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The Parks

To outsiders, when they think of Orlando they think Disney World, or at least most of them do. Insiders know that Disney is 25 miles from downtown Orlando. Don't get me wrong, Disney has had a huge impact on our area but for someone like me it's a place I rarely go. Come to think of it, more than ten years have passed since last I ventured out that way. Maybe even longer.

Instead my days are spent in the various neighborhoods that make up greater Orlando. My errands today were all spent North of the city center, beginning the day visiting Monica in College Park for a bang trim. I know, I told you I was having my hair cut yesterday, however, not long after posting yesterday's installment of Camera Crazy, she called and cancelled. When I told her I was going to cut my own bangs she asked if I could make it today. No, not really, or at least not for a long appointment. I have bridge you know.

From there I traveled to Maitland for a fun time spent with my bridge buddies although I never even played a hand. For those of you who know bridge you will understand, for those who don't it just means I won none of the bids because my point totals were too low. Did I lose you? Probably not, as I know most of my readers are the clever sort.

Next stop--Winter Park to not only buy dog food at Whole Foods, but I wanted to take a look at my space. I bet you're anxious to see it too.
See that little thing sticking out of the grass? I'm to the right of it, or at least it looks that way from the map they sent. There is a booth that faces the cars, then me on the corner. How great is this? Not to mention that we are just across the street from Eola Wine Company. I may have to send Bill over for a takeout. Speaking of which, Bill is my Saturday helper, Jane is helping on Sunday morning until lunch and Kristen is taking the Sunday afternoon shift. Bruce will continue his role as project manager and roadie, setting up the tent and display (with a level no less) tomorrow evening. There is one thing I have no control over--the weather. I can't tell you how much I hope they are wrong. Last year this event was the best that I've done in all four years of selling photography so you know how much I have my heart set on it, however, there are worse things going on in the world which should help me keep it in perspective. That sounds good anyway. Not to mention the $355 I've spent for my space already. While eating dinner last night I saw this in the local paper:
The image in the ad is the poster image, which unlike Mt. Dora, was chosen from solicited entries. I always say I can't win anything if I don't enter so I did. Very interesting that I entered this:
I told you photography was a hard sell with judges. Nice that they bought a full page ad as well as television advertising.

You would think all the neighborhoods have Park in their name and you'd be partly right as I can think of plenty. After the dog food purchase I made my way to yet another Park--Thornton Park where Mr. Roger lives. Beth, she of the summer wedding reception at our home fame, has a part time job now helping Mr. Roger out with the business. I had them re-make two canvases I sold over the weekend which she was just finishing when I arrived. We chatted a bit about this weekend's upcoming Pride parade which will be on Sunday afternoon running adjacent to the market. I told her that in my experience the crowds are huge, the buyers non-existent. That goes for all the vendors, so I won't be missing a thing except for the fun spectacle of it all.
You can tell the video is fairly new because the fountain has the new colors. Which brings us back to where we started. What with Disney and Universal there is a lot of gay talent in our area. I wonder if that 100,000 number will be accurate.

Once I finally got back to my little piece of Orlando, Bruce called while driving to Dulles Airport from his job in Virgina. Damn GPS sent him the wrong direction! Google Maps came to our rescue however not soon enough. Because he drove twice as far as necessary he's missed his 6PM flight. All the remaining flights to Orlando are sold out. My poor baby. Now what?

Glass doors are good because they help me stay connected to the outside world. You would think we lived in the country what with all the little critters that come around. While eating lunch the other day I saw this guy outside the side door. He never moved an inch while I was taking this:
Tomorrow morning I'll be like this frog/toad, I never know the difference. These people seem to have it all figured out. Patiently waiting for the show to begin.

The kitchen awaits wondering what I'm going to rustle up for too.
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