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Weekend Update

Let's see...where were we? Right. We were waiting on Bruce to arrive to attend the art affair. While I was doing the same I took this photo of yours truly actually wearing the new dress:
Now you can see the fun little details I was telling you about. You can also see my hair done for once! I love that new dress, not only because it is super comfortable but because it has short sleeves, a dress feature that is very hard to come by in the stores.

Bruce never got home until nearly 8 which is late for us but we went downtown anyway. I love to see the clever things artists do when given a theme to work with. This one was one of my favorites:
While we were looking at it, a woman said--"those are actual old patterns she used for the poles." Duh....of course she didn't know she was making that remark to a woman who probably used some of those old patterns! Last year there was a dress fashioned from large black garbage bags, this year bubble wrap got the nod:
When I finally got to chat with Bruce face to face I talked to him about a Radiology conference on Friday. Although I'd had the postcard on my desk for weeks, I did not register. Why you ask? Well, it seems like the possibility of me working in radiology is growing ever more remote with each passing year. I am definitely at the unhirability age--is that even a word? Anymore, I'm thinking it should be. Nevertheless, he talked me into going, saying I might regret letting my license lapse. Late registration--$25 extra. Parking ticket I got for being five feet too close to a fire hydrant--$30. Wasteful, wasteful. The conference was once again at Florida Hospital. The talks were on a variety of topics, arthritis, pelvic floor MRI, radiation safety, quality control, and advances in neuro MRI. I must admit that during some of the presentations I was reading. We'll discuss the book once I'm done because not only is the story excellent but the author's story is as well.
Six continuing education points in the house.

Checking my email once I got home, I finally had news from Mt. Dora. No go my friends. Their choice was not quite as edgy as my collage which I can understand. Selling festival t-shirts is a priority and my image might not have done that. I'm fine with it because I never expected it to happen; glad to have been considered though.

Up bright and early on Saturday morning, the sky was beautiful as I was driving to Winter Garden before sunrise:
Seeing it in my rear view mirror I just had to pull off the road and take a shot! Not many folks on the road that time of the morning on a Saturday. The market was slow for me, however, I did have some folks who bought from me a week or so ago bring friends who also liked my stuff. It's all about not giving up when doing markets if sales are slow. Every time a customer buys something from me, someone else is bound to hear about me. Word of mouth advertising is all I have to go on. That's not a bad business model for someone like me. I did see this adorable baby sporting Garnet and Gold:
Sadly, our Seminoles did not pull off the upset on Saturday night, however, they kept the game very interesting during their 23-13 loss to Oklahoma. Because I was up so early on Saturday morning I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stay up and watch the whole game, but it was so exciting I hardly noticed it was near midnight when we went to bed.

I should always listen to Bruce. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but he called me once he got to Lake Eola worried it might rain. I told him I wasn't worried, we have not had a drop of rain all week. Well, he was right, rain came down in torrents right around lunch time.
Very messy indeed. To appease him I brought the sides with me although I said he needn't bother putting them up. Mostly because it is more work for him which I didn't think was necessary. Well, you can imagine how wet I got while putting them up once the rain began in earnest! My poor hair; I looked like a drowned rat! Although it eventually stopped, more was threatening, causing Dana to shut down the market. The morning was super slow for me besides chatters, but just before noon, a young man arrived reminding me he'd bought from me a few weeks ago. Apparently his girlfriend sent him on a mission--to buy a lovely landscape I was showing. He also bought one of the wine canvases, handing me cash. How about that? As well, while I was packing up, customers came in buying six more prints. My day was saved! Calling Bruce we finished packing together during a light sprinkle. It is always a huge hassle to do this but it's part of being an outdoor vendor. Not a part I'm partial to.

After leaving me in the morning Bruce brought home a huge order Mr. Roger delivered to the market. I was optimistic in my ordering, hoping the shows will be good this year. Albeit only two...
It took him an hour and a half to put wires on the back of the stack of baby canvases you see piled on my work table--18 of them! Because I shot this one with my fixed lens you can't tell that there are canvases piled everywhere. I do so hope I ordered well, however, if you've been reading this little blog for any time at all, you know that it's never a sure thing. Often people ask me about selling photography and my stock answer is, "After four years I've learned only one sure thing--you just never know!"
Bruce took off again this morning, heading to Casper, Wyoming, a long trip indeed. It's not the going so much as it's the coming back which normally takes him most of a day. Because of the conference on Friday I had no time to mow the lawn so that's where I'm headed after some breakfast. Hopefully the pool guy will show up this morning to put our pool back together:
It's looked like this for the past five days because they are treating some stains that showed up, much to my consternation. It's kind of weird because it was almost one year ago to the day that work on revamping the pool began. The light was removed because not only are there stains on the wall below the light, but the six gallons of acid he added would probably eat away at the light. I'm happy to report that the treatment seems to have worked--hurray. Swimming can go on for only another two weeks or so which makes me anxious to have it back up and running. There's nothing like a jump in the pool after yard work!
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