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In A Creative Mood

Apparently, I've suffered from this most of my life:
I found this in Mom's stuff, and I adore that expression on Jon boy's face. I'm thinking he was maybe 4 or 5? I almost forgot my "perm" phase--oh my! I remember loving that dress I'm wearing, oh, how I wish I could find a similar pattern these days. (There seems to be some weirdness going on with this picture not showing, however, if you click the space, you'll see it)

The other night when Bruce and I were fixing to leave for dinner, I glanced out my office window, which is fantastic by the way, and noticed a gorgeous sunset coming on. Grabbing my camera, I swiftly marched down to the lake, requesting that Bruce pick me up there. At one time I was a bit obsessed with sunsets, not so much anymore, however, I do know that winter sunsets are oftentimes more beautiful than summer ones. It was lovely indeed, so now I'm slightly obsessed again:
Last evening I drug Baxter along to see what we could see, and you for that matter. Not nearly as dramatic as Saturday night, but lovely all the same. We left the lake lot and moseyed over to the overlook on Lake Gem Mary:
Perhaps, you know what the little white spot is in the front? That's probably unfair, so I'll give it away. It's the nearly full moon reflected in the still waters. Having a fixed lens has it's advantages, however, next time I'll have a zoom with me as well.

First thing this morning, before sunrise, I kept hearing a bird call and went to investigate. High up in this tree, the cardinal was welcoming a new day:

Again, no zoom, but this shot is more about the bare trees than the calling bird;  I've come to appreciate  them more and more after our journey in the fall.

Instead of cleaning windows and vacuuming my dirty car, I made granola instead. Love that stuff. And then my computer was calling to me; I needed to upload these pictures. Like a moron, I once again inserted the camera card into the CD drive. Panicking, I unplugged it as fast as I could, shook it on it's side with no luck, finally managing to remove it with a pair of pointed end hemostats. Thank goodness! With my new hard drive I don't have enough USB ports for my card reader so I put it away. I told myself to be extremely cautious when inserting the card into the side of the computer. Obviously, I wasn't listening.

Everywhere I go I'm thinking of art--silly, silly me. While riding his bike home from the market on Sunday afternoon, Bruce's bike seat broke, making the ride difficult at best. Working from home on Monday, we had lunch at Tijuana Flats, followed by a trip to the bike store. Because the store has been many things over the years, each owner has added their own touch, mostly using paint. Here's the ground in front of the store:

Great colors right under my feet! I tried another kitchen experiment this morning, however, the results were decidedly mixed.

Why, I can't stop this craziness, I've no idea! Sunday I was relating the story of my illness to a newish friend from the market who knew nothing about what I'd been through. Telling that story gives me the shivers if you want to know the truth. Makes me appreciate all the more what I have, as well as all that I am today. After learning that Bruce gave me the camera to distract me from my ailments, he sat there in wonderment at what a great man I married. Those of you who have been with me for a long time might remember how difficult those days were for me. That, my friends, is why I go with the flow--create whatever, and whenever I want.

Before I forget, much to my surprise, I received this on Sunday morning:

Hi Gail! I met you at the Orlando farmers' market back in September. Today I blogged about you and your artwork. Would love for you to check it out, leave a comment and even become a follower, if you like my blog! :) I love your work. Hope you are doing well. 

How sweet is that?


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