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In the Garden

Sharing a common language with the British, after all that is where ours came from, does not always mean we use the same words to describe the same thing. For instance the vacuum cleaner. From what I can tell, it's often called the Hoover in Britain. I'll bet you can think of any number of words that differ can't you?

Today let's talk about the garden. Maybe most Americans call it the yard rather than the garden because we generally have more space? My dictionary tells me that a yard is a piece of ground adjoining a building or house which is certainly true in our case. We have more than enough space to call it that. The garden, on the other hand, is defined as a piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Well, I'm working on that too. In fact, with the fall of our tree, I've begun to really enjoy making a garden.

While doing just that yesterday afternoon, I recalled that it's not that it is a new passion; having money makes a big difference. No longer having to spend money on large amounts of food, I spend it on new flowers, bird seed, pots and the like. I finished my planting of the shiny new blue pots yesterday afternoon and I think it looks pretty darn cute.
Actually, this is taken before I officially planted them, but you can see Bruce moved it for me. Seriously it is heavy, being made out of real metal and all. Let's hope none of those awful people who go around stealing metal from anywhere don't find it! I thought perhaps it might look good with the other blue related items. The plants I chose, after much thought, are called moss rose or purslane. I like the name Moss Rose--it sounds so sweet. The new location puts it just outside Bruce's work window giving him something pretty to gaze upon when they open at daylight.

Speaking of Bruce, he's working in the garden as I type, clearing out some of the lady palms which are seriously taking over one corner of the house! Furthermore, their invasive roots have "uprooted" the brick pathway to our front door. Removing the bricks, he had to use an axe to chop them out, re pack the soil before returning the bricks to their rightful place. While he's been trimming, look what he saved for me:
The light was poor so early in the morning--be prepared for a better shot of the nest next time! Although he's trimming, there will still be plenty of palms left for our cardinals to use for their next nest building location.

I couldn't resist planting some sunflowers, putting them in a pot with some purple violas.
Bill is back at work after taking last week off and he called asking me if I could pick up another tray of Asiatic jasmine for him. He's not lazy or anything, it's just that their hours of operation don't work well with his schedule. Because I was over that way anyway for a 7AM teeth cleaning appointment it was no trouble at all. I'm so loving my new car, driving is kind of fun. Across from Palm Gardens there are open fields with cows and horses grazing free range.
The above was such a curious sight. Originally, before I got closer, I thought it was a foal, but NO, it is a donkey! For reasons unknown to me, the baby donkey seems to think the horse is a parent. Perhaps it is?  How about this face? While I was standing on the other side of the fence staring at him, he lifted that one ear, perhaps the better to hear my quiet chatting? That's what I do when I encounter an animal or bird up close. Talk to them quietly--don't know why I keep the volume down, but I do.
Adjacent to the nursery is another open space, this one filled with what some call weeds, others call them wildflowers:
It was a lovely morning, made better by my early start. The garden center, picking up Baxter's heart worm medicine, buying concrete mix for Bruce's project, and more filled my morning. I had to make a quick stop while driving by the "peacock neighborhood." This male was kind enough to pose in a large shrub:
Those tail feathers are absolutely magnificent! From what Sarah tells me, decorating with peacock stuff is all the rage these days. I do love to see the feathers fanned out, but there's something about this view that just makes you think of elegance.

After lunch I mowed the lawn. Just as I was finishing, Bruce came out with the phone saying it was Karen. I know a bunch of Karen's, but the one on the phone is special, not only because she has a great wit and makes me laugh, but as long time readers know, she has survived fatal health crisises and is still here to talk about it! Make that, joke about it. It's been way too long since we've had a good long chat so we made up for it yesterday afternoon during the worst heat of the day. I'm certain you know how it is with an old friend--you can talk for hours. We did--well not quite two, but almost. Unfortunately, she's been ill again; two recent trips to the hospital because her heart stopped. She faints, and the next thing she knows, she's in the Emergency Room. This did not sit well with the new owners of the Radiology center where she's worked for years and years, thus they used the latest opportunity to suggest she couldn't keep up with the job and thank you very much. We'll see you to the door.

If you think I'm frugal, Karen puts me to shame! Thus, although her situation is not great, she's been a saver as long as I've known her, and this will help tide her over until I HOPE she gets disability. I suggested she apply today, however, knowing her, she'll do it when she's good and ready. Every time we tried to hang up, one of us would say, what about this and that....good times.

After 6:00PM,  Bill came by to pick up his jasmine, giving approval to all my plantings. Or at least it seemed that way to me. :)

Happy gardening to you,
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