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Who Says the Blog is Dead?

I remember a few years ago hearing that, but I don't believe it for a minute. Every day I come across wildly creative blogs. For all it's faults, I believe the digital revolution has democratized the world of creativity. It seems to me that if you have a clever enough idea, people will find you, or at least that's the hope!

Dear Photograph is just that. A photography blog I sometimes read--JPG Magazine, make that mostly look at, featured it in a story. Captivating my friends. It totally made me want to grab some old photos and do the same. You won't be sorry if you click on it and see what I'm raving about.

 Fashion lovers amongst my readers will love this blog by Jamie Beck. Gorgeous photography. Gorgeous fashion. The Ralph Lauren and Burberry shows are standouts, however, the Daily Outfit shots are pretty darn beautiful.

My friend Karen Howard began writing about genealogy last month, specifically her family history. She's trying to find an audience for her li…

You Must Have a Really Good Camera!

If I've heard that once, I've heard it a hundred times, which, quite frankly, gets old over time. The fact of the matter is that although I have more than a point and shoot camera, I have one that is the bottom of the line; loads and loads of people own the same camera. The truth is that I have more practice than most, having shot pictures almost daily for over four years now. I have learned oh so much during this time, things like how to get the background you want, composition, lighting, and maybe most importantly being ready for anything. To stand out from the crowd what you need is imagination first with a decent camera--it doesn't have to be the best or I wouldn't be here writing this!

Furthermore, oftentimes people say, I know so and so who, if they did this,  would be sure to sell a bunch! Maybe, maybe not. In my experience, what it takes is serious dedication and "hard" work. I emphasize hard work because it is. Or at least at my age. This weekend too…

Baxter Has Clean Teeth

Despite never having had a teeth cleaning before, Baxter was a very good "patient" according to Joan and she ought to know.

Just after noon I loaded Baxie into the back of the car and off we went to Debary. Joan, the retired people dental hygenist, gave me excellent directions which got us there without incident. A sign in her yard commanded visitors to honk. Hearing our honk, she immediately opened the door, suggesting Baxter might want to sniff around a bit before coming in. With that out of the way, we entered her front room which doubles as a dental office if you will. I know this sounds pretty crazy, however, during Baxter's last check up the veterinarian said that if we didn't want Baxter to have gum disease, he needed his teeth cleaned which they would be happy to do for $350 or more. No thanks is what I thought. The last time they put him to sleep for his neutering, it did not go well. Our groomer, Alissa is the one who gave me Joan's name;  after puzzlin…

If You Haven't Read...

The Invisible Wall, I suggest you do.

Last week I called my bridge friend Debbie, the one whom I haven't seen in several months now because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly, when last I wrote about her, it seemed as if the cancer was confined to the breast, however, that's not true; four lymph nodes were involved. As such, she's going through all the treatments with some unexpected nasty side effects. Because she's not getting out much she's doing a lot of reading which led me to ask her if she's read anything good lately.

I'd not heard of Harry Bernstein before--don't know how I missed all the fuss; maybe because I was still in college? Anyway, his story is really remarkable. I won't go into all the details because that is what the link is for, but what you mostly need to know is his first published book happened when he was 96!!! Can you imagine? The story is a memoir of his impoverished childhood in a mill town near Manchester, England…

Weekend Update

Let's see...where were we? Right. We were waiting on Bruce to arrive to attend the art affair. While I was doing the same I took this photo of yours truly actually wearing the new dress:
Now you can see the fun little details I was telling you about. You can also see my hair done for once! I love that new dress, not only because it is super comfortable but because it has short sleeves, a dress feature that is very hard to come by in the stores.

Bruce never got home until nearly 8 which is late for us but we went downtown anyway. I love to see the clever things artists do when given a theme to work with. This one was one of my favorites:
While we were looking at it, a woman said--"those are actual old patterns she used for the poles." Duh....of course she didn't know she was making that remark to a woman who probably used some of those old patterns! Last year there was a dress fashioned from large black garbage bags, this year bubble wrap got the nod:
When I finally g…


I'm waiting on Bruce to return from New Jersey. Tonight is the annual "The Art of the Dress" exhibit at the Avalon Gallery on Pine and Magnolia. Last year it was loads of fun, partly because it was super crowded, partly because the art was so fun.

Yesterday, Nancy will be thrilled to know that I shook off my slacker ways and cleaned the house, or at least my version of cleaning. Some days, everything I see is a picture, some days  I see nothing. Cleaning supplies, when lit properly, can even be interesting, at least to me.
After finishing my cleaning I made lunch for Bill who was taking a vacation day. I don't get to see my boys often enough so I took the opportunity to have him over while he was available. Working on the weekends has it's drawbacks for sure.

Finally I sat down at the sewing machine and started back on the dress you first saw in JUNE!
No doubt you're wondering why in the world it's taken me so long and you would be right to wonder. For so…

How About That?

Sunday evening, after finishing my market work, think PayPal transactions and market photo album, I suggested to Bruce that we might want to try a restaurant on Orange Avenue. Said restaurant has gone through both multiple owners and decors. Presently it is called "Tommy Addisons." It is lighter and brighter than the last incarnation and after being seated we took stock of the place. The menu had multiple choices I could be happy with and the prices are reasonable. All good.

Because the tables were fairly close together, I overheard the waiter serving the adjacent couple that he is a student at Rosen College, part of UCF. Doe's that name sound familiar to you? It should if your memory is better than mine. That is where Dr. Severt teaches, you know, the crazy friend of mine? I couldn't help myself, once he turned his attention to us, I asked if he'd taken him.  "No, he replied, but I wish I had. All of my friends say he is the best professor they ever had!&qu…