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March Madness

4:45, that's what the clock said for what seemed like a very long time.

The day began somewhat gloomy with a few hours of relative calm. I needed both gas and groceries (you'll recall the bare cupboards), so I got those errands done early. On my way home from Publix, I stopped at Lois's house to see if the poppies were up. As a matter of fact, they were. Lovely. Even more lovely though were her irises in the back yard which she implored me to go see for myself. Oh my! She was not kidding! I took a few photos before saying I might be back later after unloading the groceries that needed refrigeration. While putting away some fresh milk, I recalled someone telling me that I could make something cool with food coloring in milk, so rather than throw away the expired milk, I put it to artistic use.
Pretty neat, huh? Hurray for a new idea to play around with! I've sold both of the small canvases I had of the food coloring, oil, and water which has spurred me on to experiment. …

You Just Never Know

Arriving in Lake Wales at dawn, here's how it looked:
Yes, that's right--foggy, foggy, foggy. Leaving the house about thirty minutes before me, Bruce had the tent pretty much all set up before I got there. By the time everything was ready, the sun was streaming into the tent, with no trace of the earlier fog.
Both of us had an uneasy feeling because there were few people milling about once showtime rolled around. Well, we were right. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words;  as such, I'll save the whining, letting this photo taken Sunday afternoon speak for itself:
I managed to eek out some sales, however, they added up to less than half what I had last year. When I was telling Bruce about it Saturday night over dinner at home, he admitted to thinking I was exaggerating a bit. Being the sweet husband that he is, he decided to come down early Sunday afternoon to keep me company, regretting it soon thereafter. After about a half hour he was already bored! On occasi…

A Change in Plans

I just finished giving the yard a hair cut and now I have a little time to talk about mine. I know there's some witty saying about women changing their minds, however, it escapes me just now. That, is what I did yesterday. I went into the salon with no bangs and blonder in mind, coming out entirely different. So different, you may only recognize me by my now scabless cold sore!

Leaving bridge early, I drove to the Winter Park Village to not only have my hair done, but also meet a customer to deliver the canvas she ordered at the Baldwin Park show. What a super nice lady she is. Calling me before I left the house earlier, it was amazing that she was going to be at the center too! Onward from there..
I've never even noticed this salon before, but it was easy to find. The outside gave me no clue as to how trendy it would be inside. And here's Monica, who turned out to be the most delightful young lady which was a very good thing because we spent the next four hours together.

It's About Time...

.....that I got a few things done around the house. Seriously, I'm getting lazier and lazier in my old age, so when I woke up at 5:30 yesterday morning I determined that, for at least that day, to be productive.

I don't know about you but I can be highly influenced by reading something in a magazine. Not to belabor the point because I've written about it before, but I really find the articles in Good Housekeeping to be informative. While eating my breakfast I finished reading this horrible account of a 17 year old California girl who died from alcohol poisoning after drinking 15 shots of vodka. Vodka, I'm convinced, is not something anyone should drink regularly. Are you listening David and Bill? Vodka, unlike say gin, has no taste, thus it is so much easier to consume too much. Every now and again I'll have a martini made with gin. The strong taste of gin requires sipping, not guzzling. I never want a second one.

Well now, that wasn't at all what I'd plann…

Enough is Enough

Okay, this hair experiment has gone on long enough--I'm totally over it, although I've been thrilled having my hair off of my face. For most of my life having bangs has forced me to fight a cowlick. Furthermore, with my thick hair, it was heavier on my face than I realized. Thursday at noon though things will be different. I'm not sure exactly what that means as of this writing, however, even though my level of concern regarding my looks is decidedly less than it was when I was younger, I still have a modicum of pride. I'm planning on making up for lost time, splurging on a new stylist who is just young and hip enough to have ideas. Not too young mind you, just enough.

Besides my hair looking bad, my cold sore continues to deface my face. As if my baggy eyes weren't enough, I've had to contend with this, with no end in sight. Actually, if I'm very, very lucky, it will be gone for the weekend. Right now it's this large, brown, bumpy, scabby mess. It'…

Officially Spring

Although it's felt like spring around here for a few weeks, the calendar tells me that spring began yesterday. People often complain that Florida has no seasons, however, I beg to differ. We do have hot, and not so-hot weather, sort of a greater and lesser summer, however we definitely do have an official spring with no humidity to speak of which is a huge blessing. There are birds everywhere, re: my last post, but the ones we like the most are the cardinals. Saturday afternoon Bruce called out telling me a cardinal was perched on the bird feeder. The picture I took through the window wasn't much. After Bruce turned on the sprinklers, I went outside, stalking them, hoping to get something cheerful.
This little guy had the best time cooling off in the sprinklers. Normally they go off at 2 in the morning, thus we've never seen them flying through the spraying water. I'd like to say we turned it on for that purpose, however, we were actually checking to see that nothing br…


Well, just after titling this post, there was a little bit of excitement around here. I heard Bruce calling out for me to bring my camera to the sun room quick. Grabbing my Nikon because it's the fastest focuser, I was expecting to find a cardinal at the bird feeder. Not quite!

Instead there were two little birds flying around inside! Apparently I scared one of them into flying out the open door, however, the other little one kept flying around and landing on everything from the curtains to Bruce's laptop.
Finally, after several failed attempts the little cutie made it's way out into the great wide world.
 I nearly forgot about this photo I took yesterday morning as I was leaving to attend the Winter Park Art Festival.
 What do you see in the spout dear ones? Yes, indeed it's a rat!
Baxter has been nosing around the wood pile lately, or sometimes over by the gutter which must be where this little guy came from as the gutter drains into this trough. Because I didn't hav…

Awash in Red

While nothing to do with the title, it's worth mentioning that when Bruce saw my cold sore this morning he remarked that he's known me a very long time and this is the biggest one he can ever remember. Nice. I'll spare you the photographic evidence. Fortunately it's mostly on my face so it's not nearly as painful as one on my lip. It's been years since I've had one and it goes without saying, I hope it is years until I have another one.

Yesterday morning I went to pay for the new tree. I brought our checkbook along with my bank deposit from the weekend. Lots of cash. It hit me that why not use that cash for something besides new inventory? I rarely spend any of the money I earn but now that I've amassed some it's high time I start. Across the street from the nursery there's a big field with horses which you know me--I can't resist!
Bill, whom we've talked about in the past, is 80 and still loves working with plants. Apparently at one time…


While talking to Bruce on the phone last night, after returning from bridge class, I mentioned that I'd woken up with a cold sore, plus my eye was hurting terribly all morning. "So, you've got a cold sore and what else?" You could tell by his tone he was unimpressed and who could blame him? In his hotel room in Watertown, NY, he was watching footage from the devastation in Japan, which is unimaginable to say the least. These photos from the NYT really put it all into perspective. Before and After

Because I was so busy all weekend with both the art show and the market, I'd had little time to actually see, rather than read headlines about the destruction in Japan. Now that I have, I'm shell shocked thinking about what those poor souls are going through. It was only last week that Jonathan sent me a link to the pictures he took after Hurricane Charley of both our neighborhood and Southern Oaks. I'd almost forgotten what massive trees laying everywhere in the…

Bright Sunshiny Day

Oh my goodness, it's beautiful outside today. A little on the chilly side, but the sky couldn't be any bluer, with nary a cloud to be seen. The clothes are swaying in the breeze on the clothesline as I type.

Yesterday, on the other hand, the weather was far from perfect, in fact it was downright miserable. I felt so bad for they guys yesterday finishing up the tree work, although I guess I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's back up a few days shall we? When I last wrote, I was waiting on tree guy #3, recommended to me by our friendly proprietor of Palm Gardens, the nursery where I purchased all the plants for the back yard. Because I already know that Bill from PG is really reliable I chose Jody Lee for the job. Bless his heart, he first quoted me $1,600 to which I replied, "Are you sure about that?" "Can you go $1,700?"
"You've got yourself a deal!"  He told me he'd pull a crew from a commercial job and start that afternoon. Well, s…