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At the Office

I have to be honest with you, I did not watch all of Dr. Drew's Lifechangers with the Octomom. Reviving her former modeling career, my sister Carol has been busy taking acting classes, getting photographed and getting her name out to agencies. Didn't take long for some action, in fact, it happened in the first week after posting her head shot on LA Casting. She got a call to be a plant in the studio audience, one of the people chosen to ask you know who a question. Turns out, she didn't get to speak at all, however, the plant next to her did. At the very last second, as they showed the audience, I saw her smiling face. You, too can Be on the show, not exactly in the same way as she was but if your life fits one of the linked categories you can.

The Darden headquarters are very, very nice. Almost makes me wish I worked again, that's how nice it is. I packed up the Element on Tuesday afternoon, making a quick stop at the garden center on John Young Parkway where I was greeted by hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of beautiful potted poinsettias. Mostly red, a few in the newer shades. It was hard to resist, but frankly, I've filled up just about every place I can possibly put plants. Angela, on the other hand, has a big scheme whereby she plants little ones about now to give her garden some Christmas cheer. I couldn't help her with that size; I did bring home one for her porch though.

Anyway, once I got where I was going, I unloaded my vehicle, made easier with the help of a friend's rolling cart. Much, much easier. Security was simpler as well. As I was heading into the building the sky began to change and since I just so happened to have a camera with me...........
 They gave me three long tables, maybe more than I needed, leaving me room to spread out! The berry picture is from our yard and the wild poppies are from our London trip, taken about two blocks from Matt's flat.
And the rest of the room:
There were two women with wonderful quilts, a bunch of jewelry, some frou frou scrapbooking stuff, knitted scarves and hats, along with my personal favorite, Anne Marie Guzman's fantastic pottery:
Not only is her pottery super great, she is as well. That's really what I like most, seeing friends from previous years. Initially I was worried she wasn't coming because she wasn't with us on Tuesday evening. Here's why--they changed it from a TH/F show to W/TH and she'd never noticed! I was very happy to see her early Wednesday morning.

Each day I left the house before 7, returning home just before dark. After setting up on Tuesday evening, as I was headed to my car, I just so happened to have a camera with me......
One of the other ladies was nearby, saying, "you never quit do you?" Why, no I don't! Who could resist I ask you? Those rays were just too great to pass up!

I mentioned how nice everything is and I mean everything. There was a break room we could visit for snacks and drinks. The cafeteria is outstanding. Seriously, there was nothing not to like EXCEPT for the location within said building. Off the beaten path. Considerably less foot traffic than in previous years, but I'm not complaining. I've got other fish to fry. That said, this is the only thing some of the women do all year and they would have appreciated more potential buyers. 26 items left my baskets which is not outstanding, but not terrible either.  Before I tell you how I passed my time inbetween table visits, I want to show you this remarkable lawn:
It almost looked fake it was so green! The cafeteria faces this lovely space which today was used for the annual holiday gathering. Used to be much fancier, but these days they give the employees half day off after presentations and party food. I know what you're thinking--Bruce take a half day off? Not on your life--still working at his home office as I type!

My friend Harriett oftentimes passes on her copies of The New Yorker magazine. Mostly I never make time to read them because I'm such a run-around at home. I am thrilled to report that I read nearly every article in the September 26th issue devoted to style. An amazing article about stylish bullet proof clothing made in Columbia (of course,) Daphne Guinness--subtitled the art of looking interesting, great piece about Jean Paul Gaultier, the history of shoplifting, as well as a lengthy article about a German photographer named Thomas Struth.
I confess that my knowledge of world class photographers needs work with this great article giving me a start. Have you heard of him before? Furthermore I confess that I don't really know what makes a great photographer, you know, the ones who critics love. Studying the industrial photograph shown in the magazine, I couldn't figure out what was so special about it. His photograph of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, on the other hand, was very appealing. I felt it was somewhat ironic that the National Portrait Gallery chose a German for the task of photographing the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee celebration slated for next year. Maybe I've read too many WWII books? Anyway, lots of good stuff.

Speaking of running around, today was filled with washing and hanging the clothes on the line (superb weather here), straightening, running errands, and stopping to drop off a vase at Lois's house. The moving van is coming on Monday--boo hoo! Have I ever shown you Lois? She consented to a photograph even though she was in packing mode and not fixed up one bit. This will be a reminder of her sweet nature and smiling face. Plus, I thought she looked good in blue. 
She has been a good friend and supporter; her moving will leave a hole in my life.

Back at it again in the morning folks, your favorite blogger, or so I hope!



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