memory alive through both her sewing materials and plants. Apparently, we were more alike than I used to think.

Which is to say we both had "life sustaining skills." Although there are some things around the house I'm not super skilled at, I can do most things to maintain life. I won't list them all here, but I do think some people are moving back to the basics of sewing, cooking, baking, gardening, you get the picture. Which brings me to this piece from NPR: Trending 

Wouldn't you know it, after reading that article--I'm seeing the word trend/trending everywhere. While eating this for my supper Wednesday night
I perused a Nordstrom catalogue filled with the use of the word "trend," most of which I didn't care for. Too bland for me--all taupes and grays, colors which I don't think anyone really looks too good in.

Making your own chicken noodle soup is terrific because you can fill it with all the noodles you want! Using the leftover stock I made for the gumbo, I boiled the noodles and carrots, dumping them in with the chicken. Nice. I had it because I wasn't feeling super on Wednesday. In fact, I had errands planned, but the bright sunlight was more than I could handle. It seems that my corneal abrasion was either not fully healed, or is what is called, recurrent corneal abrasion. Seriously, even with my sunglasses on, I had to shield my eyes while outside, and it still hurt like the dickens. Because I neglected to get Baxter food in a timely manner, he was completely out,  I had to drive to Whole Foods, sunlight or no sunlight. While there I saw this bouquet of my Mom's favorite flower which I thought was very cheerful with that deep, deep yellow and green for that matter.
Before I left for WF, I heard serious bird chattering outside. The ROBINS were back. Because my eye hurt so much I couldn't chase around trying to get in position for a shot, so all the evidence I have is in this photo.
Could be any kind of bird, but I know it is a spring visit from a robin. :)

Bill came by to use my printer before his interview and I persuaded him to let me take this shot.
I do so wish Bill would smile for my camera! So far I've no update on how things went. I do, however, have some excellent news regarding Jonathan. Around noon yesterday while I was dropping off the tax info at Olga's house, my phone rang. Excitedly, Jonathan said he had a temp job at the University of Texas Law School, which thrills me to no end. Once they work with him, they won't want to let him go! Interviewing that morning, he was to start after lunch.

Speaking of jobs, the word doesn't fit me exactly, I don't quite know how to describe my current money making operation. I will update you a bit on that front. Here's the newsletter link, which to date hasn't brought me any new business, but it's still cool: Schmidt Design Studio

And here's the Church Street building window, which is difficult to photograph, however you'll recognize my pieces by the colors:
Because of the early market closing on Sunday, Bruce, in an effort to keep the produce people from losing their shirt,  bought a FLAT of strawberries even though he would be gone for most of the week. You and I know I'm not that big of an eater so what's a girl to do? Give them to the neighbors! Which I did, but still there were tons. After freezing a bunch of them, I found a recipe for Strawberry Nut bread online. The batter doesn't look so great does it?
The loaf, on the other hand, came out quite nicely, despite my removing it from the pan too soon:
Which brings me back to the trending article. Before using the online recipe, I got out a few cookbooks, one of which was my 1951 edition of The Joy of Cooking which contained any number of strawberry recipes. As you may know, the author was quick-witted with her descriptions, with this one too good not to share:

"Formerly we had a short intensive strawberry season. Now, like poor relations, they are always with us. No longer a thrill, just an everyday "happenstance" that leaves us unmoved." Isn't that maybe an apt description of modern life and it's trends? Nothing is much of a thrill anymore....

The 1933 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, on the other hand, had not a single strawberry recipe included, presumably because the season was so short, they were mostly eaten out of hand?

As far as my eye is concerned, between an extremely early bedtime on Wednesday night, generous applications of my cream, and drab gray weather both yesterday and today, it feels considerably better. Now, off to the kitchen to have some of that strawberry bread with a piping hot cup of tea.

I warned you I was bursting at the seams!

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