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It Must Have Been the Hair

 I have very thick hair which I did nothing to deserve. My mom gave it to me many years ago. People often remark how lucky I am to still have thick hair at my age and I suppose they are right, however, thick hair is not necessarily all it's cracked up to be. Mine definitely has a mind of it's own as evidenced by how it behaved on Saturday. Badly.

I meant to get up earlier to wash my hair and fix it before Matt and I went to the Winter Garden market. 6:00 came and went and I was still snuggled with Bruce. 6:30 and I knew I was sunk. Although I did get it washed, the drying process was left to chance. Not a good idea Gail. Not at all. As such, by the time my hair was completely air-dried, some three hours later, it went every which way, none of which were good.

So, I told you we got the iPhone 4S on Wednesday afternoon. I say we, although it really was Matt; my role was merely handing over my debit card! My reason for finally caving was to use the latest device for taking credit cards called Square. Forgive the coloring on this photo--I took it this morning while it is still dark outside, merely to show you what it looks like.
Matt accompanied me to the market to not only see what it was like, but to assist me with the Square. We began the day with some practice rounds sliding his card. Fortunately they have a screen that allows you to do just that, with check marks given when you are successful. I'd heard from other vendors that it takes a bit to get proficient and that was certainly the case with my practice rounds! Sadly, however, Matt's services went unused as I had NO sales. Nada. We did, on the other hand, have a pleasant day visiting and enjoying the atmosphere and fantastic weather. Once we arrived home and I saw my hair in the mirror I was convinced that was my problem. Always good to find a place to lay blame!

The rest of Saturday was fairly uneventful except for the Florida State vs. Florida game. It was not pretty, in fact it was an ugly win, but we'll take it.

 Sunday Matt finally got an opportunity to sleep in a bit while Bruce set me up at the market. He and Bruce spent the day together, going to see The Muppets and having lunch at Tijuana Flats before joining me later. I was thrilled to report that I got to use the Square and did just fine on my own. It helped immensely that the couple were young and actually said they were thrilled to be my guinea pigs! Here they are looking at the email receipt that I can send:
Aren't they sweet looking? The receipt comes with my company name, picture and even a map where they purchased from me. Pretty cool huh?

Once again, the weather was spectacular--seriously perfect! Some wonderful repeat customers helped make the day.
 Lake Eola looking very nice indeed. And here's Matt enjoying the view from my booth chair:
Another quiet evening at home, this time watching the Food Network. Bruce and I both were hoping we weren't boring Matthew, who pretty much lives a jet setter type life at home, however, he kept assuring us he was just fine relaxing for the most part.

Monday morning, Matt's dearest friend Liza came over with Clara. It had been a year since last she visited our home and boy has she changed. Of course, you knew she would--that's what babies do! She's an adorable toddler now, full of curiosity. Amazingly she talks up a storm and is super smart and cute. We drove over to Cypress Grove Park for a little playtime, taking bubbles with us. 
Matt, the bubble master is giving Clara a chance to try it for herself. Swinging was another big hit. I even had a go at it myself!

Brains and beauty--a powerful combination. I came across this article which is So interesting! Heddy Lamar as inventor? Brains + Beauty= Amazing; I know a few folks like that.

Lunch and a quick trip to Big Lots and it was time for Matt to leave. By this time a cold front made it's way to Florida via some rain. Bruce was working at home so he did the driving and we sadly went to the airport.
Bruce insisted he take our picture together. I joked with him once I saw the pictures--a few of his favorite things all in one shot--his wife, his son and his CAR!

Handing the camera back to me, I took this shot, which although it is blurry, does just what a good photograph should do--makes you feel the moment...
There are few things that make me any happier than knowing that all of our sons LOVE their dad.

And that's all I have to say for today....

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