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Don't you just love it when you get a surprise? I started to write unexpected surprise, however, isn't that was a surprise is after all? Silly, silly, me.

Yesterday, after unloading the car from the market, which was super by the way, I checked the answering machine for messages. Good grief, it was a woman who bought a canvas and other prints from me last October while in town for the annual "Fresh Summit" convention. New readers will be puzzled by that name, older ones, maybe not. Several years ago I was approached to bring my artwork to that very same convention and I did. Boy howdy, it was a bust for me. Never, in my wildest dreams would I have suspected that a year or two later an attendee would find me at the market. So, here's the shock! She not only ordered FIVE large canvases yesterday, she asked me what else I had in the way of fruits and vegetable photographs. Oh my, oh my! This morning I've spent time perusing my photo library and finding more than she could ever want or need. Or, maybe not? I'll let you know how it all plays out.

When last we met we were still in London town. We're moving on now my friends. Nancy went back to Memphis last Thursday, driving more than 13 hours to do so. In her honor, I cleaned the oven on Friday. As well, I finished painting the bathroom while Bruce was home to move the large mirror. There was other cleaning accomplished which escapes me at the moment. I do so hope I'll be able to keep things looking spiffy.

One of the reasons we made such an effort is that on Saturday afternoon, August 20th, our home will be the site of a reception for Beth and Eddie McNicholas. Once again, my faithful will recognize Eddie's name as the Mr. Roger's son who underwent multiple surgeries and treatments in the last couple of years for a rare sinus cancer. He's cancer free now. Earlier in the year, he and Beth went on a Carnival cruise during which time Eddie proposed. It was then that they decided to marry on the cruise ship which is what they did this past Saturday.
It was quite a rigamarole for the guests including us. We arrived at the docked ship at 10, going through security, getting a badge, eating lunch, roaming the ship, and finally at 1:30 the ceremony followed by a small reception.We had to be off the boat by 4, prior to the 5:00 departure. The newlyweds will cruise for seven days in a corner suite with an amazing balcony.

The bigger reception will be at the Peck home as mentioned above. Let us hope the weather is good! This was the first time I met Trish's mom, who I knew before meeting, I would like. My intuition was right. Can you believe how much they look alike?
I could not get over it! They are so darn photogenic as well. As is Mr. Bruce, pictured below during the reception:
Those are purple velveteen walls behind him for those interested in that sort of thing. I have to say that this is one of my favorite pictures I've taken of my darling husband. We will soon be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary. To say that our wedding was unlike Beth and Eddies is more than an understatement. Here's hoping their marriage is as wonderful as ours has been.

Lately I've been having some first time experiences such as going on a Carnival cruise ship. I have NEVER in my life seen anything so gaudy. I told Bruce that there was not one place for your eyes to rest. I love patterns, but they love them more. I'm pretty sure the velvet wall was the only solid color on the ship! Here's more of that room:
How is this possible?? On the right in the suit is Mr. Roger, feeling fine once again.

I've seen two movies of late that were firsts as well. Jane and Michael invited us to join them to see the latest Harry Potter movie. Feeling sociable I agreed although I've read none of the books or seen any of the films. Surprise--I enjoyed it way more than expected. The same cannot be said for "Cowboys and Aliens", which I agreed to see with Bruce. Harrison Ford was severely miscast or something. The alien part was just as stupid as I expected. I did, however, keep my mouth shut the entire film whereas normally I would have been making grumbling noises throughout.

Corrine is much improved now that she has a new cardiologist. Did I tell you she had to be re-admitted to the hospital? Finally, I believe she's on the right medications. I made some soup and cookies for their supper one night last week. Peanut butter with chocolate chips below:
They don't look very pretty do they? Well, I've never made this combination before and I'm not sure I will again. Just not as chewy as I like my cookies. I will say they are all gone though so they weren't all bad.

While at the Polasek last week they asked if I would photograph the couple below for the monthly newsletter.
They work diligently in the gardens year round. Jeff recently revived this fountain and water lily pond.

I bought some sunflowers the other day. Don't you just love their cheeriness?
It's easy these days to forget that we are parents to four sons. Unless there is some emergency. Bill called just as we were leaving for the wedding, telling me he was so puzzled because his sliding glass door was open part way when he woke up. Furthermore, the door latch was still in the locked position. Yikes! Turns out, nothing was disturbed, however, his neighbor was not so fortunate. Soon after our conversation, while looking outdoors, he noticed the police car next door. Speaking to them of his experience, they showed him a mark on the door where the burglar popped the lock. He's feeling lucky his possessions were spared, but his level of confidence in the lock is naturally compromised. His dad told him about another way to secure a sliding glass door.

Then, last night, the phone rang with David on the line. He was in major abdominal pain. I talked him through all his symptoms, pretty confidant it was not too serious. He seems to be okay now.

This morning there was a picture attached to an email from Jonathan. He's broken his little toe. What do I do Mom? Tape it son.

The saying goes something like this: A son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter all her life. I think it's pretty true so I don't get upset when I don't hear from my boys because I've been preparing myself for this eventuality. But then again, every now and then, only parents will do which is fine by me.
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