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Mixed Blessings

After a nice breakfast in downtown Key West we made our way the few blocks to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, one of the most beautiful parks I've ever had to pleasure to visit in Florida. Not to mention it is the Southernmost park in the United States. That's kind of a weird thing to think about--the very edge of our great big beautiful country. Just in case you missed it in my last post, I'm re-posting the view one has as they drive into the parking lot.
Beautiful trees, bent from years and years of strong winds, shade most of the park making your time spent sitting at a picnic table comfortable while you view the gorgeous water surrounding you on two sides. We explored the park with Bruce walking out on the jetties:
Cuba is only 90 miles from where he is standing! A fisherman offered to take our picture:
And, of course, what is a park with fort in the name without a fort? As we made our way through a little nature path we were surprised to see the fort is surrounded by …

Shades of Blue

I like all shades of blue and there are a lot of them. The main living areas in our home are painted Windy Blue, which, from now on will make me think of our trip to Key West; it was windy and it was blue.

Just the names of blue shades are nice don't you think? Aquamarine, aqua, cerulean, turquoise, cobalt, midnight, royal and baby--all very wonderful names of which most were represented on our trip. The night sky was the deepest of midnight blue while the water was so varied in shades of blue it is hard to describe using only one term. What's not to like? For my money, I can't think of a thing.

One of the highlights of the Tuesday's drive was a stop at Bahia Honda State Park. Simply wonderful. Windy too! We walked out on the bridge which the link provides details, HOWEVER, I suspect few readers will bother to check it out so I'll say this much about it--Henry Flagler built it as part of the Overseas Railway in 1912. The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (interesting tha…

Don't Leave Home Without Them!

Perhaps you've come to Camera Crazy to see what is what and found no new posts. For nearly a week Bruce and I enjoyed each other's company while taking a driving trip down to Key West. This was not our finest trip, but it was one of the prettiest, that's for sure. Our plans were sketchy--no firm decisions made until maybe the Saturday before we were to leave on Monday. Dumb move.

As you well know, I work weekends which meant I was ill prepared to be leaving for a trip early Monday morning. Not for a lack of trying; it was a time thing. Timing will come into play today as well because I'm running a tad bit short of it right now. Between yesterday's 30 sales, and last weekend's 28, I need to order and now! Mr. Roger is so darn busy that if I don't get my order in quickly, he'll get working on someone else's and we can't have that now can we?

I didn't notice what I'd left at home until Monday night. I was very sad indeed to discover that al…

A Visit with the Whiteds

One of the kindest friends I have is Mary Whited, mother of four daughters, wife of Sam, and a cook extraordinaire. That's all well and good, but what Mary is known for equally is her giving nature--always thinking of others. Mary is also a garage sale guru. Seriously, the things she finds are remarkable; it doesn't hurt that they live in a ritzy part of town!

I had every intention of visiting my competition at the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, but that just didn't happen because once I arrived at the Whiteds, I had trouble leaving. Mary sent me a message saying she'd found something she was sure I'd like and indeed she did. Arriving there in the midst of her own garage sale, she went inside to fetch the gift. I don't know how I'd never heard of this store before, but I hadn't.
How cool is this?? This hatbox is in perfect shape with that authentic old time smell. While Mary tended to customers, I chatted with the recently retired Sam, and their lon…

Setting Up on Etsy

Oh my goodness I have spent so much time with setting up a shop on Etsy. I have no idea what I'm doing!!! I spent all of yesterday figuring it out and photographing work around the house the best I could. We'll go into this in more detail very soon. Suffice it to say that it is harder than you can imagine.
In lieu of my words, I'm posting two links to entertain you....

A short video of Gerhard Richter painting which is so interesting: A Master at work.

And then there is this way cool London street artist working in Paris: Nick Walter.

If you can think of a better name for my Etsy shop, please don't hesitate to shout it out! I picked this name months ago, probably because Out & About Photography was taken. Bruce doesn't like it and I don't so much, but unfortunately, Camera Crazy is taken as well.
I'll be back very soon my friends,

p.s. Sorry for the staccato post!

Almost Perfect

That my friends is how I would describe yesterday-- Monday, March 12, 2012. The kind of day where everything goes according to plan including the gorgeous weather. Why, oh why it couldn't have been like this on Sunday???
That there is Mr. Bruce heading out to the vehicle with a basket of prints under his poncho. I won't dwell on it except to say it was not much fun setting up the entire booth only to take it down about 45 minutes later. Enough already.

Instead, I lollygagged all afternoon in my pajamas, watching first FSU beat North Carolina for the ACC championship, followed by golf. Popcorn and FaceTime chat with Matt thrown in for good measure. I know you'll be happy to learn that he and Tom are thriving. Although Bruce did not change into pajamas he lollygagged right along with me if you can imagine. Even more shocking is that he did absolutely no job related work all weekend long!!! Saturday, while I was at Winter Garden, he met up with Bill and Dave at the gym, showi…