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Left Behind

Because I spend quite a bit of time alone, I often don't realize how the world is leaving me a bit behind. Some of this is my own choice (texting) and some not. I can contribute nothing to a conversation on television programs for example. Last evening I turned on the set for Bruce, landing on Dancing with the Stars. My goodness, has this show been on for 12 years? The searches I did said it was the 12th season leading me to believe they possibly have several seasons a year? At any rate, I've now seen one of the top-rated shows.

I never meant to remove television from my life, it's just that I cannot tolerate commercials. Yes, there are some clever ones, however, the sheer number of mind numbing ones outweighs the handful of amusing ones. Of course, I suppose if I really was interested, I could learn how to eliminate them from the viewing experience. Again, I can barely operate a remote, let alone, skip commercials. Back to the show--Kirstie Alley needs a haircut big time! I also think she could benefit from a long gown instead of the silly costume she wore last night. Next up for me--watching my first episode of American Idol. When is that on anyway?

Rambling on....

Last week when I took this picture I had high hopes that within a month or so Bruce would have his very own Serrano peppers to eat:
Yesterday morning I discovered that the entire plant on the left was AWOL. Seriously, only a tiny bit of the stem was popping out of the soil! I'm totally puzzled. Squirrels perhaps? We've got them in the yard by droves. Apparently, whatever ate my entire plant is not impressed with thyme.

The first Monday of every month Leu Gardens has a free day. But you knew that didn't you? Anyway, I vacillated yesterday about going, finally heading over there after 3 in the afternoon. Very poor timing I know, but I went anyway. Almost all of the glory of last month was gone. No azaleas, camelias, or tabebuia blossoms. This little guy lugging the backpack almost as large as he is amused me on my way in:
I could not imagine why the smallest member of the group was carrying the pack! I will say that, last month, there was color everywhere except for the famous rose garden which was recovering from  winter pruning. This visit the color is beginning to return:
I've no idea what kind of plant it was, but the gorgeous shade of red in these leaves was one of the more interesting sights:
Speaking of tabebuia trees, I'd been dying to photograph this vintage chair belonging to one of our neighbors, finally getting the chance while walking Baxter yesterday morning. The fallen blooms are the result of those ferocious wind storms of last week.
Once again, we are having unseasonable storms today. Just as I was to be leaving for the museum, high winds and severe rain began. As such, I was about 15 minutes late which was absolutely no problem--two visitors during my entire shift! Can't say as I blame anyone for not wanting to head out for leisure in the crazy weather.

I titled one of my photographs, "Thoroughly Modern." Perhaps, I should take that to heart....

Post Script: I was so puzzled by the costumes on DWTS until I came across Outlandish Costumes.
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