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Experimenting, Always Experimenting

You just cannot imagine how thrilled I am right about now. No, I didn't hear anything from Mt. Dora. I did, on the other hand, benefit from having Mr. Bruce working from home. For months and months, make that about eight, or ever since I moved my office, I've been having internet connection problems. Some days it worked just fine, however the majority of those days, it's been as slow as molasses. Of course some of you may have never poured molasses out of a jar. For you folks--trust me, it pours super, super slow.  I am typing my first blog post with the aid of a Netgear Universal WiFi Range Extender, purchased by none other than Mr. Bruce. Furthermore, he set it right up, so now I'm connecting like nobodies business. Hurray for the little things in life!

Sunday night I grilled lettuce for the first time. Grilled lettuce? Indeed. I first read a recipe for such in my Agnes & Muriel cookbook which we've discussed in the past. So, it's taken me what, maybe sev…

31 Nations

31 Nations is right. That's the number of places Angela's fellow immigrants came from. As the countries were called, people stood up to represent their native country with cheering for each one of them. Yes, on Friday, joined our American family after living here for 24 years. It all happened very quickly after what seemed like a very long wait.

She applied months and months ago.

Guess how much it cost? $650. Guess what you have to do? Study.Out of the 100 questions an applicant is asked only 10.You clearly have to know your stuff, unlike long time citizens.Like who is your Congressman. Most folks barely know.When was the Constitution ratified?It is an oral test conducted by an interviewer.It is given in English. The interview was last Wednesday, the ceremony quickly following on Friday! Matt was traveling in Washington, DC, so Stephanie and I went in his stead, cheering when our dear friend finally received her certificate. I took loads of pictures to document her big day for …

Oh My Gosh!!!

I am so excited right about now, I can hardly stand it! Wouldn't you know it? When I received the email containing the news which has me so thrilled, no one was home to call. Isn't that always the way?

After bridge and a stop at the Audubon Bird of Prey Center in Maitland, I came home and checked my email. Well, before we get to that, let's look at a few birds, shall we?

The center is home to injured birds of prey. I've been there before and posted pictures, but I just felt like going again today as it is only a mile or so from where we meet for bridge. In case you are wondering, I'm improving at bridge, having played a 3 No Trump hand today successfully. So, the owls are in a gigantic aviary with wires keeping them safely inside. I used the manual focus to get behind the wires. These owls were way, way up high on a perch. Frankly, I'm surprised this one turned out fairly decently.
It appears that the one on the right must have a broken wing and maybe missing a…

A Keeper

Pinterest looks like a very fun website--I don't exactly know how it works, but you might.

Neither Bruce nor I really need a thing, nor, for that matter, do we want much. Looking around at the mall for a little something to get Bruce for our anniversary I began looking at the books displayed for sale at Urban Outfitters. If you've been there you know they have a lot of funky things, including all these toy cameras.
I've forgotten already what one is meant to do with those skulls. If you haven't been there, now you know. Anyway, there were lots of books to learn things from, or at least the short version of things. Thinking about Bruce's schedule, I realized that with such limited time for leisure, that would only make him feel bad because he would have no time to read it. It was then that I came across a book that was only for fun. Maybe you've already heard of Awkward Family Photos. I had not but I recognized immediately that it would be good for some laughs, …

Kittens in the Shower

Lord knows, Bruce and I have hosted many parties, both big and small. Each one holds special memories, whether it was me getting crazy drunk one time or Bill's bloodied face at another. Now, that's not fair of me is it? Bill having a bloodied face--what in the world could have happened?

This story goes back quite a ways, in fact, all the way back to when Bill and Dave were in the 8th grade and having their first boy-girl party at our home. Bruce and I tried to stay in the background, however, when trouble arose, we were Johnny on the spot. You may find this hard to believe but, it's a true story! Back then Jolly Rancher candy was quite popular. As such, I placed some bowls strategically around the party area. Well.....the kids began throwing said Jolly Ranchers with one making an unfortunate landing on Bill's hairline. Someone came running saying Bill's face was covered in blood. Can you imagine his embarrassment? Because there are so many blood vessels on our face…


Just down the street and around the corner, off Holden Avenue, the Russell Home for Atypical Children has been caring for special needs children for more than 50 years without any governmental support. The story of this place is rich and I invite you to click on the link to learn more about the wonderful work they accomplish. When you do, you'll discover that the children they take in grow old there. You'll also discover that they can use all manner of financial support if you are so inclined.

So what does that have to do with Mrs. Camera Crazy you wonder? Well, I've mentioned before that I'm tiring of volunteering at the museum. I've felt for quite some time that what talent I have is not being utilized there. An easy fit would have been something at one of the area hospitals, however, I was hoping for something along those lines, but not having to be involved with all the red tape required. Anymore, they do drug testing, background checks, classes--you get my dri…

Nervous Habits of a Thin Person

Although I've never been described quite like the title suggests, once Nancy said it about me, I realized she may indeed be right. I have trouble sitting still.

Early this morning, after making blueberry pancakes for breakfast, I went out back to do one thing, which led to another and another...Before long I'd filled four gigantic trash cans with trimmings! Bruce had both a dentist appointment (for a crown), and a doctor's appointment (for a checkup) this morning before leaving on a four day business trip. Departing for the airport he cautioned me "not to get too carried away!" As if  I would...

This week is our 38th wedding anniversary, a very important occasion indeed. Mostly we see things eye to eye, however, in regards to our yard, Bruce is of the jungle mindset, whereas I like it as neat as possible. So, it is somewhere in the middle--parts are neat, parts are jungly. When asked by folks "what is your secret?", I often say that marriage is a balanc…

Sparkling Clean

At the outset, let's get this straight, I'll be the first to admit to undervaluing the allure of sparkle and shine. Who knew my things could look so nice without a layer of grease and grime? Deep down, I'm sure I did, however, making the effort to get there has not been my strong suit. Yesterday, I made that effort.

The morning began gray and gloomy. In fact, not long after getting up, the rain began falling. That ruled out going swimming.
Unlike our typical rainstorms, this one was nice and easy--no thunder or lightening--just soft rain. Before it came on in earnest, I spent about an hour and a half, working in the yard, weeding and trimming. Although I got slightly wet before I quit, it was preferable to baking in the sun. While outside, I looked diligently for our babies with no success.

As well, we have a slight problem with the pool finish; some dark spots are appearing on the bottom. The company has been responsive, sending out a fellow yesterday morning. I don't…

Breathing A Little Easier

So, I just got off a little Face Time chat with Matthew who assures me I need not worry. Easy for him to say! Actually, he did ease my mind just a bit. For those who've not been following the news, there is widespread mayhem in London with violence, burning of buildings, and looting. When I read that there were riots in Hackney, I nearly panicked. Remember I said I'd roamed on Hackney Road one morning?
Sadly, there are other cities in England experiencing violence as I type. We discussed that most British policeman do not carry guns,  mostly clubs (?), which must be very frightening indeed. God bless those brave souls. I felt so darn safe in London, and ordinarily I believe that is the case. Darn those bad boys!

Oddly enough, while reading a short story called Neighbour Rosicky, by Willa Cather, at the museum this morning, it contained these few lines:

"In the country, if you had a mean neighbour, you could keep off his land and make him keep off yours. But in the city, a…