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Well, just after titling this post, there was a little bit of excitement around here. I heard Bruce calling out for me to bring my camera to the sun room quick. Grabbing my Nikon because it's the fastest focuser, I was expecting to find a cardinal at the bird feeder. Not quite!

Instead there were two little birds flying around inside! Apparently I scared one of them into flying out the open door, however, the other little one kept flying around and landing on everything from the curtains to Bruce's laptop.
Finally, after several failed attempts the little cutie made it's way out into the great wide world.
 I nearly forgot about this photo I took yesterday morning as I was leaving to attend the Winter Park Art Festival.
 What do you see in the spout dear ones? Yes, indeed it's a rat!
Baxter has been nosing around the wood pile lately, or sometimes over by the gutter which must be where this little guy came from as the gutter drains into this trough. Because I didn't have a camera with much of a zoom I kept getting closer and it barely budged. Yikes! I think it was after some dropped bird seeds by the bench.

That's the last of the critter news for now. I suppose what's making me restless is that I need to order some canvases and sometimes it just paralyzes me. If I'm honest, it always does. For the market I've got plenty, but by this time next Saturday, I'll be two hours into the Lake Wales Art Show and I need more to fill my walls. I studied last years sales, only to discover that I sold lots of wine and flowers at the show. Will the same kind of buyers show up? Of course I couldn't have my business without my darling Bruce to set things up, nor would I be able to function without Mr. Roger to do my printing, but ultimately, it rests on me to decide how I present myself. I've always been an Indian, never wanting the responsibility of being a Chief, and I haven't changed one bit. I don't relish the role. Once I get over this hump, I'll settle right down, but for the moment, I'm restless.

Wandering through the Winter Park Art Festival I saw some really great things, and some not so appealing. There seemed to be an overload of clay and glass work this year. I studied all the photographers, whom were, for the most part, all male, with the exception of two women. Lots of landscapes, travel shots, barbershop photos. No one was like me, which I'm not sure if that is good, or bad. I'm setting my sights on getting into that show one of these years!

Off the topic of photography for a moment, those of you who keep up with these things know that I mentioned a while back that our son Bill had a good job opportunity. I believe when I wrote about it, we didn't know if it would happen or not. Well, my friends, he's on his way, studying at home for six weeks at the bank's expense for his Series 7. So? It's the stockbrokers exam which would afford him greater employment opportunities, not to mention, money making opportunities in the future. His identical twin David has some years on him, however, because they are so much alike, I've no doubt Bill will make good as well.

I'm very grateful that some of my sons don't totally subscribe to this: No Calling Please. I find the gist of this article very disturbing because without the sound of the human voice, we are, in my humble opinion, the poorer for it. I've been saying for a while now that more people in the history of mankind have phones, and less people are talking.

Here's a great story Bill shared with me in a phone call yesterday. Maybe ten years ago or so, Bill was in a band called "Gotti 13" which played at the House of Blues. Johnny Wright, the producer of 'NSync was the man behind them. The opening act at the HOB was a band called "Wild Orchid," also produced by Mr. Wright. Still with me on this? Okay. At the time the singer of WO was being groomed to be a solo act and Bill was asked to do some guitar work. WELLLLLL....guess who that singer was? Can't? I give. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas! Amazing, huh? Now I'm totally wondering how she made it out of obscurity....

The weather has been spectacular this month; if only this low humidity would last! Because there are flowers blooming everywhere, I can't quit taking photos of them. Silly me. It's rare that I sell photos taken out and about, mostly it's the posed ones I take at home that garner attention. Anyway, isn't this an adorable little bloom from Lois's garden?
While I was there, her neighbor's cat posed for a picture as well.
I suppose I've put it off long enough, I must get to my order. Have a super weekend!

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