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A Little of This--A Little of That

I don't know about you, but I can't keep the dust out of my house. My goodness, just when I think the dresser will stay dust free for at least a few days, it's covered once again.This bothers me less than it probably should.

I already miss Bruce. He left last evening on an 8:00 flight to Washington, DC. Worse yet, he may not return until Friday. Please let this be over soon. On the other hand, imagine what it must be like to have a loved one in the military who doesn't come home for a year. That's it Gail--always look on the bright side of life.

We had a super weekend aside from more tepid sales at the market. It's getting harder and harder to keep my chin up, however I'm doing the best that I can. Bruce switched the set up around so I wouldn't be squished next to that other tent, however, she did not come. Could I have scared her away? Maybe.

Dinner on the Avenue was great fun. I've put together a little collage if you'd like to see how it looked. I'll try to describe how it felt. Good. How's that? Before we left I discovered that I couldn't find my evening bag, so I called Regina for help. Thankfully she was home and willing. I ended up carrying a scrumptious rhinestone bag with a wonderful clasp and long ropey thing to hang on my shoulder. While there I checked out her jewelry. Together we decided on one of her mothers' broaches. Now this was not like any broach I'd ever seen--it was a clip on! Art deco baby! From the '20's. I got lots of compliments on not only the broach, but having it off to the side which was really because it flopped a bit when in the center! Regina took our picture, actually lots of them which were pretty good. That said, I've included one that makes me laugh every time I see it. I got just a little carried away with trying to keep my eyes open--we all know that is a fruitless exercise. During the cocktail hour they were serving old-fashioned drinks. Bruce ordered a Tom Collins, while I ordered a Sidecar, neither of which we'd ever tried before, but it was a night of new experiences, so why not? Aren't those petit fours gorgeous? One of the things that was so wonderful about the night is that nothing was required of us aside from looking elegant and being gregarious. I think we did pretty good on both fronts.

Speaking of sweets, here is a very cool blog all about the Decorated Cookie. If you want to make something over the top, this is your go-to blog! I've heard that cookies are the new cupcake.

I also heard on the radio while driving out to the Demonstration Garden where I took this:
that there's a new term for vocal chords--vocal folds. Don't say that you never learned anything from Camera Crazy. Poppies have the most amazing structure don't they? It's no wonder that Georgia O'Keefe was wild for them. These don't grow much around these parts--Lois is involved with the group so you know she had a hand in making them grow. I kept thinking of a bow tie while looking at this amazing flower.

Before I left this morning, I was fooling around with soft focus on the camera. DO NOT ask me why I'm taking more photographs when I CAN'T sell the ones I have! If you're a regular you know that I can't stop myself.
Here's another little tid bit. This petunia had quite a trimming about 10 days ago. According to Randy, our garden curator at the Polasek, the more you trim your flowering plants, the better they will bloom. Because he knows a thing or two about plants, I took his advice, and boy howdy was he right!

After lunch I got my paints out. I know that I'm silly, but every now and again I fool around with them.
Michelle has been asking for a piece for their bedroom, so I had that in mind. Her instructions are that  she doesn't want it to look like a photograph. Well......I am a photographer of sorts, making that a tall order. There's nothing right about this one. She wants mostly beiges-- I can't bring myself to make something so dull. I'm ever so grateful when my dear family thinks of me for art, however, there are just some things I can't produce.

Can I just say that this is by far the best haircut that I've ever had? Really Gail? You're 57 years old and have had lots of haircuts, how can this be true? Well, it just is. Very comfortable, the sides don't get in my food when I'm eating, the bangs aren't too heavy, nor is the back. Wonderful! Worth every penny.

Speaking of food, I suppose I will head into the kitchen for yet another meal by myself. Before I do, take a gander at this snapping turtle I saw out at the gardens this morning which are at the Fairgrounds on a lake.
Those claws are really something, as is his tail, and that zig-zaggy shell. The wonders of nature never cease to amaze me my friends. Too bad I clipped his tail off.
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