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Lucky Lady

Yesterday's post was a mistake. I wrote that those were my favorites, but really, how does one choose between thousands of photos? Leaving plenty out because I thought you might be bored probably hurt some reader's feelings, for which I'm asking forgiveness. Given?

Normally I never post at night for many reasons, foremost because I'm sleeping, however, tonight I just feel so overwhelmed with good fortune, posting seems like the thing to do. There are times when I wonder how in the world I got so lucky. Not only do I have the best husband in the whole wide world, but my kids are pretty great too. How can it be that two young people, who married very young, could not only raise four sons to adulthood, and be pleased with the results as well? My only answer is love. I know it sounds trite, but indeed, I believe love conquers all. Unlike both Bruce and me as children, our boys knew that both of their parents loved them to pieces, come hell or high water. We weren't able to provide them with some (lots) of the material goods that their peers enjoyed, however, we did provide them with a stable home where the parents loved one another. If anyone were to ask my advice on raising children, I do believe that would be the sum total of what I would have to say.

A new hard drive ordered from Amazon arrived last evening just as I was leaving for bridge class so installing it had to be put off until this morning. Alas, plugging it in was not enough. Naturally I turned to email, asking Matt's advice. Apparently, he was in Luxembourg, however, he found time to help me out. Returning late this afternoon from shopping after the museum, I managed to make it happen. Hopefully this will solve my computer issues for the foreseeable future.

Bill called with some good news, and if you've been with me for very long you'll remember last years' job woes. Not so this year. He's interviewing tomorrow for an excellent new position at the bank where he is currently employed. For his sake I hope it happens. I did tell him to control what he can control, namely his communication skills and appearance, and hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Because this is, after all, a photography blog as well, I do have a few images to share. Saturday night we went to Bruce's friend Jeff's new Longhorn near the Premium Outlet Malls for a "Friends and Family" night. Rainy conditions at night make for interesting photographs no matter the subject. Thank goodness for my 1.7 lens.
The rain continued into the next day. When Bruce went to set up the booth it was misting, which turned into full-fledged rain soon thereafter. Taking my time getting there, I finally arrived and it was still raining. Because they weren't closing the market, we decided to be good sports, however, Bruce took home all the canvases, setting up just the tables. The rain continued. And continued. And continued. I was dry, but chilly, under my tent. A little after noon, the decision was made to call it quits; not a minute too soon for me! Wouldn't you know it? The minute we got home it quit and never started again! There were lots of colorful umbrellas carried by the few hearty souls that braved the weather. My friend Kathy wrote me, telling me that they stayed for another hour, and had some good sales. Oh well.
The nandinas in our yard are bursting with red berries, which look particularly nice after a rain storm.

I do love geraniums, and this is the ideal time of the year to have them everywhere you can. This is from a beautiful hanging basket of peach colored geraniums.

I suspect I get more excited than you do, seeing all those buds just waiting to burst open with color. :)
The museum was fairly steady today. Our current exhibit is this: Underwater Photography . I am quite sure that the photographer is the same one who photographed our family in the glass bottomed boats at Silver Springs. Currently I can't find the photo in question, but it's a gem. The opening reception is Sunday evening with Mr. Mozert, in attendance. Here's a video from when he was featured on the radio program Growing Bolder . Fascinating stuff, particularly if you're a Floridian of a certain age.

I am heading to bed now, but before I do, I just wanted to say that you, whomever you are, contribute to making my good fortune. How awesome is it that I can share my world with whomever finds my little spot on the web? Thank you kindly. Lucky lady--that's me.

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