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Fun in the Sun

It was around 7 pm when we arrived on Paradise, otherwise known as Siesta Key. Steve and Barb were involved in setting up a gigantic new television, which, because we're all over 50 presents somewhat of a challenge. After a phone call to his cable company, success was achieved! Before we left for pizza, we watched the sunset from the balcony:
What a great pleasure it is seeing Steve and Barb so happy together. We've known Steve for almost twenty years now and this is the first girlfriend that I can remember that seems like the "one."
The thing about Steve is that he's a loyal man to both his friends and his favorite places, one of which is the aforementioned modern and cool pizza place. He knows everyone, which makes things even more fun.

We were all pretty tired by the time we got back to the condo, so off to bed. Bruce woke me quite early Saturday morning to go kayaking just down the way on the bay side of the key.
Although he didn't catch any fish he did see a large manatee about 10 feet from his boat. It goes without saying that he was thrilled it did not flip him! Meanwhile, I roamed around on the beach side of the park:
As the sun rose higher in the sky you'll see how the water color changes from blue to the most beautiful shade of aquamarine. While at the park, from afar I noticed some birds on one of the power lines. Thinking they were green, I got closer and closer to discover that indeed they were green, some kind of parrot I'm unfamiliar with. As if I'm some bird expert!
All of Saturday the sky stayed this shade of blue with not one cloud in the sky with temperatures in the low 80's. Did I mention the sea breeze? I should have. Seriously, it could not have been one bit better. I'm thinking it might just be the most perfect weather day of the year. Once we got back to the condo we headed down to the beach with snacks.
Here's our hosts sunning themselves with Bruce wearing his t-shirt to NOT get any sun!
After a while Bruce brought the kayak down for his first jaunt into waves. Last year, while in Naples, he took the kayak into the Gulf, however, it was as smooth as glass that time. After a shaky start, he got the hang of it, paddling out quite a ways, landing in style once he tired.
Not one page of the book I'd brought down to the beach was read because there was so much to enjoy around me. Fisherman just a little way down from us were giving this great blue heron their small catches. It was amazing watching the fish go down the hatch! This time, the heron decided to carry his treat around for a bit:
The dolphins were out in packs! I didn't have my zoom lens with me, but I think if you look closely, or click on the photo for a larger version, you'll see a couple out to sea:
Can you believe that water color? Gorgeous doesn't begin to describe it! We followed our beach day with dinner on St. Armands Circle , a place that is a must see while visiting the area. One thing that really impressed me once we returned to the condo were the stars over the ocean, so many and so bright. Living in town, you rarely get to experience that part of our beautiful world. One of these days I'm making a special effort to spend the night at the beach when there's a full moon. I love to see the water sparkle in the sun, however, moonlight might just be even more thrilling.

Sunday was once again a lazy day at the beach. Bruce brought his fishing pole down and got some tips from one of Steve's neighbors. The heron is just waiting....

Because the weather was a bit warmer on Sunday I got my never up and plunged into the sea. Mostly I avoid water that is less than 80 degrees, however, once I dunked myself, the water was quite refreshing.  Here's your truly with one of the condo buildings in the background:
I kept my hat on a good bit of the time to protect both my new hair and my face from the sun. Remnants of the historic cold sore linger...

All in all, it was a perfect weekend getaway, with Bruce spending not one minute on work, something that hasn't happened in so long I can't remember. As we left around 3 on Sunday, Steve made Bruce promise that we'd make a return visit soon. Can not wait!

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