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Did She, or Didn't She?

That is always the question right?

Having a super tiny master bath shower makes it somewhat difficult to find an appropriate shower curtain. Like most things these days, the typical ones are mostly made for full sizes. Last summer while Nancy was here we commiserated and decided that cutting my current one in half would do the trick. And, it almost did, but not quite. Just big enough to fit the space but not so much for keeping all the water inside. Another problem is using a liner which makes our tiny space even tinier. I'd purchased that one at Ikea because it is waterproof and is often the case with Ikea, you can still buy the same thing a year or two later. Apparently, others did not share my enthusiasm for the one I had because they no longer carry it. The new one is dull but functional.

While there I thought perhaps the guest bathroom could do with a little pizazz. You know I'm a sucker for pizazz! I bought the wild shower curtain, thinking it might be just the thing. He…

She Said YES!!!

My baby is getting married. Don't know when, don't know where, just know it is now officially imminent.

I think it may have been six years ago that Jonathan and Alissa met at FSU. As for all the details, I'm a little sketchy, but from what I recall, one of them was wearing an Oasis shirt. As in the band. Both of them were, and for that matter still, are obsessed with Oasis despite the fact that the brothers who were the band fought so much they disbanded. These days, High Flying Birds is brother Noel's band. All this is background information leading up to the big event which took place last night in LONDON during a HFB concert! Who knew my son was so romantic???

Once the tour dates were released, Jonathan and Alissa decided they had to go, and since they have a very accommodating blood relative and his boyfriend living in London, what was to stop them? Nothing as it turns out. They left Austin Friday afternoon, arriving in London Saturday morning. Brother Matt was kin…

Hot Girls and Alcohol

I didn't say that--he did:
I don't know who this rapper is but he pretty much sums up what the last two nights have been like. Oh my, oh my, the women are dressed to the nines. Or at least most of them are. The shoes, the sausage dresses which are so darn short! The fake breasts! The whitened teeth! The colored hair! The shoes!!!I don't know how they do it, but these three girls, which so totally reminded both Bruce and I of the "Robert Palmer Girls", stood by the door for hours last night looking glam? They preened and posed for pictures all night long.
I said to Cole last night, "there sure is a lot of money in clothes in these rooms," to which he replied, "and plastic surgery!"
To think that this video was made pre-Spanx! Actually, our ladies in red smiled way too much in comparison, but you see the resemblance I hope.

So, what has this all been about? Frankly, I know just about as much as you do, but I'll try to explain the little I do…

Here She Comes Again

******Warning--no time for editing today*******
Finally I hope to be able to spend a little time writing. Between all this week's activities, I have barely found a spare moment and just when I was thinking I'd found the time the power went off. Seriously, I'm not joking! I was preparing that carrot and radish salad with the lime zest, which is delicious by the way, during what I thought was a pretty big storm for February. Thunder and lightening, high winds, that sort of storm. Poof, off went the power. I finished the salad by candlelight and then had a seat with Baxter in the mostly dark living room. About an hour later, we were back in business and by that time Bruce was home for dinner.

Anyway, here we are now.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Lakeland while Bruce was at the job site doing his thing. Along the median of the main road to his site, there are loads of gorgeous tabebuia trees filled with pink blossoms. Right then and there I knew it was going to be a good …

Lucky Streak

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post to say that Gail has been busy working on a project today which included a trip to her Alma Mater, Valencia College.
This morning, after spending way too much time ordering, she took a trip to the Orange County office of Arts and Cultural Affairs to pick up a red chair. More info on this will be available at a later date. Said red chair was driven to the Plaza Live to sit in the parking lot which has free parking.
This all took more time than she might have liked, given that blogging was definitely on her agenda.

Tomorrow she will be traveling to Lakeland with her husband to see what she can see while he does the same at his construction site. After which time, if all goes according to plan, she will blog in more detail about what she's been up to the last few days.

Suffice it to say, she is on a lucky streak. Despite predictions of dire weather for Sunday, she was blessed with many, many sales and nice visits from folks. Once again, the …

Not One, Not Two, Not Even Three

Because of a miscommunication,  Bruce thought our field trip was on the calendar for Thursday. I, on the other hand, was geared up for a Friday adventure at the Gamble House. As it turns out, he'd scheduled a meeting with his contractor in Lakeland for Friday morning so plans changed. In a good way I might add.

"How about I show you the Wetlands Park and Fort Christmas I asked?" "Sounds good to me, he replied." So, off we went after breakfast. The weather was warm, the skies filled with white puffy clouds, and a cooling breeze was blowing.

Making our way down Fort Christmas road we saw quite a lot of buses at the fort, and I mean a lot. Hmmm...what's going on there we wondered? As we passed the fort Bruce reminded me that long ago, when he was a carpenter apprentice coordinator, his students built the fort. Well now, that's something I'd forgotten but was happy to be reminded of. He was good at that job.

With Bruce at my side I showed him the map an…