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New Year's Eve

Today it's my birthday--I'm officially 58 years old and frankly, I don't know what to make of it.

I've never been one to make much of a fuss about my birthday. It's true I am uncomfortable being the center of attention. At the same time, it's never helped having a birthday on a big time holiday, especially six days after Christmas. I often think how hard it must have been for our parents during this time. Lisa has a birthday one week before Christmas, six children to buy gifts for, and then me as an afterthought. I'm okay with that.

As a young person I know I couldn't imagine myself at this age, now I'm just grateful I've made it this far! Aside from my one spell of illness I've been remarkably healthy during my life. Nothing really. Furthermore, I inherited enough of my mother's genes to keep my hair dark and my body slim. All subject to change at any minute though!! I've definitely noticed in the last year or two, changes in my app…

Keeping it Fresh

Just as last year about this time I decided to change out my entire inventory, I'm trying to think of ways to keep Out & About Photography fresh in the new year. Changing the blog header is easy--changing the way I do business, not so much.

Working on my website is a good start. Jonathan helped me re-design it a bit, mostly just color changes, however, now I need to be more consistent about having what I'm currently selling on the site. I'm working on that. One thing we discovered is that there was a downloadable feature which made me freak out just a bit. Perhaps that's why I don't get much feedback--people were downloading what they liked? NO MORE! Turned off! When Jen gave Lisa some coasters using one of my photographs posted on facebook, I discovered first hand how easy it can be done. Precisely why I NEVER post pictures on this blog, facebook, or flickr that I think are good enough to sell. What you see is the documentary stuff, unlike what I actually sell…

Giving and Receiving

I can still remember Christmas of 2006 which I'm sure surprises most Camera Crazy readers. 2006? Really Gail? With your memory?

 I've long thought that there is an art to both giving and receiving gifts. The art of giving takes time, which some people obviously have more of than others. The art of receiving takes genuine appreciation for the thought that went into a gift. When I opened my Panasonic Lumix DMC FX3 on Christmas 2006, my first words were, "Honey--this cost more than $50!" Not, how sweet and thoughtful of you Bruce; a much more appropriate reaction. He thought and thought about what kind of gift he could give me that would take my mind off my illness. Never, could either of us have imagined it would change my life. Make that our lives!

Because I have more spare time than most, I spent much time this year thinking of gifts that I hoped would delight the recipients. My shopping began in July and continued up until a few days before Christmas. For the most p…

Every Picture Tells a Story

As such, I'm including a bunch of stories. Seems to me that loads of folks like their birthdays, ranking it as one of the biggest days of the years. I'm not one of those folks. I do, on the other hand, love everything about Christmas. Biggest day of the year for me.

I went ahead and did the Winter Garden market on Christmas Eve, mostly because I knew that I wouldn't be missed for much of the day. Jonathan, Alissa and Bruce went to the movies again, seeing Sherlock Holmes. As you can imagine, aside from a few rushes of folks here and there, mostly the market was quiet. My sales though were better than the last few weeks. While there I saw this funny t-shirt on a man who graciously allowed me to photograph him.
Cute, huh?

My plan was to have a little family get together before the big, gigantic extended family meet up on Christmas afternoon at Lisa and Danny's house. While thinking aloud about what I might cook, Bruce came up with the menu. Roast pork and potatoes, aspar…

Christmas Break

It's been far too long since I took a road trip. After the constant business which is Christmas, I finally got the heck out of here for a few hours. You've been there with me before, but humor me please as we head to Sanford once again.

There's something so soothing about a downtown in a little city. Our downtown is primarily bars and banks with a smattering of retail in between. Smattering might be going too far. There's just nothing charming about Orange Avenue. Are their advantages to living in the city? You bet! But, if you're looking for small businesses, brick facades and streets, you must head outside of Orlando.

I'd been hearing that their were art galleries like crazy in Sanford and my sources were correct. Good stuff. Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery, includes, if I recall correctly, eight studios for working artists.
The spaces were all very attractive with the brick walls. At the time of my visit no one was working. Perhaps this artist had just step…

Christmas is Coming!

As if I needed to tell you that. Around these parts things are coming together very nicely. I've even received an early Christmas present from Apple. They may have given me the run-around regarding the purchase of AppleCare+, however, when it comes to making up, they know what they are doing. Multiple emails came for tracking the gift and HERE it is, with photos to prove it.
Fed Ex delivered it Monday afternoon while I was making cookies which you'll be seeing soon enough. Pretty glamorous on the outside--the inside is as well:

I'm not a naturally bling type of girl but I'm making an exception in this case (no pun intended.) Love it! I've yet to use it because as you already know I've been getting ready for Christmas. Jonathan and Alissa are set to arrive on Thursday evening around midnight. He offered to get a cab but I told him we were tough; he'd have a ride. Maybe I should make that Bruce is tough because undoubtedly he'll be the chauffeur.