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Can you believe that this is post 953? My goodness, either I'm a fool or diligent, one or the other!

The lawn is done and the laundry is drying on the line in the breezy, sunny weather. As well, the Chinese Tallow Tree is finished shedding, allowing for maximum sunshine on the clothesline. I suspect with the low humidity the clothes will be dry in no time.

The leaf drop was oh so colorful. The day the carpet layers were here was rainy and gloomy as I mentioned. Mostly I was right there with the guys but at one point I decided to empty the pool skimmer basket. And what should I see in said basket?
Indeed, he was swimming around amongst the fallen leaves as well as a multitude of ants. I'm wondering where all these ants came from....note to self...find out. See the white on his back? I'm curious if that is salt. Anyway, I'm not one for picking up creatures with my hands. Instead I looked to my newly organized tool drawer and figured this slotted spoon would do the trick.

In With the New

Sound's pretty easy doesn't it? Well, my body will tell you differently. Seriously, it was like moving half our home! The good news is that both Bruce and I are ecstatic with the new carpet. Let's go back a few days and see how things unfolded shall we?

The closet painting proceeded without mishap. Have you bought any paint lately? Seriously, it is expensive these days. That said, the Super Paint from Sherwin Williams is indeed super. No spatters to speak of, drips almost non-existent, and goes on the wall like a dream. The same cannot be said for the cheap paint I bought for the closets. More like white wash. I got messier painting the closets than I did the whole room!
Fortunately it was not terribly dirty. Do not ask me why I put a cloth down when the carpet was coming out the next day. So that's our finished closet. Notice the trim in the middle of the wall? Before we had the house re-plumbed we had some serious leak issues. Bruce got to them by taking the wall dow…

Top of the Morning to You

Indeed, it's a beautiful morning with cool breezes flowing through the open windows and lots of sunshine. I just got off the phone with the carpet folks and they'll be here tomorrow morning as scheduled rather than the message he left yesterday saying it was today. More on that to follow.

While talking to Nancy the other day she asked if we were doing only the office or all the bedrooms? Three rooms of dirty carpet=Three rooms of new carpet. I'm sparing you any other gross photographic evidence of the need.

On Tuesday I rode down to Lakeland with Bruce for his meeting and lunch. Darden is demolishing a closed Macaroni Grill, replacing it with an Olive Garden. As a matter of fact, as I type this, the building is supposed to be down. Bruce met there with some firefighters from the Lakeland Fire Department who he allowed to use the building for practice before the demo. They set off smoke bombs, smashed windows, and cut holes in the roof. He was giving them permission here fo…

Office Makeover

When last we met we were talking about new walls and floors. So you saw the walls half done and the garage floor the same. Bruce finished his project and now mine is nearly complete. About the floors. For months and months now I knew something had to be done about the bedroom carpeting. Just what I wasn't sure, vacillating between new wall to wall carpeting or wood floors. In the end the carpeting won out. Try as I might I could never get these stains out, nor do I know where they came from. I am not this messy!
I hesitated about making this large because it is so darn ugly, however, believe me, it is worse in person. And these are not the only spots I'm sad to say. Finally it is going away. Thursday afternoon a nice young man came to the house with my requested "medium grade" samples. If there's one thing that confuses me it is picking out carpet amongst the gazillion styles and grades. He made it very easy for me to choose a multi-colored frisee, sort of a very…

New Floors and Walls

When Jonathan called on Tuesday evening to let me know the quilt arrived safe and sound, he asked what I was doing. Painting. "Really," he replied with a hint of skepticism in his voice. He thought I meant artistic painting to which I replied that I only "paint" with food coloring. If he'd had time to think he would have surely figured out that his mom is always re-doing something around the house.

But before we get to me, let's see what Mr. Bruce has been up to. I suppose because he was home all last week he had time to look around a bit. Just as Bruce and I do, an older home needs constant maintenance. I don't mind being older so much just as I don't mind one bit living in a 51 year old home, it's just that there's more upkeep required for both situations! Anyway, Bruce decided the garage floor needed paint. When he decides to do something, it's a big one. Moving what he could on Sunday afternoon, we did not unload the vehicle when we …