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Another Day, Another Set Up

That's right--it's just about showtime! This afternoon, when Bruce can take a break from his real job, he'll become the roadie once again. You saw everything packed away in the garage and the vinyl outside panels arrived last evening by UPS. If I can trust the weather forecast, there will be no need for them because, allegedly, we are having an excellent weather weekend with temperatures in the mid 80's and sunny skies. There's that.

Because of last weekend's bust, I had nothing to do to get ready for this show; seriously, I've given it little or no thought for obvious reasons. Don't want to pin my hopes on something I have no control over you know.

So, where will I be? I did this show for two years, then skipped last year, and now I'm heading back. I suppose I'll always remember the show two years ago because it was there that my sister-in-law Judy, serving as my helper, got the call that her father had died. As we age we expect that to happen, yet no one is really ready when the moment arrives. Prior to the call, Judy was having fun because she is an English AP teacher at Winter Springs High School which is adjacent to the street where the show is held. Lots of current and former students stopped by to chat--she is very, very popular.

My booth number is #428. The link has all the details including a map of the booths. Maybe I'm being foolish, but I'm hoping people who wanted to attend Winter Park will come out--lots of the same artists, including my friend Brandy who is going to be only a few booths away. That should be nice.

While Angela was over yesterday afternoon she said our garden was putting everyone else's to shame. Imagine that. After all my dreariness this week, lets do some color shall we? This is a photograph of my neighbor's angel trumpet bloom which I adore:
This one is starting to dwindle just a bit, thus the darker edges. My bird bath continues to thrill me and the salvia and angelonia I planted are thriving:
Wasn't I so very lucky to find such a pretty bird bath? While Nancy was here she bought this plant to set on the bench. My goodness is it prolific, rain or shine, the small pink flowers show their faces.
It is a type of purslane which blooms every day, unlike these yellow ones I planted out back. You are seeing them in their glory, however, it is hit or miss with them:
Last winter's freezing temperatures did a real number on our brown bud alomandas, with them finally recovering and blooming only recently:
Unfortunately, they are growing tall and spindly which is really not very appealing one bit. Maybe in the spring I'll lop them way back and see what happens. Mostly we've planted red and yellow flowers at Bruce's request, however, I've snuck in other colors here and there. More angelonias out front that I planted recently after buying a tray at the Winter Garden market for a very reasonable price:
Rather than using pine bark mulch, I swept the street for these pine needles which I quite like. Another interesting flower I purchased from the same folks went in the ground last week, replacing those leggy zinnias.
Aren't they so cheerful? I should have purchased more--maybe next weekend. I thought this picture might amuse you of one our pesky squirrels:
They can really move! My photo library is not as organized as it should be, thus, a picture I took recently of the caladiums is not to be found. I wanted to give you one last look because they are fading fast. I'm thinking I'll put either petunias or pansies in their place to brighten the winter months.

I've got clothes in the washer, clothes on the line, and food in the fridge which needs cooking, as in fried okra and an apple pie with these:
Note to self--make sure bowl is pristine before taking still life!!

Barb and Steve, he of the recent small stroke Steve, are coming to dinner after we set up. I've made bar-b-que and potato salad already--after making baked beans, the okra and pie, all we'll have to do is heat a bit and eat. We are so delighted his recovery is coming along very nicely; he's going back to work on Monday. Yeah!

Well, wish me luck friends--it's nearly showtime!

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