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Is This All the Same Artist?

Why yes, it is. Continuing the conversation, the woman said to me, "usually there is a theme, but you've got all kinds of things here. Why yes, I do. Can't help it folks. I just love taking photographs of just about anything. As if my regular readers needed reminding! If you're just stumbling across this blog you'll discover for yourself just what I'm writing about.

Friday night didn't go quite like we imagined when we left the house. Because the hour was getting late for the sleepy heads, we decided to go to a local Italian restaurant in a strip center. Perhaps I've mentioned Amalfi in the past. I won't be mentioning it in the future I can tell you that right now. Sadly, after trying to order pizza and being told they were out of dough on a Friday night, we knew something had changed. On any prior visit the food was quite tasty. These were two pretty miserable glasses of wine:
I think the glass she gave Bruce held about 3 ounces! Eventually the server returned saying they had only 10 inch dough prepped, as in most likely unfrozen? Turns out the chef retired, as did all the staff. I'm saddened that what was once a nice little local restaurant will be closing soon unless they get their act together very soon.

Winter Garden was slow for me however I managed a few sales and enjoyed myself nonetheless because the weather was SO nice after the initial chill wore off. On my way I had to stop and take a photo of Lake Gem Mary. I do so hope you can see what I saw.
The fog above the lake like that in a little line was a very fine sight indeed. On my way home I had to photograph this because two of my boys, not to mention my niece and her husband have all lived in Chicago at one time or another.
People always ask me if I carry my camera everywhere. I do. I'm still experimenting with phonography but I'm not there yet.

Saturday night I watched a little HGTV with Bruce, something I rarely do. He, on the other hand, loves that channel, leaving it on all day above his desk while he's working from home. I am now officially inspired to work some magic on my office. If only we could decide what to do with the floors in the bedrooms! The carpet, although not that old, has somehow become more stained than I'm happy with. New carpet? Wood? Decisions, decisions.

The opening lines came during the Lake Eola market which was jam packed with people, most of whom did not buy a thing from your favorite blogger. And then they did. The final hour was busier than the entire previous six. All in all, I sold 21 things making me very happy. A new buyer bought nine 8x10 prints!!! I think she kinda liked my stuff and I won't be surprised if I see her again. Nice.

I am super excited to show off the next photograph which if it hadn't been so darn foggy this morning I think could have been better. That said, how about seeing through the wings on Mr. Cardinal enjoying his breakfast at the Nuttery?
Before he flew up there he was hanging for a moment on what was supposed to be a baffler; in bird jargon, that means something slippery so you know who can't get to the feeder.
Since I mixed the two seeds, those pesky squirrels have given up on the Nuttery, leaving all the good stuff for our feathered friends.

As you're well aware, the winter so far has pretty much been a no-show, with only two cold days in the books to date. The flowers and birds are all mixed up. This morning while out watering I discovered the azaleas are already blooming.
I thought the sunlight and shadows on the front porch was so pretty I had to photograph it as well.
Mr. Baxter and I took a walk to see what we could see. The Chinese tallow trees, normally bare by now, are just changing and dropping their leaves.
Very pretty aren't they? The neighbor's tree has such interesting branches, all twisty like.
The day began foggy, the sky turned the gorgeous shade of blue seen above and now it's overcast.  I see here that the week should be nice with a little rain (we need it) and some chilly nights for the weekend. Is it any wonder Florida is now the 4th most populous state in the nation?

Spanish moss. Let's talk about how prevalent it is. There's a few globs in the above tree, but nothing like down at the other end of the street. You'd think I'd changed this to sepia but I didn't. Sunset is coming.
According to this, the moss migrated from South Carolina to Georgia to Florida, thriving in warm humid climates. We've got that in spades for most of the year! All the trees at the end of the street have tons of it, probably migrating from tree to tree.

Before I go for the day, let's talk a minute about the veggies from Jonathan and Amy at Lake Eola. Their big farm is in Belle Glade, but now they have a five acre plot to tend in Winter Garden as well. Don't ask me how a couple with seven, yes seven, children can do what they do, but there you go. They do it. The onions below are from their place, called Strawberry Onions because they are planted between rows of strawberries in organic farming.
Very cool, and according to Amy, they are sweeter than Vidalia onions but don't tell the folks from Georgia that. These tomatoes are enough to make anyone's mouth water.
Beautiful aren't they? There is another couple who sell hydroponic tomatoes they grow, which are lovely as well.
Certain times of the year they also have heirloom tomatoes in several different colors. Finally, Joseph Martens, our terrific entertainer, plays musical chairs with the children. The prize? A bag of freshly popped kettle korn from Larry and Dina. Normally I don't get to watch it but I was making a quick run around to get some photos as they were just getting set up.
Sleeveless and shorts in January folks. That's Florida for you.

p.s. One of my visitors yesterday was a photographer and his wife. Very nice folks who I met a few years ago when the city of Orlando wanted me in the annual calendar. He mentioned this blog, saying he could not believe how long I've been writing. My response was, well, unlike a sales venue, or a contest, no one judges me here. I can write and show whatever I like without repercussions.

Thanks so much for being a part of it with me,


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