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Enough is Enough

Okay, this hair experiment has gone on long enough--I'm totally over it, although I've been thrilled having my hair off of my face. For most of my life having bangs has forced me to fight a cowlick. Furthermore, with my thick hair, it was heavier on my face than I realized. Thursday at noon though things will be different. I'm not sure exactly what that means as of this writing, however, even though my level of concern regarding my looks is decidedly less than it was when I was younger, I still have a modicum of pride. I'm planning on making up for lost time, splurging on a new stylist who is just young and hip enough to have ideas. Not too young mind you, just enough.

Besides my hair looking bad, my cold sore continues to deface my face. As if my baggy eyes weren't enough, I've had to contend with this, with no end in sight. Actually, if I'm very, very lucky, it will be gone for the weekend. Right now it's this large, brown, bumpy, scabby mess. It's been hard to head out in public as if I looked normal. It's equally hard for people to look at it. Did I tell you it sits smack dab in the middle of my face just below my lip? Not off to the side, where you could look elsewhere if you had to talk to me. It's been slightly amusing gauging people's reaction. Amusing Gail? Are you kidding? Hey, I've got to look for a silver lining in this!

Some people try not to stare, and then there are those, like Pam today at the museum, who exclaim, "What happened to your face?!" Wouldn't you know it, we had forty visitors today at the museum. I can't say as I blame them because the gardens have never looked so beautiful. Here's a view of the front entrance with all the black-eyed Susan's coming into bloom.
It's my job to ask people for their zip codes because somehow this helps with art funding. Wait just a minute--before I forget, I had the pleasure of selling one of my posters today! Yeah! Now that doesn't seem like much, however out of the forty visitors, we had two sales. Two! Our gift shop is markedly better than it was, however, apparently, it's still not tempting enough, even though we implemented the "exit through the gift shop" strategy this year. This poor little guy is kind of beat up like me!
 Hidden in the trunks of an Australian Pine Tree is this:
Back to the visitors--Petra, the docent on staff came in later, and asked the same thing Pam did. You know---what happened? Overhearing, a visitor said she sympathized with me because on occasion she suffers the same malady. Like a complete dummy, when this first came on I'd completely forgotten that there is an over-the-counter cream that you can now purchase to shorten the life span of a cold sore if treated at the first sign. Maureen was kind enough to remind me. I'm not so dumb that I didn't go out and buy it yesterday at Target.

I'm not much of a Target shopper for reasons I can't explain. I did, however, peruse the makeup area while there to buy the Abreva (expensive cold sore cream). Many women of a certain age, myself included, are inclined to buy makeup at a department store, having become accustomed to the infamous "GWP", which for those of you who need an explanation, means gift with purchase. Surprising myself, I bought a bottle of Essie nail polish in Raspberry, cosmetic sponges, face make up, and some Boots mascara. Oh yeah, I also bought some eyeshadow recommended in Good Housekeeping. Really, that's what made me look around. Corrine has been giving me her magazine after finishing it and I seriously like it. Lots of informative articles and good recipes. So, if Boots doesn't ring a bell with you it's because you haven't been to England. As far as I knew, it is the "national" drug store chain, but if they carry Boots at Target it must have gained a new cachet. Target, as you well know, is always trying to stay on the cutting edge. What's my verdict? Good. I can actually see my eyelashes.

Yesterday afternoon, in an effort to distract my fellow bridge students from staring at my cold sore, I not only painted my nails, I applied full on makeup, something I rarely do. I pretended like I knew what I was doing. I'm talking the works here folks. Primer, makeup, blush, powder, three kinds of eyeshadow, eyebrow powder, and the Boots mascara. I'd just gotten a start when Michelle showed up. Who is Michelle Gail? Well, unexpectedly I got a message after dinner on Sunday from a Michelle who wanted to buy my latest peacock canvas. Apparently, when she saw it at the market she was attracted, and after measuring her wall, decided she wanted it. She even came and picked it up! Score!

Last night was the second-to-the-last bridge class. Surprisingly, I've learned a few things. There are several of the students who are in the midst of retaking the class, however, I'm pretty certain I wouldn't want to do it again. Hopefully some of the ladies I've met will want to continue getting together to play because, although it's been challenging, I think with consistent practice, it could be fun. The makeup tricks only went so far--multiple people asked what happened to my face.

Angela just left after a drop in visit for tea. Walking in she said "how's your face?" Didn't take long for her to see for herself. She said I was in serious need of an amputation and other British witticisms. Thanks Angela, I needed that.

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