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Monica Does Her Thing

"I'm ticked off at the inconsiderate neighbors who place their garbage and their yard waste outside several days before pick up day. How hard can it be to put it out the night before or early in the morning?"

The above appeared in our local newspaper under the "Ticked Off" banner. They very well may be talking about us. If Bruce does yard work on Saturday he'll leave the cans down by the road so I don't have to drag them there on Wednesday morning. If it's us they are writing about,  I'm sorry--he's only being a gentleman.

It took forever for Bruce to get to Wyoming, arriving our time at 2 in the morning. He's such a trooper, although, these days, there are a few leaks in his armor. Worn out. Friday it took him most of the day to get home, arriving just in time to head over to Winter Park for his appointment with Monica. I figured if she could transform me, Bruce might benefit from her magic touch. For years and years now, make that seven, he's been going to Melissa for his monthly haircut. Some of you know this, some of you do not. Melissa is the incredibly kind stylist who came to our Mother's condo every Sunday to wash her hair as she lay dying. The only payment she would take was a beer. This went on for months.

Ever since that time Bruce has used her, however, I thought he might just benefit from a change. Judge for yourself:
She's checking her work as well as showing Bruce how to style it. She told him under NO circumstances was he allowed to use gel on his hair. Instead he's to use pliable molding creme; according to Monica, it's the product of choice.
Darn, he looks cute doesn't he? From there we went across the street to another new "hot spot" called Taps. Disappointing and high priced. $9 for a half glass of wine? I don't think we'll be back.

Heading over to Park Avenue the rain began to come down in buckets! Thank goodness because as you well know we really need it. Several afternoons in a row now it has rained pretty seriously. Remember what I said about wishing we didn't have so much grass? Well, it's a reality now folks. This morning I mowed again after having mowed on Tuesday evening! Yikes, what have we done?

Lately it seems as if every week brings a new broken thing around the house. This week it was our Sonicare toothbrush. Admittedly, we'd had it for years so I'm not entirely surprised but I was hoping we'd go a week without needing to replace something. I didn't relish the thought of driving out to Costco, instead ordering it from Amazon. Around Christmas I mistakenly didn't cut off my "one month free trial" of Amazon Prime, thus I still have free shipping and one or two day arrivals. Really, it's quite good and couldn't be easier. With the high price of gasoline I rather enjoy leaving the driving to UPS.
Let's hope we are set for some time now.

Matt called on Thursday to clear up a few travel details. He thinks I'm being somewhat silly worrying about what clothes to bring and he's more than likely right. I bet when you saw that War Horse won the best play at the Tony awards you weren't surprised. Matthew only takes his parents to the best!

After my morning of yard work in the smothering heat I'm heading to the couch now to veg in front of the U.S. Open, however, at this point, there appears to be little drama involved...


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