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There's a new member of our extended family. Spencer Kane Condon made his way into this world early in the morning on April 13 while a big crowd of loved ones waited patiently. After what seemed like forever to Rich and Jenn, with a little help from the doctors, he arrived in perfect fashion. I've yet to see him in person, but by all accounts, he's the cutest baby ever born! Jubilation indeed.

Before I went to the Polasek on Tuesday morning I dropped Maureen off at Winnie Palmer Hospital (shortened version of the name) around 9:30. As the day wore on, more and more folks joined her waiting for the big event. Lisa got there around 12:20 armed with provisions for a long wait. And wait they did. Jennifer apparently did an admirable job throughout, as did Richard. After it was all said and done, she spent nearly 16 hours in labor.

Meanwhile, after returning from the Polasek, my thoughts turned from the about to be living to the dead. I'd hoped to get the fireman to handle what by now I was convinced was both a squirrel and a rat, however, he was on his 24 hour shift. Calling Angela I asked her how she felt about rats. Not so good. It was then that I thought of Trish. You know what? When I asked her how she felt about rats and she said fine, I knew I was in luck. Turns out she was out and about not too far from the house. Arriving in only a few minutes time, I had some tongs and plastic bag ready. She was looking forward to seeing what she called a "sqrat", however, once she got a look at it, she discovered that sadly, it was a squirrel with one eye already chewed out. Ick, ick, ick! Trish is such a good sport and will try anything. Look at her smiling while holding the poor, half eaten squirrel while Baxter looks on.
Not only is she good at handling her friend's dead rodents, she's already good at bridge, does water aerobics, and has just begun the Masters swimming at the Y. Count me impressed.

Before I forget, take a look at this amazing flower which came from an arrangement at the Polasek:
This bloom is so cool, although you can see that it's past its prime. The petals are very sturdy as are the green leaves. And that top--simply amazing. The florist  told me the name is African Sunset.

So, back to while Trish was here. While I was at the Polasek, Willie, one of our bridge friends called the house twice. Because she didn't leave any messages I had no idea what she wanted. Trish and I were visiting out by the pool when Willie phoned Trish asking if she wanted to go to the evening bridge club at 6:30. Trish went with Jean earlier in the day, saying it was fun. She told Willie she was at my home and Willie said that's why she'd been calling. Between the two of them, I became convinced I could do it. Well, that was a serious mistake.

Humiliation at any age is no fun, however at my age, I should have known better. I barely know how to play, let alone compete with seasoned and SERIOUS bridge players. Let's just say it was a very, very long 3 1/2 hours. We were yelled at by the director more than once to stop holding up the entire group. Does that give you any idea how much fun I had? Will I ever do it again? Probably, but I'll need to take my fearless friend Trish with me!

When we were finally set free at 10 pm I was sure there would be a message, but no dice. It wasn't until several hours later that I heard the news. I can remember being so thrilled and excited when my first born came into this world. Circumstances changed dramatically as the boys kept coming, each one a blessed event in their own way.  Here's to much joy and happiness to them!

I'm anxiously awaiting Bruce's return for dinner tonight. I hope this cheery entrance to our home will lift his spirits after a very trying week.
Before too much longer it will be too hot for any geraniums to grow so we are enjoying this one while we can. Wouldn't you know it--my friend Kris called last evening inviting me out for tonight. Ahhh Kris, I haven't seen my baby all week.....

After bridge this morning Trish and I went into a designer resale shop. I still can't believe I did it, but I bought a Burberry all weather coat there! Seriously, it is very nice and looks to be in perfect shape. It wasn't cheap, however, it's a classic design with a button in liner that I imagine I'll keep forever. My goodness, I never dreamed I'd come out with a coat, but lately I've been doing my best to listen to my intuition and in this case it said BUY IT. It may rain in England this summer, who knows?

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to the kitchen I go...
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