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Hot Girls and Alcohol

I didn't say that--he did:
I don't know who this rapper is but he pretty much sums up what the last two nights have been like. Oh my, oh my, the women are dressed to the nines. Or at least most of them are. The shoes, the sausage dresses which are so darn short! The fake breasts! The whitened teeth! The colored hair! The shoes!!!I don't know how they do it, but these three girls, which so totally reminded both Bruce and I of the "Robert Palmer Girls", stood by the door for hours last night looking glam? They preened and posed for pictures all night long.
I said to Cole last night, "there sure is a lot of money in clothes in these rooms," to which he replied, "and plastic surgery!"
To think that this video was made pre-Spanx! Actually, our ladies in red smiled way too much in comparison, but you see the resemblance I hope.

So, what has this all been about? Frankly, I know just about as much as you do, but I'll try to explain the little I do know. From what I'm seeing and reading, the NBA All Star Game is quite a bit more than a game. There are charity events, clinics, hospital visits, all sorts of pre-games and challenges. Furthermore, there is an art show. In this case, the floor used during last year's game was removed after said game and turned into art pieces by graffiti artists from around the country, including this one by Mr. Brainwash.
You too, can own your very own backboard from Mr. Brainwash as long as you have some cash. Lots of cash. The piece will be auctioned at Soetheby's in June with the bids starting at $35,000. If that one is not to your liking, you could go cheap, as in, say $15,000, and purchase this one instead.
If your bank account is really feeling the economy, why not buy one like this?
I'm pretty sure this one can be had for less than $5,000. So there you have it. Parties, put on by well heeled liquor distributors have been bringing the folks in by the hundreds. Maybe even thousands what with an open bar and all.

Because this is happening in the Exchange Building, managed by none other than Dana Brown, and I am her in-house photographer, there you go. With Bruce by my side, and Roger's lens and off camera flash, I'm having my first go at party shooting, staying up way past my bedtime. Plus, what to wear? Taking a trip to Nordstrom, I bought a few new things. I wish this photo, taken by Dana's son's girlfriend, had truer color.
Despite it looking like day glo in the photograph, the shade of orange is fantastic! Not something you can wear every day for sure. The blouse is navy blue with little white horses. The girls at Nordstrom showed me how to roll the sleeves on the jacket to show off the cool lining, but it didn't happen; I just couldn't remember what to do with the blouse sleeves! If you can imagine, I was the only one wearing orange. Plus, I was wearing flat shoes!!! Me and the men.

What Bruce and I kept saying to ourselves is, "Who are these people?" Pretty much everywhere we go we know someone-- not so on Thursday night. Mostly what I took were crowd shots with individual or groups thrown in the mix. I was super surprised how much everyone loved to pose for the camera. This one obviously is unposed.
On the other hand, this one is:
There were actually two parties Dana was hoping I could cover, one in the Exchange Building with the other one across the street in the old Cheyenne Saloon space. Trouble with that one is the guests weren't expected to arrive until after midnight! Does she know how old we are? Does she know how tired I get???
The music was pumping despite the lack of guests, thanks to that guy! Back in the Exchange Building Mr. Sandman was doing his thing to get the party going.
I sound like a broken record about the ladies shoes, but the assortment, not to mention the heel heights were remarkable to me. Sitting down for a tiny bit, I saw this group of ladies hadn't budged all evening. After saying as much to them they said it was because their feet hurt so bad. Oh, the price of fashion.
Meanwhile, back at the Cheyenne, this group of shoes for your enjoyment:
How about those third from the left?? I wish I'd had a closer inspection of those. The shoe shine man is unimpressed.
A Creamsicle bar? Say what? My thoughts exactly.

Fortunately we have a parking pass because let me tell you, it's crazy downtown right now. In fact, I have to head down there again after finishing this up. The temperature has dropped significantly making me wonder how the ladies will be decked out for this afternoon's party which, thankfully begins at 4 and ends at 7.

You may have guessed that I skipped my market today because of a few factors. One, I'm tired. Two, I was really hoping to get my order from Roger and sign a few things before tomorrow. Didn't happen. He's gotten so darn busy I'm having to wait in line. Last night he and Trish went to a show at the City Arts Factory and four of the artists had used him. To think he had only a handful when we began working together.....

You may also be wondering how I'm going to do Lake Eola tomorrow, then head out at 9PM for another round of parties slated to end at 3AM. I am too my friends. I am too.
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