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Black and White

It was only last Thursday that something occurred to me for maybe the first time. Imagine that--an original thought. Seriously though, while working on an online continuing education module (fancy word huh?) about processing x-ray film, both conventionally and digitally, that I realized one of the reasons I love color photography so much. Yep, you guessed it. All my life I spent taking pictures that were black and white! Now I can appreciate the world of color in all its glory.

I remember while taking my "Art with a Camera" class at Valencia that Professor Stout told us that everyone in school used black and white film, not because it was artier,  but because it was the only processing method schools could afford. That explains a lot. Kodachorme, Paul Simon's famous ode to color photography popped into my head, so like a good little blogger I found it for you so that it can run through your head like it's doing mine.
On occasion, I do sell some black and white photography, however, these days, shooting the scene in color, then converting to black and white is the recommended process. I decided to do a little experiment with a few images from the last few days. Ready? Let's take a look and you can decide for yourself how great black and white images are.

Here's some lovely bedding plants from the Winter Garden market:
Gorgeous colors right? Now let's see the black and white image:

How about this one of the Stars and Stripes taken during a little downtown walk the other day?

So, what do you think of the black and white version?
I had a few more examples but it's proving to more of a pain than I thought it would be. You get my drift no doubt.

Enough for original thought; let's move on to what's happening. You may read this at a normal hour, however I'm writing it crazy early Monday morning. Although I thought I wasn't overly tired from the weekend, apparently I was, going to bed at around 8 last night. Thus, when Baxter was making a few noises a little after 4 this morning I woke up with ease. My darling husband had to head back to New Jersey last evening in order to be on the job site at 7 this morning. A big wig is flying in; it wouldn't have done for him to arrive later than her. I was sad to see him go of course, but happy he was able to at least come home for the weekend.

Before he came home Friday evening I made a delicious pumpkin cake seeing as it's Fall and all. Finally, it felt like Fall around here with temperatures moving down into the 80's! Happy days for sure.
You can see my little mis en place for the cake making project here:
Although you can't see it, the recipe card in front of the baking soda is well worn; a gift from Bruce's Mom many, many years ago. It is, of course, typed, a real relic these days. As is always the case, the recipe did not disappoint, performing beautifully.
Looking at the photograph I realize now that some little sprinkles on top would have made it more festive. Another time. I still have some fall sprinkles dating back to the day I gave my demonstration speech about how to make vegan chocolate cupcakes while at Valencia. Speaking of which, about two weeks ago a young woman came to my booth that I recognized. Before long I remembered where--speech class. She remembered me as well. Naturally, in a sea of teenagers I stood out. She has gone on to finish her degree, getting a job as a curator at the UCF gallery. She is the one who reminded me of the aforementioned speech. What she recalled is how in my intro I said that it broke my heart when my son Matthew, aged 15, came home one day saying he was going vegetarian. Sounds silly right? Well, to this mother it was not one bit silly, in fact, as stated above, I was heartbroken. Wondering why? Here's why. As a mother the first thing you do for your child is feed him/her. As the years go by you pass on your food traditions, day after day, year after year. Then one fine day, everything you've held dear is rejected. Ok, I know that sounds melodramatic, but believe me, 20 years ago it seemed like a perfectly natural reaction to this mother. Vegetarians are mainstream these days, however, back then, not so much. Seventh Day Adventists were the only vegetarians we knew. My, how times have changed! Anyway, that's what she remembered most about me. Funny how that is.

While visiting Tom's parents, his adorable Mother gave me a lovely watercolor of daisies she'd painted. Finally it is ready for public display:
Wonderful, don't you agree? Although I have the proper mat, I'm still missing just the right frame for another gift from Tom's brother. I'm certain he is adorable too even though I've not met him yet. A very talented family that Tom comes from.  While fooling around taking pictures on my table I came up with this idea:
I'm thinking the idea is pretty good, just not perfect yet. Maybe adding a Golden Delicious apple and a Granny Smith for contrast? Comments?

So, how good was the weather this weekend? Really good. Enough so that people came to the market in droves, including the adorable Condon family:
Spencer is now five months old and full of spunk! My sister Maureen has a precious grandson doesn't she? Rich and Jen commented that they'd never seen the market so busy. All of the vendors were delighted with the crowds which translated into big sales for your favorite blogger. Finally, after enduring months and months of heat and humidity, we had a perfectly delightful day. Between both days I sold 34 items, which made me a happy little camper. On my work table there are stacks of prints waiting to be prepared for this weekend's big show. I start getting nervous the week before, hoping things will go well. Hopefully, the weather will be good, which is so important. Saturday Bill is my helper, Sunday is still open because my friend who'd agreed to it, had to cancel. Of course, I'm hoping I need a helper to do my transactions.....

It is still dark but I think I've gone on long enough. Once the sun comes up I'll be heading outside to plant some new flowers to replace these that have gone leggy on me:
They surround our new tree. Actually, my plan is to double up on flowers, removing the spent ones as the new ones get some size to them. I know this seems a little cheesy but it makes me happy to see this:
Bruce and Gail--the lovebirds you know.

Finally, during our memorable visit to London I bought this at the Geffrye Museum located in Shoreditch.
An excellent souvenir. Which reminds me, I never did show you the grounds from there. Sadly, my camera battery died so I don't have much to show you, but I can tell you that with my own eyes I saw great beauty there.
In the back there were lovely gardens. Matt and his Dad are having a little rest while chatting with Tom.
It was our first day in London after the overnight flight so you can imagine we were just a wee bit tired, however, that's the way to do it. Get out and get moving!

Happy Monday my friends.

p.s. I've been informed that on some platforms you are seeing two sets of black and white only--a shame because the color is oh so pretty. Don't know what the problem is as on my screen it shows the comparison. Perhaps I'll have better luck next time.
p.p.s. I think I fixed it. :)

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