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There was a time that I hated Melbourne. The year was 1969, I can't remember the season exactly but I'll never forget my Father coming home informing the family that he'd bought a house in Melbourne. NO!

Can you imagine he bought a house without consulting my Mother? He did. After commuting from Orlando to Melbourne for 9 years he'd had enough. We, on the other hand, were perfectly content to let him keep doing it forever. After all, we were mostly teenagers with only ourselves to consider.

And so it was that after completing the 10th grade at Boone we moved to a new city and a new high school for me. That was bad enough but as astute mathematicians will have already figured out, I was leaving the love of my life. No one could convince either Bruce or I otherwise. It was a very sad time for the both of us.

There was a time when I was not quite as gregarious as I am today and those last two years of high school were part of that time. I got to know exactly one person th…


Yesterday while I was wielding my new high pressure water wand on the house, cleaning off cob webs and such, Angela came over and called me just that, "industrious." Perfectly apt, or at least yesterday it was. You can probably guess what I was up to can't you?

This morning's drama centered around, would they, or wouldn't they? I'm referring to the Wednesday yard waste pick up guys, who by the way, work very hard this time of the year. Thank God for trash pick up! For some time now I've been requesting that Bruce get rid of the gigantic log pile, remnants of Hurricane Charley some 7+ years ago. Monday evening he did just that and set it out by the curb after stacking it oh so neatly.
Perhaps it's the time of the year but he got no takers. Originally he'd thought he'd have to take it directly to the dump, however, I suggested that we see what happened with the curbside pick up. Just as Bruce was leaving this at 7:30 this morning, the truck pull…

A Chilly Monday

We are in a state of shock around here today--- the temperature is hovering in the mid 70's! Quite a drop from the mid to upper 80's we've been having for weeks.

Weather was definitely on my mind over the weekend what with the weather folks claiming a 70% chance of rain for both Saturday and Sunday. You guessed it--they were exaggerating big time. It did rain on Friday afternoon during our drive to the Bruner's place on Lake Hart, near the Lake Nona area of town. Matter of fact, it rained quite hard, but happily it did not last long.
Not too long after arriving at their mini-mansion, the rain began again in earnest lasting only a hosr while which allowed everyone to enjoy their fantastic backyard. Unlike the Peck family, the Bruner family likes a great big house! I was so darn excited once we entered the screened in, two story back porch and I saw a little sandhill crane family prancing around by the lake.
According to Mark, the babies are only a few weeks old. Adora…

Out of Control

I freely admit that I'm taking this flower thing to extremes. Seriously, I can't help myself what with all the beautiful variety in the garden centers now. On my way home from bridge yesterday I stopped at a local center, "Palmers", on Corrine Drive in Audubon Park. Speaking of Audubon Park, did you know all the streets have bird names? Now you do.

Perfect segue into a wee bit of bird news around these parts. When you have a plethora of bird feeders, you're bound to have lots of birds. Don't get me wrong, I like them all except for the crows. I dislike the crows greatly. While Bill was here last week he was so amazed at the red winged black birds, but to us they are now a familiar sight. I digress...first, here's a neat shot of Mr. Cardinal in the early morning on the front walk underneath the Nuttery.
The sprinklers must have just finished running from the looks of it. Which reminds me, we are having a heck of a time with our system. Neither of us can fi…


When you've lived as long as I have, you've seen your fair share of trends. Every generation thinks what they come up with is the latest and greatest, however, these days I think trends last a shorter period of time than ever, don't you? Viral one day, gone the next.

After my last post, as I had to go to the dry cleaners anyway, I decided to get smart and head into Ross to see if I could find some new shoes for gardening. When I began taking photographs in earnest, I discovered that my sandals didn't always cut it in some of the places I roamed. After an intensive search to find something other than tennis shoes I found my beloved Pr!vos made by Clark. Thinking about trends, I remember when the first velcro tennis shoes came out and my boys loving them so much. Of course, they were young. Now, they wouldn't be caught dead with velcro, but the same can not be said for their Mother. The new shoes were perfect, somewhat stylish, comfortable and slip ons with a modest …

A Garden Tour

Don't panic--I'm not showing you everything!! For someone who thought she was through with taking care of living things, I've sure taken on a lot. Although they don't cry, get in trouble, or the like, all these plants take a lot of looking after!! A few minutes ago I counted the different types of plants I have in just the back yard and there are twenty; many various colors of the same. For instance, I have four hibiscus plants, two red, one ruffly orange, one plain pale peach. Same goes for geraniums--red, coral, white and purple, not to mention the hanging basket by the side door, I call this one candy cane:
For sure not what they call it, but it works for me! The hibiscus bloom like mad sometimes, other times they are just green bushes:
In the forefront the spicy jatropha tree is filled with red blossoms.

Mostly I do the planting, however, a few weeks ago Bruce surprised me by planting all of these darling little dianthus plants on a Sunday while I was "vending…

A Day of Play

I had every intention of leaving early to pick up the note cards from Mr. Roger's house that he'd made for me to sell at the Polasek. Actually, we have been selling them, albeit slowly; this was a re-stocking. Good intentions and reality are sometimes not the same. Instead I left sort of early, picking them up on my way to play bridge with the ladies. I was so, so happy to see Debbie when I arrived. You'll have forgotten Debbie by now, but we hadn't. Nearly a year ago she mentioned to me that she had a breast lump. Heading into a bathroom stall to check it out, I knew the minute I felt it, that she was in for some rough days ahead. Fortunately she had the same inkling and had a doctor's appointment the next day. You might be able to spot her immediately in the picture below--the one with the little gray fuzz on her head. We heard not a word of complaint from Debbie, and I swear, even after not playing for all this time, she jumped right back in as if she'd nev…