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Awash in Red

While nothing to do with the title, it's worth mentioning that when Bruce saw my cold sore this morning he remarked that he's known me a very long time and this is the biggest one he can ever remember. Nice. I'll spare you the photographic evidence. Fortunately it's mostly on my face so it's not nearly as painful as one on my lip. It's been years since I've had one and it goes without saying, I hope it is years until I have another one.

Yesterday morning I went to pay for the new tree. I brought our checkbook along with my bank deposit from the weekend. Lots of cash. It hit me that why not use that cash for something besides new inventory? I rarely spend any of the money I earn but now that I've amassed some it's high time I start. Across the street from the nursery there's a big field with horses which you know me--I can't resist!
Bill, whom we've talked about in the past, is 80 and still loves working with plants. Apparently at one time his landscaping company was one of the largest in the area. Anyone who drives into the airport will notice his handiwork--all the big trees lining the entrance. The tree will be coming from North Florida with the planting scheduled for next Friday. You may recall he got me the jatrophas from Miami which are the inspiration for the blog title today.
The plants are covered with little red flowers which is just as we hoped. In the foreground of this picture you might notice some little green sprouts. You guessed it! Oak trees everywhere from  the massive acorn drop earlier this year. As well, I planted two large red hibiscus plants which are beginning to bloom. In fact, I think there are about twenty buds already. Here's one of them:
Not pictured is a big bed of red impatiens that are simply wonderful!

Continuing the flower theme, I realized yesterday that all flower pictures are merely covers. I mean how many millions of times have tulips been photographed? The other day on public radio there was a piece about "American Idol." It had to do with the contestants singing covers and one of the judges mentioned that if you don't bring anything new to the song, what's the point? I've been thinking about that a lot lately in regards to my photography. Judging from the lack of comments, I've posted no photographs lately that make you say "Wow!" I'm working on it folks. In fact, after buying a tulip plant at Publix I've been obsessed with finding a new way to photograph a tulip. I've taken probably thirty shots with different lights and backgrounds. Using a little spray bottle I bought especially for this purpose, I sprayed water on them as well. Even still, I'm not sure I've got anything.
I'll say this much, in person this tulip is gorgeous. It's opening larger every day.
 After paying for the tree yesterday I did a few errands which took me by three of my former residences. It's no secret that we like this part of town, neither one of us lives more than three or so miles from where we grew up. For some folks, that's not enough adventure, including two of our children. Bruce and I, on the other hand, are perfectly content to know our way around, run into folks we know all the time, and continue to put roots down. One of the homes is the one I grew up in, another really isn't there any longer. Sometimes that makes me sad to think that all the living we did in that residence has been wiped away. We bought that house when we moved back from California, a small three bedroom with a gigantic family room, practically as large as the rest of the house. Before we even moved in we discovered I was pregnant, and in short order we found out it would be twins! No sewing room for Miss Gail! Those early years of raising Bill and David were pretty rough, to say the least. I had to put our then nearly 3 year old into service helping me because Mr. Bruce had to work very long hours to bring in enough money for the five of us. Imagine--we were 25 years old at the time. And then, a few years later, along came Jonathan. Finally when Jonathan was 2, and ready to get out of a crib, we found a four bedroom home where we spent the next ten years which were mostly great. Along the way we remodeled every space. Well, I say we, it was mostly Bruce doing the big projects including this amazing sandbox with fort on top which then had a bridge to the swing set! So many great hours spent out back with the children. When we put that house up for sale the offer included the aforementioned play equipment. Sadly, we left it behind. Within a few years those folks let the house go into foreclosure which was followed by someone tearing it all down.

I have to say that despite raising three teenagers in this home, it's been my favorite. Sometimes it feels weird that Matt never really lived here except sporadically for short periods of time. He's now lived away from home as long as he lived with us which also seem strange. As a parent you know that's how it will go but they will always be your babies.

I do have great neighbors here for sure. Tuesday evening while walking Baxie I was passing Regina's home when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Welsh Corgie at her gate! Seriously for a moment I thought it was some kind of illusion because the dog looked just like Abbie. Turns out after Regina's daughter nagged and nagged her to get another dog, she did. Meet Argyle:
He's one year old and lively as can be. I took Baxter back over there last evening for a little play date although you can see in this picture how much Baxter enjoyed himself:
He really did have fun running around and nipping at Argyle but only for so long. After being chased all over the year he plopped down in front of where I was sitting to rest. I was there to take some photographs for Regina to share with her loved ones who've worried about her since Abbie had to be put to sleep. Baxter was jealous, the little stinker.

I've had my lunch now after returning from my Thursday morning bridge fun with the ladies. Today there were 8 of us which made things perfect. I'm learning, albeit slowly......
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