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One Thing Leads to Another

Where has Gail been? Keep reading to find out!

Who knew that one large limb falling would create such a domino effect? I sure didn't, however, I should have, because if anyone likes a remodeling project, it's me. And Bruce of course, the muscles and the money man!

Before I get into that, it's the time of the year for the Orlando Historic Board calendar contest. This year it is the neighborhood surrounding Lake Ivanhoe, both greater and lesser. I believe I mentioned this last week. Mind you, they don't just pick a square area; I wish. Instead, it covers this street, and that. leaving others out. I had to draw a map including some of the major streets for my roaming. I'm not sure how this area is historic because not only did I not see many old homes, I saw exactly zero with historic plaques denoting their age. Don't get me wrong, there are many beautiful homes, but none that fit my idea of historic. Maybe there were before so many older homes were torn down to be replaced with McMansions? I took some shots on Tuesday after the museum, however, not sure if any are worthy so far.
For those new readers amongst you, they have to be black and white. Last year none of my entries were selected and that may be the case again this year. We'll see.

On the topic of the museum, we had a whopping 11 visitors on Tuesday! Goodness, almost an avalanche! As I was driving out this
caught my eye. Have you EVER seen a more gorgeous hibiscus in your life? I mean seriously. The color combination and the delicate ruffling knocked my socks off! I am going on a search mission to find one of these for our yard, although Lord knows where I will put it!

Wednesday is yard care day around here. Before mowing, after thinning out the spider plants, I planted18 red salvia in an S curve design in front of them. The leaves on the salvia are a very deep green, almost what you would call forest, as well as having interesting texture. I'm hoping they will contrast nicely with the spider plants. While I was busy on my knees, Bruce was busy in the garage preparing for the plumber.
He had to unload a long shelf of garage type sprays and chemicals before the water heater installation. A little after 8 he showed up and we are now $575 poorer. I had no idea!
Too bad that draining water was still hot because our yard could have used it! As I type, rain is threatening, however, until it falls, I'm not believing the skies. Because the rain has been so sparse of late, I'm having to water like a mad man. See what I mean--one thing indeed leads to another.

After spending five hours working in the yard, I made lunch and then went over to the hardware store searching for a bird feeder for the back yard. Don't blame me--I told you I was obsessed! While there, I bought something called a "squirrel baffler" which is pretty much like an upside down bowl that once jumped upon should cause the squirrel to slide off. You can install it either above or below the feeder; in our case Bruce installed it below in an effort to stave off that pesky rat. It was a great pleasure to see Mr. Ugly Rat the next morning trying to get his breakfast. Disclaimer--if you hate seeing rat pictures, go no further!
I swear--it's the last time you'll have to see him! He kept trying to get past it, but I'm happy to report, he was completely baffled. On the other hand, he climbed down,  promptly beginning to eat a leaf from the Swedish Ivy plant I received from my mother-in-law. Teeth off, buddy! The minute I open the door he scampers away and I wish he'd stay away. I told Bruce now that he's not being regularly fed, the peanut butter on the rat trap may be more appealing.

Unfortunately, this morning I took this through the window explaining the quality:
This squirrel apparently can leap pretty far from the tree, attaching itself directly to the metal! To top it off, I've not seen Junior now for three days which has me worried. Where's Junior?

Back to my shopping trip. I ended up going into the nearby TJMAXX following the bird feeder purchase. Arriving home I told Bruce he should have come along because who goes into TJ for tea and comes home with three lamps? Gail does, that's who! Bruce liked them all. Two were to replace the table lamps in the sunroom--I'll show them to you one of these days--with the other one of what I'd hoped to be a matching pair for the living room. They only had one, however, I purchased it hoping I could find a match at another TJ or Marshals.

Once I began setting up the new lamps, I came face to face with the fact that the floor in the sunroom was in serious need of cleaning. I got out the ammonia, microfiber cloth and bucket, and went to work on my hands and knees. Good grief--why do I wait so long to tackle these kinds of chores? It looks, oh so much nicer clean. Now we will have adequate light for aging eyes in that room and a clean floor.

So, as you can imagine, when I got in bed Wednesday night, I was exhausted, falling asleep in minutes. And I slept a long time.

Thursday morning Nancy called bright and early, especially for her. She's volunteering this week at the St. Jude Classic working as a score keeper. Talk about long days! She's been exercising like crazy to prepare for all the walking after a spending a very long, cold Memphis winter indoors. Wouldn't you know it--the weather is scorching hot!

Before I knew it, I needed to get ready for bridge which was super fun as always. Because I was already in Maitland, I decided to continue the search for the matching lamp. I won't bore you with all of it, however, I came home empty handed. I took the other one back on my way to see Corrine at the rehab center, deciding it was not meant to be. She looks great! Amazingly, or maybe not to you, but to me it was; the center is the very same place that our Grandmother was in, many, many years ago. As in more than 40. My memory is sketchy at best, but what I remember about going there was the place was scary to an 11 year old. To my 57 year old eyes, it was just fine. In fact, I think I may see about volunteering there. I do so love old folks and I think it could be very satisfying if they could use me. After almost three weeks, Corrine is due home tomorrow. After I sat down on her bed, she said she was dying to get home to see our yard. Can you imagine?

Countdown to London--20 days!
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